The language of humor for this webpage is now exclusively Chevy Tahoe-commercialese

From DA, in the comments:

Americablog has a new item on its wish list.

Also, even if you need to leave a comment stating that the Chevy Tahoe joke is old, you need to do it in the form of a Chevy Tahoe joke, to complete the circle of wank.


Here’s the link, poop disturbers:


It’s in two halves because cobag Chevy doesn’t know how to do anything. For cutting and pasting.

24 Responses to “The language of humor for this webpage is now exclusively Chevy Tahoe-commercialese”

  • Beautiful. Someone needs to paste that link in John’s comments section.

  • I think it’s pretty obvious by now that the American auto companies wouldn’t be in so much trouble if we were in charge of advertising.

  • ha! Oh, snap!
    The best part of this is that John, tho’ I love the guy, really can’t take a little ribbing. He gets all upset ‘n shit.

  • I know, for someone who is a ruthless attack dog on others, he really didn’t shift gears too well here. I mean the culture of “attack attack attack” is kind of home grown. Don’t get bent out of shape when it blows up in your face.


  • WE’re taking the “personalized ad campaign” to a whole new level. Give us a week and we can have one for every American over 16

  • Screw That! I want to meet the Donald

  • Ha! That’s great.

    And, just as a warning, I’ve been downloading the individual Tahoe clips on the Tahoe site so that we can make these commercials with, well, some pictures that Chevy wasn’t thoughtful enough to include. I’m home recovering this weekend from oral surgery, so with spare time and Vicodin on hand this could be amusing.

  • Oh, so you’re gonna circumevent the long, slow, langorous (what?), takes of the CoTahoebag and replace them with teh extra funny???


    Hope the recovery doe snot result in a life long pill addiction as it invariably does on TV and with right wing talk show hosts.

  • No refills, you know, and I don’t have a housekeeper I can send out to buy them for me on the black market. Besides unlike a talk show host, I have a real job.

  • cotahoebag?

    We should promulgate the Cobags as a Native American tribe. Maybe from Crow Butte, WA?

  • Wasn’t Cotahoebag a comet, named after Czech astronomer Luboš Cotahoebag?

  • how do you get that cool v on top of that s?

  • There was Harry ‘K.O.’ Bagg … but I believe Coatzlbacauacatl was the original Aztec, rendered by the Spanish invaders as ‘Acobagilla’, then, by the Anglos as ‘Carpet Bagger’ and finally, here, as ‘cobag’.

  • ????? æ (character map on PCs) šššššš

  • I thought “cobag” was short for colostomy bag.

    Ahh – I remember when I had my widsom teeth removed, they gave me Darvocet in late December, 199something. One of those and 2 beers had me doing quite well the next night. I ended up making out with this hot babe at my friend’s house (after seeing NO action in something like, a year). We went into a spare room and I couldn’t get it up because of the pills and booze, but managed to come in her mouth with a limp dick. I ate her out afterwards and then we hooked up the next night and did the deed properly. It turned out that her boyfriend was out of town.

    Damn good 2 weeks though, especially coming after a looong dry spell.

    p.s. please read my blog.

  • dood we read your blog but personally, I want more cumming in the mouth stories …

  • Yikes too much information! Geenie C. police!

  • sorry, I was drunk last night.
    sorry about the blogwhoring,too.
    I was catching up on my Rude Pundit last night – I guess I was in a particularly vulgar mode.
    It won’t happen again.

  • dAVE, you know we love everyone! We just euphemise everything into Scottish slang:

    “I cannae get me wee willy…” etc. Blogwhoring is also always acceptable, as long as you realize you are pimping out your place to 7 people at 3B! You should try Parrotline for that kind of thing. Those dudes get some traffic.

  • there’s this Simpson’s episode where Homer remembers being totally clever and witty the night before at a party. And then the reality of his boorish behavior hits him. I had one of those moments this morning.

  • we’ve all been there! f*** it!

    it just seems that the super degrading/bad porno stand up Dice Clay ones- they’re just tough.

    Three Bs! Blames the PAtriarchy, so we try to wash the boystink off sometimes.

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