Let’s Play Contrarian For One Sec

UPDATE: Please read comments to see if you agree or disagree, with this oh so important issue. Also, Three B! won’t sh*t on you for telling us to go eat it, because we’re not that kind of cobag.

There is like a category five going off in a teapot over at Americablog, and Atrios (some blog dude) gives it a hell yeah.

Our take is that when you base your argument and self-righteousness on some possibly fringe people sending you some emotional e-mails ripping you a new cobag-hole for hob-nobbing with either 1) some folks that you would turn around and with good reason rip the ever-loving-shit out of them (or should i.e. Katy Harris) or because of the ever-loving fact that you have been ripping the normal press, who you claim to be replacing, non-stop for that last X years about being too close to the people they cover, i.e. hob-nobbing at the exact same functions you get to go to now that you are “big time” seems slightly so ever MFGDAF self-serving.

We don’t even have a horse in this race, we just find the ol’ Hannah Arendt quotationing to be a little oh, just so after school special patronizing.

We don’t have anything against saying whatever you want at your place, but when people decide to ask for some accountability or have some questions about a picture that is like a slap in the face to a lot of them from a site that has- what FOUR FUND DRIVES A YEAR, for a free blogspot host, for four bloggos to link MediaMatters, TPM and some dude named “Open Thread” half the time, what’s wrong with that? Oh, they were rough about it? They felt betrayed? Could there be any reason for that?

We didn’t even care about this whole pile of crap at all when Johnny A. Americablog had his fun night on the town, we just found his response to the heat to be a little out of proportion, especially for a site that wields its readers’ anger like a bludgeon on a tick tock basis against targets of his choice. I think thou protest too much.

And the increasingly desperoni for content A-man gives it the “Tacitus to Ben D. slap on the back” level hell yeah, but with less words. Well, if you really wanted to say something meaningful, say it, even if you have to repeat the exact words because the disingenous concentration in the room is getting too much to take.

That’s our two cents, cobags.


Here is what we told John A. in comments there:

I wouldn;t go that far, but for a lot of people it’s you get a joke or you don’t. Ok, so what to do about it? Go apesh*t like you can’t take a little heat, like you have no idea why people would be mad? Like their concerns just have to be dismissed in the most patronizing and arrogant fashion imaginable?

Let’s be scientific:

There is a vocal minority that has gone way over the top. Is it possible that their concerns might stem from some more reasonable feelings, feelings that perhaps were ill-expressed? How to deal with the situation? Turn it into a black and white, my way or the highway, or work through the bullshit? That seems a little RedState to me.

If one person is offended by something and another isn’t, what to do? Is there some objective offense quotient, and therefore someone’s offense is legit, and someone’s isn’t? That’s bullshit and we all know it. But there has got to be a better way than burning some bridges, not for traffic of course, people love this stuff, it’s fresh drama for the masses that demand content, when another open thread just won’t do.

From a site that constantly calls on people to apologize for plenty of stuff, and for a site that relies on its readers emotional reactions to effect policy, I would say John really jumped the shark here. You can take or leave these words. I am certain they smack of certain truths. And I’m not saying that I even disagree with him, just the way he went about his business, and on a public site with public comments, I’m more than happy to stick my nose into it. That’s just to preempt the usual “you don’t like it here, get lost” brilliance.

Also, I wonder how “The Left” feels about his hatred of money?  GO ask him!

53 Responses to “Let’s Play Contrarian For One Sec”

  • Yeah. New projection for high- to highish-traffic Left bloggers to implode in self-parody of reflexive validation of courageous importance: Four months. (Down from six months.)

    Note to Americablog kook – when you have “radio-industry friends” who buy “a few tables” at frou-frou D.C. galas, your netroots quotient effectively resets to zero. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 Koufaxes.

    Seriously, unless this guy was pissing in the soup tureens at this event, and podcasting it, WTF is up with trying to peddle “the camp value of getting a photo with [Katherine] Harris”? Better to sling back shots with the cobagz what brung ya, dork, and eschew rubbing elbows with the hoi polloi.


