A special late Tuesday night poopity poop shoot

All this talk of poop on 3B has made me want to listen to music and poop shoot about it. Without further ado:

1) Kingsbury Manx – Patterns Shape The Mile

This track from the Manx’s sophomore effort, Let You Down, well kind of lets me down. It’s good, but not Kingsbury Manx good. Except for the one part in the middle that has semblences of a classic Yo La Tengo guitar freakout. That part rocks! I think the synths are a little wonky or something. 7.5/10

2) Manitoba – Hendrix With KO

This is the standout track from the group formerly known as Manitoba (shoutout to Mendacious D), and now known as Caribou. It’s synthy and electronic and tracy, and I love it. Who knew? I think you could dance to this track or totally space out to it. Traces of Beta Band make this even more PP friendly. 9/10

3) Franz Ferdinand – Cheating On You

I still don’t have the latest CD. How lame is that? But I like their self titled earlier effort. This song just reaks British. It reminds me alot of Duke of Stratosphear, but I think that’s totally coincidental. This track is a little repetitive, but has good energy. 7/10

4) King Biscuit Time – Time To Get Up

How appropriate to do a classic King Biscuit Time track with the release of the new KBT CD. This song has everything great that you would want from Mason. They interesting instruments (featuring harmonica!), the sweet voice and oohs and aahs, and genuine sentimentality. Then it throws away little lyrics like “The more I live the less I seem to ….”. Classic. 9.5/10

5) The Fiery Furnaces – Asthma Attack

It’s not as esoteric or challenging as a track from Blueberry Boat, but the song is a little hard to listen to. It’s harsh, angular, and caustic at times, but also has some good R&B grooves in the middle. I think normal people could like this track if they really tried. Uncanny people love this kind of music. 8.5/10

6) Field Mice – End Of The Affair (Live)

PP and I have been trying to get some of their old music for a while and keep waiting for a reissue. I don’t know much about Field Mice, but they seem like pioneers. This song just devastates. To completion. It’s like a hydrogen bomb following a neutron bomb. The voice, the drone, everything about it is so affecting. At the very end of the track (the encore to the concert) , you can hear the faint sound of a man saying “the end”. It truly was, as the band broke up following this performance. If other Field Mice songs are even half as good, they truly were an exceptional band. 10/10

7) Blake Hazard – Trust

Blake Hazard used to be a local Boston artist, and I bought this CD from her after hearing her open for Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci a few years ago. She has this great big voice and makes music reminiscent of Aimee Mann. This song is a little estrogenic for my taste, but has great vocals and a very good production quality. 6.5/10

8) Dios – All My Life

Another band that ended up changing its name, the self titled CD almost sounds like a Pet Sounds tribute. This track is sparse and has the effect of sounding like it was recorded outside in the rain. There’s some haunting harmonizing, but it isn’t quite lyrical enough to truly capture the listener. 7/10

9) Clearlake – You Can’t Have Me

I don’t know why Clearlake aren’t big. They sound great, write great hooks, and occasionally make you want to kill yourself after hearing their brand of cynicsm and cruelty. This track, from their newest album Amber has some great sounding synth chords and rhythm (hooray for off-beats!!!). This song is the ultimate ode to the classic male narcissist. 9/10

10) Yo La Tengo – Shadows

From the CD that should only ever be called ICHTHBAO, this feels a bit like a throwaway track when listened to in isolation. It’s sweet and slow and sound like it was written in a long gone era of music. Beautiful horn solo in the middle. 7/10

18 Responses to “A special late Tuesday night poopity poop shoot”

  • Well this is a far sight more respectful than Men. D’s “pup shooting”

  • can’t you keep your musical one-upmanship to SofTD? 3bulls is constantly degrading my uncool taste in music!

  • I just listen to stuff by long dead white European guys, so now I feel doubly uncool.

    On another topic, one of the kiddies at Reagan’s Children Blog has launched an attack on Outside the Tent. Can we get Dr. Trollypants to come out and play?

  • Uncool taste in music, AIF? It’s UC who doesn’t listen to the good stuff like Train, Death Cab For Cutie, Cold Play, Black Eyed Peas, etc., etc.

