It is 1 am, Do You Know What Time the Banned-Wagon Comes By?

Instantaneously. If you have been following the sad situation at Americablog (our many recent posts), you know that lefty activist blogger has gotten a taste of his own medicine. Case in point, when this Easy-Bake Oven 5 W bulb narcissist decides he has an issue, he wields his blog readership like a club, meaning they are never to compromise, only to e-mail, e-mail, e-mail, letting whichever company has been deemed offensive know exactly how they feel. He is also the worlds largest demander of apologies. There is never an offense that is not met with the demand for an immediate apology. So when he committed an offense yesterday, and not even a marginal one. He was met with 100s of angry, impassioned commenters, many incredibly articulate, and personal feelings written with respect but also with honesty. We have already documented Mr. Aravosis’ shabbiness to these commenters. What has become clear from this waste of energy is that John A. is a disingenuous, self-involved a**hole. His emotional, and seemingly passionate blogging about many issues that liberals care about cannot be taken seriously. His inability to compromise or negotiate, or even address readers’ concerns illustrates the difference to someone committed to truth versus an online huckster perhaps only committed to his schtick. These issues are important to his readers, but not to him. Whatever his agenda is, I’m not buying that it has anything to do with actual liberalism. He is a sad, elitist fop, sitting at his computer at 1 am, continually banning and deleting comments for an issue that can only further stain his credibility. His fingers will bleed before Three Bulls! runs out of IP addresses. That said, we shall move on. We have cobagitation to get to.

For posterity’s sake:

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UPDATE: we can go all night.  We gots some sports drink and some power bars.

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24 Responses to “It is 1 am, Do You Know What Time the Banned-Wagon Comes By?”

  • JA is out of control. He’s officially banned from commenting in my hypothetical blog until he gets his act together.

  • Excellent idea, mt! I need to start a blog just so that I can ban him and everyone else who disagrees with me and is, therefore, hysterical.

    Yeah, baby! Pontificating, bloviating, and incipient emu-hood for STH.

    By the way, I demand an apology. Doesn’t matter who it’s from or for what offense, but I better get one right quick.

  • You need to use the Apology Demander 3000™. Only John has the access codes.

  • What still gets me about all this is that JA is doing the same thing that he criticizes Bush for: refusing to admit a mistake. He could have put up a short post — sorry, didn’t realize what I was saying was offensive, won’t do it again — and it all would have been over. I don’t know why he can’t get okay with that. Hell, I even apologized to Michelle Malkin once for calling her a liar.

  • This is what I said –

    “big girl” is not an insult, nor should it be used as one, John.


    — a non-threatening, non-insulting, middle of the road longtime fan who thinks you are wrong, and that you have a hair across your a## over this one, and that you should go get a massage from a big girl.
    mdhåtter from uranus | Homepage | 05.21.06 – 8:36 am | #

  • Americablog is surreal. If John didn’t wrap himself in confrontational anger all the time this sort of stuff wouldn’t become any kind of issue, let alone the kind of one which has him shrieking and furious that people are questioning him. It’s like a demagogue frantically trying to suppress his cult’s opinion of the curtains’ floral pattern after the prozac has run out.

  • A book recommendation for Aravosis: Big Boys Don’t Ban by I.P. Freely.

  • I almost suspect he was hoping for a response to the ‘big girl’ comment. It was pretty blatant – and he edited a comment pretty quickly. It allowed him to attack more ‘so called liberals’ for not being hip to gay lingo. It got a little more backlash than he expected, I think.

  • whoa.. wait.. i am confused… the link that ‘john’ posted.. is that really his site? although everyone is claiming his blog was good.. is it always like that, dripping with what i can only describe as three day old left out in the sun chunky emu fesces type tone? gross. someone please explain, but i understand not wanting to get into it, because, of course, it is over.. and we should all move on. please dont delete me!

  • I think he’s up to four or five with the deletions. I do believe that even I’ve been banninated. Didn’t even cuss him out, and I’ve got a f@#$$n’ foul mouth.

  • His blog was never that good, it was just popular and frequently updated. Much like Atrios in this respect.

    Pinko, you are my hero. Hero With A Thousand IP Addresses, by Joseph Campbell.

  • ypo, that was someone’s parody blog. But it kind of looks identical to the real one. I think that JA gets some e-mails immediately so he can already feel the tone of the room before comments come in. Over that Dean thing he was defensive at comment number 6, and the shit hadn’t even hit the fan, but then again, he could have deleted 50 comments by then. It is heard to know what he gets to see. He doesn’t let everyone operate on the same page, because he alters the visible speech. It is another way that he cheats. This essentially is what he does to other people is happening to him.

    One of my deleted comments was from “Ford Motor Company” saying basically “next time we’ll tell people that have a problem with us to f**k off, thanks John, for the negotiating tips”

  • Yeah, but did Dr. Squid give him a line of squid-sucker hickies on his supple face?

  • I don’t want to give the impression I’m totally anti-Americablog. John is one of the best at bringing attention to an issue and mobilizing people. The other side of that coin, though, is the occasional moutain out of a molehill.

  • Yeah, BD, we hear ya, but do you want to go to war with some guy that can’t handle the same kind of pressure he doles out- emotional activism? His MO is shrill over/reaction to get things done. To screech and be heard, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that. But not in reverse. IF I’m gonna be someone that e-mails and harasses when John says jump, I think I’d like him to be responsive to me.

  • I definitely read his blog with a grain of salt. And I definitely agree that John is not a person to take political marching orders from. I just wanted to avoid sounding emu myself.

  • In retrospect, I think what makes him look the worst, to me, is the simple fact that he asked the question. We answered. How were we supposed to know it was rhetorical.

    How else to see it when someone like Roberts will send US soldiers to their deaths to defend our freedoms abraod, but then will gladly trade away those freedoms at home in order to avoid getting hurt.

    Is there any other definition of “big girl” than that?

    Yes indeed John, there is.

  • tbw- nicely said.

  • yeah i got the parody.. btu the clips that were used and supposedly written by him also smell of cobag.

  • JA is just part of the DC insider orgy he claims to be outside of. We are watching the Kafkaesque metamorphasis from a man to Richard Cohen.

  • A cobag covered with feathery, leathery emu-fur.

  • Do you hate getting banned, Punko? AG can hardly relate.

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