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Pandora the radio played a song that was sort of up the ol’ alley. Nothing earth-shatteringly amazing, but you know, pleasant to listen to.

Then I go read the Nick Sylvester P-fork review from 2005 and I feel so embarrassed for him. Like someone just discovered the power of the internet to just poop on the world. Just incredibly mean-spirited, trying so hard, arbitrary, and sad.

UPDATE- I forgot how to link to the trying too hard. END UPDATE

Unrelated, Pandora also served up this sweet gem that I so needed. Nick Sly can eat some BAD TRISCUITS

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  • PoBPaH were a song of the day entry at some point.

  • maybe “Tenure Itch” or “Young Adult Friction”? When I saw them open for New Pornographers, I talked to him after the show. He said they never really played “Tenure Itch” live that much, which is amazing to me. I need to determine their setlist!

  • “Bad” Triscuits are simply misunderstood.

  • Was this on 3B Radio?

  • Look, I even gave this ragged old place a shout out on my recent review of the M. Ward show. What do you want from me?

  • You suck and I had to do math to tell you you suck, that makes you suck more, Pinko. I used to be allowed to comment here but now it’s all banning Annie. That went out of fashion years ago. Also, your taste in music sucks.

    Thanks for not being my friend anymore, it really hurts. I’m going to go cry now, and I hope you are happy.

  • I am your friend!!!!!!!!

  • The spam filter is AWFUL

  • Can’t wait for the Dandy Warlocks mashup!

  • I’m glad that got sorted out and we are friends! You are the smartest people I know, and I have a question, if this stays out of the spam filter…is it really possible that we live n a hologram? That our universe is just the projected image of what is stuck on the disc of a giant black hole? It’s been keeping me up at night, I’ve been learning math and stuff about thermodynamics.

    Also, do you think we have to exist at this place and time because the universe demands that we do?? Don’t get mad at me if these are dumb questions, I’m just trying to learn. Thanks.

  • I don’t think so, but if I were on *big hologram* payroll, that is EXACTLY what I would say.

  • How would we even know? It’s so strange, I was on a plane flight it was really bad, I came home and I was so sick I don’t know why, I couldn’t think or act right or anything. I was fine before I left Cuba. I went to bed and kept waking up and trying to get out of bed but it was so hard, I could barely move I made it to the kitchen and then suddenly I felt like I was being pulled back into my bed fast and then I woke up in bed. This happened over and over until I called someone to come stay with me. Few days later I notice I’m missing a freckle on my toe that has been there my whole life. I just haven’t felt right since then.

    So that’s what started my freak out. I’ve always had sleep paralysis, but I’ve never had anything this happen before, just earthquakes, paralysis and scary voices. I started thinking I died and this wasn’t where I should be. Then I started reading and found Everett. Where’s my freckle huh?????? That’s what I want to know!!!

    Maybe I should take a physics course or something, cuz this isn’t fading away. I’m probably crazy. ?? 🙁

  • Sleep paralysis is really awful sounding, my friend I think has that. There is actually also a thing where people are convinced they are dead and don’t exist- that is actually a thing. I don’t want you to have that. That sounds very tough to have.


    We at the recently-formed CitrusPAC would like to celebrate the dawn of a new era under the firm leadership of Hesperide-American Donald Trump. This is a true breakthrough for Hesperide-Americans everywhere who can now take pride in their culture and tasty the increasing acceptance of their fellow Americans. President-Elect Trump has finally broken the marmalade ceiling even with all the forces of the lamestream media arrayed against him, just as they have been arrayed against Hesperide-Americans and in particular the sharing of the citrus culture and citrus cosmetic products and fashions for many decades.

    We call upon Donald Trump to Build That Wall, so that real Americans can once again build a direct relationship to their citrus products. We particularly hope for a fruitful relationship with the new presidency, to combat anti-citrus prejudices, particularly the myth of so-called “grapefruit chupacabra”, a slander once spread via the internet through so-called “blogs”, which are thankfully once again completely ineffective and politically irrelevant, just like the lamestream media that they once served.

    Make Americans Grated Again.

  • How did I miss this contribution from Citrus Lover?

  • This gave me a new zest for life!

  • Citrus Lover remains active in all areas, please be on the lookout.

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