You Are Still Outing Me, Patrick

Patrick, just missed your comment. You’re still being a chundermuffin. You are still outing me. Part of the humor here is that people don’t know what I look like. We have a running HNT joke that becomes less funny if people can see me. The only worse thing you could do would be to play a recording of my voice. Part of being in cyberspace is being able to create your own mental picture of people, by posting my picture you will destroy that. I have never met my co-bloggos here, and that is part of the fun, the mystery. You are taking a big stinky burrito dump on that. I find it uncool from someone with so much potential and mad skillz.

Also, as a life sciences student, I certainly wasn’t a child of privilege. I went to a state school, and then a Ph.D. program at the best University on the planet for that sort of thing. See, at that point it is somewhat about merit. Privilege is being paid to think and say stuff that isn’t true. I really can’t tell you how hard I’ve had to work to get where I am, and it is kind of offensive for you to suggest otherwise. I like to play nice because I don’t like it when people get personal, and if you have read anything here, you see that it is mostly teasing and it is much funnier than some cashewy nut log conservo humor sites. I mean we could actually hang out and tease each other and talk about emus and BBQ, which I am sure you love as do I. We like to take off the suits at the end of the day and have some laffs. If you think you are being nice by suggesting you are in a position of strength with all my details etc. you are not. You have bought an insurance policy (my info) for what? So we don’t call you a chundermuffin? Don’t BE a Chundermuffin, and you won’t get called one. Why don’t you write a guest post on smoked salmon and Rainier cherries for Delicious and Disgusting (separately, Delicious), (together, Push or Disgusting).

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  • Ooooh. I love the falling gorillas on the front page. Those are outstanding!

    Also, as a life sciences student, I certainly wasn’t a child of privilege. I went to a state school, and then a Ph.D. program at the best University on the planet for that sort of thing.

    I can totally relate to this (state school undergrad/”high prestige” grad and all). Hopefully this kid will get clued in a little more as he grows up, but if he thinks the life of a grad student/post doc in the sciences amounts to a life of “privelege”, he’s really missed something.

  • Thanks, M!

    No BBQ for him. And I smoke a mean brisket.

  • Alright, Alright, Pinko your such a whiner. I won’t hold this over your head, but I do expect you to play nice from now on. I’m not some scary neo-con whackjob, just a guy who had to work two jobs to get through undergrad.

    Apparently you haven’t read Ross Douthat’s book, or you’d know I wasn’t calling you a “rich kid”. There’s more to it than that, but I always suggest to Harvardites (recovering and otherwise) that they read his book. Maybe that’s a project for you? You could review it one of my blogs, if you like…

    So how does the guest blogging at your Delish and Disgusto blog work? I have just the sick recipe that will blow people’s minds!

    P.S. tell Yosef to quit blogging from work, I don’t want my tax dollars wasted on his Internet habit!!! LOL!

    PPS – Clif got what he deserved for being a “cobag”, you on the other hand seem to be more sensible. How about it I censor the photo a little bit? Afterall, you did post an altered pic of me

  • Who the hell is Patrick?? Sorry dude, I just don’t know who you are and you have seemed to stir the ol pot big time.

  • A picture you POSTED at your bloggo. And how could you tell it was altered> Was it the cartoon poop? Or the devil horns? Also, with the Clif situation YOU commented at Clif’s site making it look like you laughed it his oriiginal post- you were quite funny actually, and then came back with an anonymous comment with his PHONE NUMBER. Is there some split personality thing happening?

    And you continue to hemorrhage my details as we speak!

    Patrick, DUDE!

    The Harvard that Ross cobag talks about is not the one I know, is not the one where Bush went to B-school and is not the one where Bill F. went to Medical School. I am annoyed to hell about Harvard undergrads that speak 5 languages, excel at 10 sports and play 25 instruments, don’t sleep, literally sh*t out whatev and act like entitled little cobags- just like GWB at Yale, where his entire family went to school. I think My assumptions about the Discovery Inst. are probably a lot more accurate than your assumptions about certain Ivy League schools that slip out of your mouth. It is a world class insitution of biological research. People doing that research are not “legacies” nor are they well-groomed elites ready to jet set every which way. They come from all over and their goals are not to network and get some cushy job iBanking or consulting or working at some Emu farm, but to do worl dclass research and learn about basica mechanisms of biology and disease. You could probably make a case that the current administration is a lot worse than such an Ivy league as the friends netowrk that plugs chumploafs into jobs is based around unserious institutions suchs as Liberty and Patrick Henry, or worse correspondence school.

    You are letting me off the hook. How magnanimous of you!

