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  • oh my god those gorillas are killing me…..can’t stop…laughing….

  • Jumping back into 3Bulls! commenting is also like jumping back aboard a moving train – but it’s a train with unlimited buffet, floor shows, and raining chunderrillas.

  • Commenting on 3Bulls! is also much like jumping back aboard a moving train, but it’s a train with unlimited buffet, floor show, and raining chunderrillas.

  • This is Auguste. For some reason, I can’t see the captcha image so I have to log in under the last commenting handle I chose in order to say:

    Commenting on 3Bulls! is also much like jumping back aboard a moving train, but it’s a train with unlimited buffet, floor show, and raining chunderrillas.

    (And apparently invisible captcha images. Unless the code was really supposed to be “captcha_img” and it just didn’t work for me…)

  • The gorillas stop falling after the first pass and leave me wanting more falling gorillas.

  • That is because they die in surgery.

    Auguste, you should be fine now, I kicked you out of moderation.- Why did you say stuff 5 times? 🙂

    Just switched to SK2, so there may be some switchover issues.

  • Why does Bill Frist spend all his doctorin time cuttin on animals?

  • He actually seems Ann Rice-ian- like he gets his jollies when the life is snuffed out.

  • res, SK2= spam karma 2. the best spam-blocker when it’s not blocking you. hey mr PP, what settings do you have it on? i do nice, so that poor gregor samsa doesn’t get eaten alive. even i barely get pastwhen it’s on normal and that’s usually just because i’m logged in 🙁

    i’m having the same problem with the captchas too, but i was tired and it was getting late, so i didn’t say anything.

  • pp try using this for better spam protection 🙂

  • How do I make the Captcha image visible?


    I added Akismet plugin to SK2. I like it better than Akismet, which was good, but this SK2 is amazing.

  • *ahem*

    Gorilla Suits are Expensive These Days
    By The Gods Hate Kansas

    (for PP)

    What is this? your private eye in this very public place
    the lenses zoom and probe at me as I try to build my public face
    I think I’m ready for my close up, your surveillance has had its toll
    in this dead, deserted stardom, I’ve practiced for this final role.

    I’ve auditioned all the parts I’ve played
    at the bank, the store, the parking lot.
    I’ve been recorded so many times, but no-one’s watched a single shot
    I’ll pluck your eyes from their metal sockets and undo their binding cords
    I think I’ll take your eyes down to the sea and line them up along the shore

    you can watch the sands for security
    but you’ve watched the last you’ll watch of me

  • Men D- that was kind of awesome.

    Is that you or some cobag trying to be like you?

    On this heavy day what we need is some old fashioned cobagitation.

  • Yes, it is I.

    Mendacious D does not sleep. He comments.

  • PP – Akismet is not good, it’s evil. I had to turn it off because it was catching no spam and was only blocking legitimate comments, including all of my comments. My name and site are apparently engraved in the Akismet server because I can’t comment on WordPress sites that use it without being flushed into moderation hell. I sent the Akismet folks a nice email asking them to take me out of their server, but they don’t even bother to reply. So far my capcha has been working.

  • Hmm, that is weird- I wonder if someone that doesn’t like you sumitted one of your comments as spam. I mean that is a way to really get someone.

    I’m on SK2 the Akismet plugin that aif sent over.

  • that was PLUS the Akismet plugin.

    Im having a love affair with SK2

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