Virtual Concert Report

Fulsome and WayWayPuffPuff are at New Pornographers/Belle and Sebastian tonight and they filed this report via cell phone: “PSHHHHSSSSS{S{SSPSPPPPPPP*S**SPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSHSSPPPPPPPPPPP”

We wish we were there, but it sounds like the sound quality was pretty bad. From blown speakers, indeed.

For inaccurate concert descriptions of shows past see Uncanny here. For original Nerdblog Thunderdome where Neko was actuall present, check out 3B here. Obviously watch Well-Rounded Nerds and Pop Renaissance for twist-the-knife descriptions of how fun the show was.

Oh, for Neko Case ass-o-graphs see Gregor here.

17 Responses to “Virtual Concert Report”

  • As a representative-non-grata of the WRn Crew, I am displeased to report that fulsome and the Nacho Kid are ricockulously bad at posting in any sort of timely or pleasingly legible manner.

  • Speaking of Gregor, I can’t wait to hear his new album.

    I would have been much more disappointed about missing the Chicago show I hadn’t seen both bands numerous times at better venues. And yeah, that’s probably sour grapes.

  • I was young and naive when that photo was taken…and it has haunted me ever since.

    My interweb goal is to have me, myself and I be the first google result for “gregor samsa” not the short story or the stoopid band!

  • Seitz, this show is the new B&S. Very different.

    I’m sorry you got the static and not the sweet sounds of Testament. Oh, and the NP played The Jessica Numbers which made me happy.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Lucky dog that you got Testament. Does that mean that Bejar showed up for your concert? We did get The Jessica Numbers in Boston, though. They did it really really well.

  • JN is not a song I love, as fulsome knows. and uncanny should know that the Bejar-less band plays testament- did the drummer sing? That song is soo soo good.

    I don’t think I love the new Belle and Sebastian. I do wish I could have hung out with the boys though. *sish*

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    At our show, some people shouted out for them to play Testament, and Carl said they weren’t equipped to play it. I presume he meant not equipped with Beajaritude, but maybe there was some other reason.

  • b&s rocked so hard, they could’ve stolen yer woman.

  • In my Belle and Sebastian concert experiences, there have been very few heterosexual males in the audience with women for the stealing. I’m the former, but I lack the latter.

  • They did steal my wom- wait, who are we talking about?

  • Fulsome did you even know I answered the phone twice when you called. The first time I hung up on you. HAHAHA THought it was an obvious wrong # or prank. The heavy breathing was a give away. The second time you just yelled at me some incoherent words and I yelled back some totally understandable words but you didn’t get it.

  • Now that’s comedy. Or not.

  • Awesome!

    I had that worry after I called because I couldn’t hear a damn thing from the phone. Hope you enjoyed the static.

  • Haha. I hope you enjoyed Stuart stealing fulsomegirl.

  • Chucklette the imaginary is totally stealing fulsomegirl. In MY MIND!

  • RE: Gregor Samsa:

    “The players excel at building tension through a use of negative space.”

    OH. NO. THEY. DI’N’T.

    This bullsh*te is precisely why I find Pitchfork so goddamn unreadable. Stoned Evergreen U. freshmen, the whole lot.

  • Gregor! I was gonna post on that- that very line describes how you post!

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