For the first time in our programming life

We are proud of ourself. Please rip our self-esteem to shreds. We just want you to feel better about yourselves anyhow.

We have hack-attacked our way to this 3-column thingy because we wanted the widgety feature (the left sidebar) because it allows us to have linkies to our pals’ bloggos that have links to the latest post automatically put up for your convenience. Not that Well-Rounded or Republic of Dogs have updated in a million years. You probably wouldn’t know that the feature automatically updates. It’s like a glacier moving. We like to spread some love around the neighborhood. We have hacked this thingo to allow us lots more links here and we’ll get some more up soon. We are not playing favos with these links. For example AssParrot, our current bloggo crush does not see fit to provide an RSS feed to his site, something he could do with the merest click of his finger. Therefore he is not included in this feature.

We wanted to also bring back the quotes and the “Brian’s Latest Comments” feature, and to do this we needed the second sidebar. We were also able to bring back the live search. Let me know if there seem to be any bugs and what other sorts of things you would like to see. We spend this effort to make your Three B! experience more streamlined, as the content is apt to be confusing as hell. Once we get everything straightened out, we’ll spread the love around with credits for these features. AIF in particular we’d like your input.

Others we have already predicted with our time machine:

teh l4m3=”It sucks. More pipe!11!”

Res Publica=”I lost my blog again. Has anyone seen my password? I’m taking my cookies and going home.”

Gregor Samsa=”Just when I figured out the awesome crack joke!”

38 Responses to “For the first time in our programming life”

  • Where are our digital overlords when we truly need them?

  • also, you might swap the two columns to the right, or just fix the margins in the middle one.

  • ATTENTION ALL EASTER BUNNY COBAGZ: (yes, that means *you*)

    I’ve written a post for all of you and I want all of you to come over to my place!!!@1.

    And when I say *all of you* I mean *all of you*.

    And because I’m pretty sure I’m not getting an easter basket tomorrow morning, (sniffle, sniffle) the least you can do is leave hundreds of thousands of comments. And when I say *hundreds of thousands* I mean — Just leave a comment and I’ll be happy!!!

  • Oh , md, you go straight to my weakness. When I switch the columns there is a problemo. Sigh. Why does the world hate Three Bulls1?

  • Well, I can comment again, so we’re cool. The real question remains: When are you having another header contest to endorse the nearly widened superhighway of bagginess that is the top of the page?

  • see if you can’t put the ‘crap about this page’ thing to the end and you;re golden. … this is good. real good. to be nitpicky, the vert lines need some styling if you can but otherwise i see nothing wrong.

  • oh the middle sidebar is the widget one, so I can rearrange anything there. what kind of styling on the lines? I might not know where to look for the styling, but I’ll try…

  • the verts look…unelegant. if you could photochop up a strip that long(shush teh), or even a little one and do a little repeat-y css magiq it might work better… look to see if your sidebars have a border attribute, and change it to a dotted one or a dashed one or something, to see what fits and if possible add a border-bottom or top thingie to the columns so that it doesn’t look like a jail for links. that should gussy it up a bit.

    and now, to bed for tomorrow is the day i have a showdown with the dell-HR dept

  • You best ammo-up for the Dell dudes! Good luck!

  • I think it looks great! I’m much prefer the ‘recent comment’ style even though it ruined my ‘joke.’

  • Red alert! Brad is being attacked by parody trolls at S,N!

  • New design looks tremendous, PP. Oh, and the parody troll attack that GS mentions is hilarious. Whenever annieangel comes up to play you’re guaranteed to loose at least 100 IQ points just by reading her comments.

  • I think that I’m down to about -30 now.

    By the way Annie has HNT too…half naked thursday.

  • I’m working on a serious pants. Go read the WaPo article about Maryscott O’Connor. Then throw up. Then count the ways it is disingenuous. Then come back here. Maybe it will be done tonight.

  • Also, annieangel cannot touch cherry popsicle HNT. That is the pure version.

  • Billmon did a post on the WaPoo article today.