  • Never close a comment with an LGF close tag. It gives me the willies.

    Hey, did you just make my point in a comprehensible way?

  • You eschewed! I’m so proud.

  • Wait til you see me bust out “telling” and “lede” (which by the way is a total made-up word that I’ve never seen used in 10 years in newspapers).

  • Well fcu* that I’m drunk on my own thank you very much!

    I went to a real venue and got licked up by my lonseime lonseome lonesome. God I love tyoingtyping boozed up. I like how ou guys get all serious pantrs and wrn gets all musical and I can just relax and get all highly functioning autistic comic genius on my own ass. That is so going on a shirt. Probably a wifebeater I already own with a permanent marker, but still. IT’ll be there in spirti.

  • Yeah but lede is better than cobmunches getting it wrong and writing “lead”

  • in spirti sacntu, Chuckles.

    PP, or the pressroom getting it wrong and putting a lead filler where you wrote “lead” instead of “lede” … in all those papers that still use hot lead.

  • This:

    ‘Too many Democrats are afraid to pay people a wage they deserve. Sure, they’ll give millions to a big-name liberal advocacy group, but when it comes to individuals, to real people, having them earn even half the salary of the muckety mucks at the big organizations is somehow immoral. Rather than ask ourselves “how much is our freedom worth? How much would I pay to get my country back?”, we look at our lives and say “I can’t afford to take my wife and daughters to Europe, so why should I donate to you when all you do is spend my donation on vacations” (true post). Suddenly, the worth of my work is linked to how well YOU have or have not provided for your family. Suddenly my success is an affront to you, and must be stopped, lest… what? And the result? We don’t get the best people for the job because “good people shouldn’t expect to be paid.” Which is a fascinating concept I’ll use next time my rent is due.’

    Makes me think Americablog is going to go Sean Penn-vs.-paparazzi on some of his readers pretty soon.

  • americablog always seemed to flit on the edge too much.

    plus the website was/is pretty janky. one of the few that could have overpowered the ugly that was the 3bulls blogger site

  • He gets paid by his readers to do what? Look at TPM- they work so hard- they have a fund drive and all of a sudden, they have a new website with two new reporters!

    He likes to play demagogue and it bit him in the ass, also, I think he’s got some issues. Also, I rerunning this joke from S,N because I got NO LOVE for it-

    No, no I won’t, this thread doesn’t deserve it.

  • Zoinks!

  • I’m kind of fixated on that post now. It’s like MTV’s “Sweet Sixteen” show where you just want to slap the little snots for being so boorishly oblivious to people’s negative reactions to their ostentatious displays of unearned wealth … then it’s all, ‘they’re hatas, they’re just jealous.’

    I mean nobody really gives a crap if Americablogger is raking in the dough and lifting champagne flutes with the movers and shakers … we just don’t want to have our noses rubbed in it then be expected to thank him for the experience.

  • Seriously, what’s with the fund drives? I don’t pay a cent for my blog, and I sure as hell don’t expect anyone to pay me for it. And really, John seems like a good guy and all, but is there really all that much he brings to the table? If he were to stop blogging, would we be that much worse off?

    Not that I want him to stop blogging, but I’m not giving him any of my money. Although, I should do one of those wishlist things like Tbogg. He’s always thanking people for buying him stuff. No one ever buys me anything. And I listen to much better music.

    And fear of money? What the….? I’m not afraid of money. To prove it, you should all send me a lot of money so that I can show you how not afraid I am.

  • I mean seriously, Tbogg’s got a Doves CD on there. I like Doves, but it’s only $15 measley bones. Probably less on iTunes. Dude’s always talking about his job and hiring people and shiat, and he can’t afford a freaking Doves CD? It’s called Lou’s Records, brotha. It’s on PCH between Luecadia and Encinitas Blvd. Walk into the building on the north side of the parking lot and I can almost guarantee you’ll find it used. Sheesh!