  • apart from train, that;s a list i often listen to.

  • I think my all time fave song right now is “Cheated Hearts” off the new YYYs release… Nothing really to do with this post — just thought you should know.

    I’m starting to feel about this album the same way I feel about Blondie’s Parallel Lines, in that it’s pretty much a Desert Island CD.

  • Yes, but UC isn’t telling the truth — he also has Nelson on his play list. And despite what PP says, AG has never messed with UC’s play list.

    AG’s favorite song of all time: tie between Scrub and I Will Survive.

  • The poopy 3Bulls spam filter won’t let me comment under my real name anymore. Anyway, as I said in the comment that was cast into pits of darkness, I feel doubly uncool because I just listen to stuff by long-dead white European males.

    A little off topic: we’ve had a yellow elephant attack over at my place. One of the kiddies from Reagan’s Children Blog has been trying to stir things up. Do you think that Cap’n Trollypants can come out to play?

  • At first I was afraid, I was petrified,
    kept thinking AG could never live with UC by her side,
    but then I spent so many nights thinking how PP done me wrong,
    and I grew strong. I learned how to get along,
    and now 3B is back, from outer space,
    and they just stand there with that sad look up on their COBAGZ!

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    We can have a new sibling of Delicious or Disgusting about music called Cool or not cool.

    For example:

    Death Cab for Cutie: Prior to Transatlantic = cool. Transatlanticism = kinda cool if you bought it before hearing them on the OC. Plans = not cool.
    Coldplay: Parachutes = barely cool. Subsequent Coldplay = not cool.
    Train = deadly uncool
    Black Eyed Peas = not cool.
    YYY = cool. Show Your Bones is meant to be excellent, and it sounds like Teh agrees.
    Chuckles poetry = suprisingly, cool.

    Any more?

  • OMG, PP — put Chuckie’s poetry in comments sidebar, please!

    UC is bluffing. He knows about OC. That should make the case right there. He is a closeted listener to top 40 and he loves, no double hearts Brittney. Don’t let him tell you any different.

  • Yeah I’m pretty sure Show Your Bones was meant to be Top 40 material, and there’s nothing wrong with that — Karen O and Nick Zinner and whatshisface have made one of those rare things: an album without a single miss; every song is a perfect frickin’ single.

    I guess we should have got a hint of what they were planning to bust out with when they released “Maps”.

  • I will have a stunning poetry slam tonight.

  • I’ve got an old Field Mice comp – Where’d You Learn To Kiss That Way – that has all their singles and sides on two discs.

    The re-release was on Shinkansen records, which apparently is on a kind of hiatus right now.

    You’re absolutely right. They were an exceptional band. Do what you need to to dig up some old stuff.

    I just saw that There have been some re-releases on iTunes and eMusic. Go get them and don’t delay.

  • I’m so tired of iThis and eThat. Can we use some different letters?

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Fulsome, don’t be a cBag. Go post something on your blog!

    Z-bag, you are right about the compilation. Shinkarnsen picked up the tracks initially released on Sarah records, and I’ve always wanted the compilation. It is somewhat of a collectible. iTunes has most of the singles, so you could potentially make your own expensive compilation. Any recommendations on the best FM songs?

  • Fulsome- I’m using a Z. Confusing and pointless, sure, but there you go.

    Uncanny, the little cardboard sleeve on my copy is worn and beaten, shows how much I used it before committing it to digital, It’s one of my favorite discs. I put it on often when I can’t decide just exactly what I want to listen to.

    It’s tough to boil a recommended list down. to make things simple, you could get either Snowball or For Keeps, and decide whether it’s worth investing in more. Snowball has the earlier singles releases, and For Keeps is a full album.

    If I had to try and keep it to a manageable list:

    End Of The Affair (although I haven’t heard the live version you refer to)
    Emma’s House (this one is a must)
    This Love Is Not Worng
    Between Hello And Goodbye
    Let’s Kiss and Makeup
    September’s Not So Far Away
    Coach Station Reunion
    Freezing Point
    Everything About You
    If You Need someone
    Missing the Moon

    But really, they’re all good.

    And if you really have to avoid I something, eMusic has the same tracks.

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