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12 Responses to “BINGO”

  • Recursive ‘baggerecursion?

  • Man, I flipping hate recursion. That process in CS ended up with me in front of the academic ethics committee in sophomore year. Unlike Ben DipShot, I was actually innocent, although I pled guilty to protect the student who had tried to help me and my lab partner.

  • I was gonna go one more level, but I didn’t want to blow your minds. Chuckles are we gonna get the details on that????

  • Is that what it felt like to be Neo?

  • Details, sure. I mean, really, all that happened was that some TA inserted some lines of code into my lab work and I was accused of academic dishonesty. I have been asked to quit my blog.

  • was that before or after you broke into the pentagon and stole their recursion program, chucky?

  • What does being asked to quit your blog have to do with the rest? I mean, people ask me to quit all the time, and I’ve never been accused of academic dishonesty.

  • It was a lame Ben Dominator joke. The incident took place years ago while I was in college and I thought the whole “some TA inserted some line sof code into my lab work” would be a pretty obvious reference to the plagiariser’s excuse. I guess that flash has already panned.

    By the way, has this page now been set to permanently display fulsome’s logo, because this is the first time I have seen it here and the fact that it has popped up on this post is mighty suspicious.

  • Chuck, what’s funny is I caught what you were going for, but my self-deprecating humor crashed and burned.

  • and chuckles, You had me at ‘had to quit my blog.’

  • Damn, my comment about how I had clearly crashed harder and worser was eaten by the interewbnet.

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