  • Seitz, I think the audacity of simply asking people for money is so shocking that people send it in for no earthly reason. Actually, I have a pal in Dublin who used to post classifieds in the London papers saying something like, ‘Send £1 to X address’ … and he claims he’d get money from it.

    I don’t provide any kind of service on my blog, but maybe I should start a pledge drive.

    Project: All of us start ridiculous pledge drives for April Fools.

  • And ya know, now that I think of it, last time I was at Lou’s records about a year or so ago, I actually bought the Last Broadcast!

  • Start reading the comments, and then you will want to kill yourself- I call it “way to go john!! can I suck it? thanks for speaking truth to power(less)!”

    for every 10 bad ones there is always this:

    If you had reached around Katherine Harris and grab her tit as the picture was taken, that would have been camp.

    Leave camp to Drag Queens– they are the professionals.
    Chris | 03.30.06 – 8:08 pm | #

  • My deal is this: how often does he rake CNN over the coals for their bullshit? But now that he’s BFF?

    Thing is in legitimate policy circles etc. you can have arguments with your friends, because there is something academic/wonky about it. Once it becomes currying favor and access and personal life and getting free swag to plug it on your blog, you are basically the piece of sh*t that you deride. If you want respect you can’t play “I’m just a web logger, and anyway the Mainstream Media certainly does the same thing.”

    OK, if your site looks fab and you need your own hosting to do it, or you provide a service a la Crooks and Liars, go ahead ask for money, but if you have a free site and the reporter you bought a laptop for filed less stories from New Orleans than the Rude Pundit, it might be time for you to eat it, cobag.

    Jesus, where is all this negativity welling up from? Just a day ago, I was all, whatevar!

  • okay screw it, I’m going to have to leave some baggy trolly comments over at John’s. look for ‘playahata69’

  • Touche, Seitzo, touche.

    I love the first three tracks on that one, then I forget to listen to the rest. “There Goes the Fear” is an excellent song.

  • The thread is at 3 million, you might die before you get to the end.

  • Check out this priceless argument from authority/experience:

    “You have to be really dumb to say in a progressive blog that Harris is a nice person. As far as I am concerned, she committed a crime to get Bush elected President. Nobody who did what she did is a nice person. You might as well say Bush is a nice person because he is jocular. You are easily fooled by appearances.

    NOTE FROM JOHN: Really Dave? What was she like when you met her in person? Oh that’s right, you probably haven’t. One thing I”m not easily fooled by is people who get a kick out of lecturing other about things you know absolutely nothing about.

    Edited By Siteowner
    DaveGFromNYC | 03.30.06 – 8:37 pm | #”

    You know in Florida, I’m certain KH has never surrounded herself in the glorious fur of gay bashing evangelicals. Nobody is saying you gots to spit in her face, John, if you can;t udenrstand why people are mad, it’s on you, not on them. Is your navel that burned into your retina?

  • How is the view from that colon, John?

    -Pretty good, if I could just get a little further I might find my sense of irony, Katherine!

    Well, don’t work too hard, we have a lot more hobnobbing to do before I nob your hob later in my hotel room.

    -Anything for a free night and a meal, Kath!

  • Project: All of us start ridiculous pledge drives for April Fools.

    That’s a great idea. I’m game. I’ll start a pledge drive “so I can afford to go to blogger meetups in Amsterdam” and afford an evening with Jeff Gannon. No better yet so that I can afford to send money to John Aravosis so that he can go to blogger meetups in Amsterdam and spend an evening with Jeff Gannon. High-larious

    Anybody else in?

  • i’m gonna have a pledge drive where you pay me money to blog about local cricket in india.

  • Johnny make poopie in his diapie!!

    I love how he needed to quote Arendt to ‘splain us that REPUBLICANS AREN’T 100% EVIL ALL THE TIME, kicking dogs and eating babies while laughing in delight at their own wickedness. “Check out ‘Eichmann in Jerusalem’ and then get back to me”. Smug, table for one? Because I read it in high school, you smug, pretentious bastard.

