Another Frail Soul Crushed by the Soul Destroying Machine

Alternatively, another lapsed commenter welcomed back into the fold!

We have lots of thoughts on this matter, some relating to the vitality sucking nature of demented demagogues, sociapathic succubi, etc. Let’s not consider this a victory for the other side, let’s consider this a victory for Auguste’s brain, having survived this long the maelstrom of dissonance that is suffering under the tetherballing uvula of Ms. Malkin.

Get over to Malkin Watch and give him a nice send-off, won’t you? Actually, just spread a trail of mini-peanut butter cups back here, so he may return to the nurturing bosom of 3B, where he belongs.

5 Responses to “Another Frail Soul Crushed by the Soul Destroying Machine”

  • Harrumph. I load the raining chundermuffin gun with new ammo only to come here and find that it has been locked in the closet.

  • yeah. what’s with the no scripty love on friday?

  • Oopsies. Had a situation with a freakwagon chunderload. It tires me to no end. I think we all know who it is.

  • poor PP. rasslin with a cloacawagon, the scripty-love(which is great, clif!) and the damn fool audio player is no easy task, but he pulled it out(just like at the movie theater!)

  • I wish it was the scripty crap- it was an actual loafmunch that was degrading me.

    Why must I be surrounded by chumpnozzles??? (Not yous, dear Readers, various others)

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