Why I Blog Pseudonymously

My job and my online activities are unrelated, except that I am online a lot at my work. My work involves extremely long hours of experimentation, so there is down time. For example I was at work for 16 hours yesetrday. However, since I have an actual profession and in my profession internet searches for people’s work and output are common, I use an online name. I would not claim that I am anonymous, I have an e-mail at which I can be reached and a webpage with open and free comments for any communication to take place.

My job is different that someone who blogs under their own name and whose entire existence is dedicated to espousing political beliefs based on their college activism and their work at a highly ideological “think tank.” In such an instance, there is no penalty for political speech, because that person’s entire life is dedicated to the uncritical acceptance of ideology. I can’t use the word “philosophy” here because it would not be appropriate.

I am fully prepared for this post to be rendered moot. This should not be taken that I would welcome such a mooting.

In fact, I will out myself right now.

My name is Octavius Hexagon Sloane-Smythies the 3rd, I have 7 Ph.D.s and I take shits with more integrity than certain Chunderhumps.

A word of warning: If this individual outs the boys, hell shall hath no fury than:


Boys, I won’t let any Charles Barkley kick you out on the street.

17 Responses to “Why I Blog Pseudonymously”

  • Speaking of philosophy, did you hear how the Preznit said that word yesterday? Every once in a while, he does that thing where he pronounces a word very CARE FUL LY, like he’s explaining something to a child. My soul dies a little each time he does that. PHIL OS O PHY.




  • Pinko,

    I’m not going to out you, per se. Just a quick post with a picture of you at your desk, but no mention of your real name or employer. (I’ll even let you pick the caption, post it here and I’ll come back for it)

    That aside, I’m really surprised that an Ivy Leaguer like yourself would be behind the infamous “Pinko Punko” “cobagitation” project. Well, not really. You see, that’s the type of behavior I’ve come to expect from from people of “Privilege” like yourself.

    PS – that pic of you on the train heading for graduation was classic!!! Almost as good as me with a tuba, but yours was for real, LMAO!

    PPS – You’ve made attempts to smack down the trolls at my blog, especially those obsessed with my corporeal opulence, sexual orientation, and day job. I appreciate that, and that’s largely why I’m not going to release the dogs on you today…

  • PP, you’re a person of “privilege”?! I don’t think I can hang out with you any longer.

  • Well said Octavius. Oops!

  • WAIT!!! PP is of privilege?!?!?! I’m always the last to know about everything.

  • GC, that’s cause he spends most of it “keeping” me.

  • Look at Fish. So Careless.

    Auguste, get back in your spider hole!

  • I know what Pinko looks like. But I had to sweat blood to earn the privilege. I’m offended that Patrick has taken it upon himself to decide that no one else has to work as hard as I did to find out just how HOTT teh hoTTTness is.

  • Look at Smoke dog and Pugsley so cute. That Smokey just melts my heart.

  • They are just the cutest pups ever except for one big old smoosh named PupH!

  • And PP. I always pictured you blogging pseudomonasly.

  • Once UC blogged for 3 weeks Campylobactoraly.

    Once we can be done with this crap I can pimp the Take 5 bar.

    mdhatter was hilarious earlier. I love you guys and Gregor is the one that is sauced.

  • wait. you’re real name is not Pinko Punko?

    WTF? all your emails have that name on them!!

    if i can’t trust e-mail, what do i have that’s worth living for?

  • It is Pinko P. Punko

    Triple P

  • that;s nuts. no one can have 3 P’s in a row for a pseudonym.

  • Please do pimp the Take 5, and pronto!

    Super cute photo of Smokes and Pugsley!

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