    Katherine Harriss is “a nice person”. La deed a. It’s hard for me to believe that he found that worthy of report. Most people are nice people. It has nothing to do with democratic polity, which is all about votes and choices. Niceness matters in kings and dictators.

  • Seitz, I think the audacity of simply asking people for money is so shocking that people send it in for no earthly reason.

    I was hoping that was true, but my paypal button is as yet unused.

  • Best part (maybe ever):

    Yes, I decided to cat-sit for friends in Paris – the horror, the horror – and somehow that meant I was living high on the hog. It apparently meant I had a lot of money

    let me trot out the ol’ favorite ROTFLMAO!! Yes, John, it does!

  • Oh wait, I take it back, he didn’t quote Arendt. He quoted two of the three paragraphs of the “Eichman in Jerusalem” entry in the “Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy”. Wow, he really is turning into a REAL journalist, complete with the presumption that rubbing titties with important people is more critical to his work than actually researching the facts at hand!

  • God….this was the first thing I read after waking up this morning, and now i’m all fixated. Thanks, Pinko. Cobag.

  • Why does anybody with a website think that their silly little phrases and anecdotes are worthy of the time it takes to rea—

  • Oh and I am still banned from the Politburo.

    “Sorry, visitor coming from (wherever) you don’t have permission to view the site.”

    Yeah, because apparently, I am so dangerous I can’t even be allowed to look at their craptacular cloacular circlejerk. To borrow a phrase:


  • Uh oh, Res is talking to himself.

    What a whiny, self-serving bunch of shite. He almost sounds like his arch-nemesis, Jeff Stryker, er, Gannon.

    The contrast between “I’m a mover and shaker and have been in the court of many kings” arrogance and “you anonymous commenters are hurting my feelings” sobbing is the ridiculous part. Either you stay away from the cake, or you cut a piece and shiv somebody with a plastic knife when they try and take it away.

    Don’t even get me started on the fundraising thing for bloggers. If you host video or provide some special service that’s one thing. But if you want to get paid for writing, go be a real journalist or come up with an actual plan to make money. Don’t sit on the virtual corner with your laptop and tin cup. Leave that for Sully.

    And LOL at Seitz’s comments on TBogg.

  • Also, to clarify my pre-caffine rush grammar, the whiny self-server I was referring to was John at AmeriBlog. Lousy, meddling, confusing pronouns.

  • On the “L” word. The local classic rock radio station does something called Get the Lede Out every night at ten.
    On Demogenes Aristophanes’ immodest proposal. Maybe I’l set up a pledge drive to get other people to pay my way to Yearly Kos.

  • Cool. So the guerilla pledge drive is on for tomorrow? I’m thinking of just posting “This is a stickup. Put all your money in my PayPal account and step away. We’ll be around to collect it for our server upgrade and trip to the Annual Mint Julip Tasting Festival in Savannah, where the true business of progressive politics takes place. Everybody but you jealous plebes knows that. Don’t you want your country back? Then get used to Top Ramen and give me your PIN number now, little person.”

    Or something like that. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • To be fair, the tux was rented, the readership only paid for the Tiffany cufflinks.

    It just shows that her magical headlights can have a mind-clouding effect, regardless of species, base element, or sexual orientation.

  • Tangentially (to this thread, anyways), the Americablog folks do realize the real concern is not being compromised by money, but being compromised by those with power and no scruples, right? And that by some unimaginative or overly triangulating folks, the former is abused as a shorthand for the latter. Right?

  • And Res:

    “Yes, I decided to cat-sit for friends in Paris – the horror, the horror – and somehow that meant I was living high on the hog. It apparently meant I had a lot of money”

    Isn’t this just like two steps away from ranting about the those residing in migrant worker corrugated tin shantytowns who don’t pay taxes, calling them “lucky duckies”?

    And from AB’s #3 on that post: “And of course, lots of folks freaked out again in the comments, this time saying I thought conservatives were good people and Democrats bad people.”