  • I gotta say, Pinko, I’m impressed. You almost didn’t fail!

    Anyhoo, how the hell did that latest S,N! post get like two-hundred-gazillion comments?

  • annieangel plus Gary Ruppert times a country full of snarky liberal shut-ins equals two-hundred-gazillion comments.

  • People who forget to change back to their regular screen name after the Crack post are ON CRACK!!!!11!!!four!

  • I have a different take, but not postive either- Rude Pundit thought it was OK.

  • I didn’t get this in the Billmon post:

    I mean, isn’t that how high-school nerds usually get even – by spreading vicious rumors about the popular kids? Some things never really change.

    Are left bloggers teh nerds or is the WashPoo?

  • washpo. OBVIOUZLY

    billmon is overtakin digby in the nailz0r5 dept.

  • I don’t know about that, aif. It seems more in keeping with the ‘avast, ye radical corsairs of the blogosphere, tear down the MSM’ ethos of many to place the bloggers as the righteous nerds and the WaPoo as the popular kidz.

    But what Billmon might be doing (just not very clearly) is strawmanning the WaPoo, so that the assumption is that the WaPoo’s argument would be, it’s just a bunch of nerds spreading vicious rumors about us cool kidz, ‘cos that’s what they always do.

    Ya dig? Or does that even make any sense?

  • Well seeing how the article had exactly zero context and thus no point, it was either an example of the “new” distant journalism, essentially a tone poem about this lonely planetoid known as Maryscott O’Connor, or just a mess. I mean what is the point of quoting the Rude Pundit without context? I mean besides introducing prejudice into the jury pool. Maryscott claimed the author of the piece claimed naivete, if her were naive, would he not treat his audience as such, and thus wish to educate them using a little thing known as ba dump bum -context? Alas, Mr. Finkel is actually one of the dorks kind of like Billmon says, but he’s afraid of seeming such, thus he just plops some turds about Daily Kos and Eschaton without any sense of what they really are, acting as if his audience will know what they are. He is after all only interested in generalizing, or “putting a face” on the Angry™ Left.

  • It looks splendiferous.

    More important, my beloved Twins smited the New York Cobags tonight, 2-out, 2-run single in the bottom of the ninth.

    Many apologies, Adorable Girlfriend. His Will Be Done.

  • Ooh, did Rivera get smacked with His Noodly Appendage?


  • “That,” righthander Brad Radke said, “was one of the best games I’ve ever seen.”

    And so it was and so it shall be. And the Whorehounds of New York rendered their garments in shame. And I had a hot dog and a beer and He Saw This and It Was Good.

  • What I wonder about is that in AA’s latest post she mentions the NY Law Firm. How does she know about that?

  • She’s a female Jesus’ General. It’s gotta be deep cover. She’s too good with the lingo. That Jim guy has to be involved. he was basically just spelling out what a “real troll” was supposed to be. And that definition had a picture of annieangel next to it. So I award myself another G.O.W. for nailing his ass, and given him two more ‘baggies for ‘bagging like a champ.

  • That happens to be what you are looking at- there are some margin issues, but I should have time next week to try to restyle, unless you wanna figure it out first. You should try it out- if you have r167, all you need is two lines of code from my sidebar file, my functions.php file and this guys mods and you are good to go with the widgetized theme.

  • PP there’s some K2-lovin for you …

    I’m an Annapurna man, myself, not that there’s anything wrong with loving K2.

  • Sigh. I used to be able to see the whole page at work despite having IE. Sure, I had problems posting, but at least I could find links. They won’t let me install Firefox on my work computer, so I’ll just have to suffer here.

  • BTW, I er… someone posted as the NY Law Firm at S,N! and a couple of other places lately, so it could be that annie angel saw one of those.

  • Or it could be that YOSEF IS ANNIEANGEL!!!

  • Nope, but GFoH might be…

  • So, is my penalty for not updating not being included in the ‘hood?

  • Yeah. You were in it, but I booted you cuz nothing ever happened.

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