    Um I’m pretty sure that more of them were just agog that he couldn’t realize that when someone seems wonderful and nice in person, yet bloviates red-faced and spittle-flecked about teh gay MENACE, that means that person is A BAD PERSON.

  • I think y’all need to get off his back. People like John, Atrios and Steve Gilliard are more equal tahn the rest of us, therefore we should show more respect. Never complain that Atrios only links to 3 or 4 other sites (the newest being Sadly, No!), never say anything mean about Steve Gilliard ever, and never give John crap about being more equal than the rest of us. After all, when the revolution comes and we no longer have leaders, we’re going to have to let him lead us for a while.

  • On the one hand, John has the right to associate with whomever he wants, and my experiance on the “nice factor” of certain conservatives v. certain liberals matches up with his to some extent. On the other hand, bitching about a small group of, let’s face it, whiny readers in the most condecending manner possible is an idiotic thing to do, especially given how Americablog interacts with its community- “Boycott this” or “fundraise that”. These people are what gives him the power he has in the blogosphere, “underground” or “insider”, and calling them stupid isn’t good business. I’m not shocked that Americablog did it, however- he’s hot-tempered, which occasionally means he says some legitimately insane things or does stupid shit. Such is life, I suppose. Given all the energy he wastes on hating the GOP on a very personal level, I’m kind of shocked he is wasting further energy defending them (or rather, his interaction with them), and such surprises tend to piss off the “true believes” in the readership who want to wage holy war on the Republicans
    As for the money thing- suspicion is one thing (hell, I’m suspicious about any and all politicians and journalists- grain of salt, and all that), but outright distain for money or fundraising? I don’t really see it except in tinfoil-land.
    If they don’t agree with you, and they aren’t willing to agree to disagree (and you don’t require their participation to proceed), then simply ignore them. They’ll come back, because they need a bombthrower to “do their part in the struggle”, and Johnny’s one of the best. And if they don’t… well, they are someone else’s pain in the ass now.

  • Good to see you GG- I think we are kind of on the same page as this one. It just seems that someone brought a whole luggage set of baggage to the table.

  • Yeah, there’s two things that are objectionable about his post, and neither is how much money he makes, or what parties he goes to or who he has his picture taken with. Those two things are:

    1. His dripping contempt for anyone who dares criticize him, punctuated by drones in the comments on the post with a million repetitions of the “you’re just jealous” charge

    2. His comical equating of “donating money to John Arivosis” and “saving the country from the Republicans”; or alternately, “not donating money to John Arivosis” equals “demanding progressive activists live in caves and eat gruel”.

    The cat-sitting bit mentioned by Res also shows how wildly out-of-touch the guy is.

  • Glad to be back, PP, and I concur with your statement regarding page positioning. The responses of both the PO’ed commenters and Aravosis are wildly overreacting, knee-jerk self-righteous indignation… the last of which is what Americablog does best, after all.

  • DA, sorry about ‘Baggin you like that, we didn’t mean for you to be marginalized in this exact way.

  • Usually, their regular process of marginalization is enough for them…

  • Oh, dude, no worries. I don’t care about that … I was just joking over at S,N!

  • I have a wishlist, and I will never, ever apologize for it.

    Otherwise, agreed. Go about your business.

  • Isn’t John A. engaging in the very “banality of evil” fallacy Arendt is talking about by complimenting Katherine Harris?

    Or is he saying “it’s okay to get charmed by evil as long as you’ve read Eichmann in Jerusalem”?

    Why would anyone read a blog where the blogger lectures his readers as long and loud as Johnboy does?

    And speaking of the banality of evil, what’s Joey Lawrence doing these days>

  • Has americablog ever “broken” anything? It just latches onto different causes and ideas brought up by more innovative blogs.

  • Timmah, I agree. IIRC, s.z. at World O’Crap was doind as much if not more than him on Jeff Gannon, yet he got the credit for it.

  • Well, that is one benefit of actually having those friends in the “legitimate” media that Aravosis mentions on very rare occasions (and even then, only in passing…).

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