    Stop being a chumpagon, and 3bulls @ gmail dot com if you want to be a serious person and blog about something serious, food, at Delicious and Disgusting.

    You are not smelling like a rose here, in fact, I detect emu feathers. Get out of the building before they insert their emu probes into you! I think you can be save yet!!

  • Pinko! Pinko! OMG! Gavin M. at Sadly, No! says you’ve been “outed” by me! Where’s the cobag posting in my name over here posting your real name, employer, and personal details, let me at him!!!

    Oh wait. That’s right. I didn’t out you, and neither did anyone else. So what the hell is Gavin talking about? He’s the one making things up now…LMAO!

    Alright, when I get back from my little tripsy this weekend, I’ll have something to post at Delish and Disgusto — till then fare ye well my good BLOG NEMESIS! ;0) heh heh

  • Wait…. You’re in molecular biology PP? I’m currently in the “shitty state school undergrad” phase of all that.

  • Is Patrick on a permanent drunk, or is that just his style?

  • You call that style? It is to laugh.

    By the way, at what point can we get Patrick to admit that when your only response to what someone has said/posted is to promulgate that someone’s personal information and likeness (possibly and partially in the hopes that yet another someone will take it too far on your cowardly behalf), you have lost the argument?

  • There are two Patricks. Cool Patrick who will be posting at D/D and uncool Patrick that squirts out little pieces of info in dribbly trails!

    COME ON!

    D/D Tueday= cool P Bell, not Commander of the Chumpagon.

  • supercilious pants!

    yeah, I stopped at the shitty state school end of it, mainly becuyase environmental science is much better to learn hands on. I got’s me a B.S. Grad school can wait a few more years, b/c the experience of being hands on 60 hours a week in the field is irreplacable… and i can both operate an excavator and type 50 words a minute now too (though not at the same time).

    That’s what I find hillarious about our political/ideological ‘others’. They need to believe we’re a lazy bunch of patchouli reeking hippies without work, or work ethics.

    Pinko, i’ve obviously never met you, but I now know you better (and like you better) than I ever did before.

    And Patrick, I’m not sure who you are, I’m not even sure if this fracas is for real, but I ~am~ curious to hear what you like to eat. Might i suggest a review of eggo’s. They can be hot to the touch if you toast them, but if you toast them too lightly they’re still frozen in the middle. Perhaps you have some perspective on this?

    Or, you could review the gamut of Take5 bars, or even some pork (to win Pinko’s favor). Nah, do the Take 5’s. That’s just what you need.

    You should Take 5.

    Oooh ooh ooh! I know. if you can’t not be lame, you could find ME! That’d be even more awesomer, and unlike Pinko i wouldn’t even care, because it would not affect my life if i got harassed at work. But it might affect my work, though I bet the net impact on my personal future would be just about zero.

    But boy – oh boy – my companies lawyers would appreciate the work on that harrasment suit for interfering with work, across state lines, over a phone network. I mean, that’s communications AND interstate commerce….

    (that’d be the next, next, next level, Jim. Someplace you should never, ever, go)

  • and i can both operate an excavator and type 50 words a minute now too (though not at the same time).

    I don’t know what an excavator is, but I type while driving all the time. And that, boys and girls, is the story of why Res Publica’s boyfriend won’t ride with him any more!

  • Alright Pinko, I understand what happend here…like I just said at Sadly, No! you don’t deserve to be outed. But tread lightly, will you? I mean, at least tell Gavin he’s a Mr. lying-pants for saying I outed you…

    Seriously, this whole ordeal is wearing on me too–and with your 16 hour work days, I can understand why you’d like to see this resolved. So, for better or worse, I’m trusting you to keep your end of the bargain, and I expect Gavin to recant his untruthful post by the time I’m back from vacation!!!



  • He said you revealed details, whitcha did, but it is O-V-E-R. He knwos exactly what the situation is, and he described the proceedings going on here as an outing of details, which facilitate my identity.

    I think if you renounced outings, and telling people to watch stuff- what am I treading on anyway- read our archives- this is how we operate. If you think we are threatening and mean and evil and crazy, that is cool, but I don’t think anyone takes getting called a chundermuffin seriously.

    You are not the boss of GC or PP or Smokey Dog or the Pug man. They tread as juvenile yet serious persons tread, if we cross the line, someone tells us that and we consider their feelings and argument and act accordingly.

    Thing is you want Gavmo to recant his dealio, which can be described as accurate to some extent and for people here to tread lightly, including a wink wink threat to Yosef, who corrected a spelling error that he should not blog from work. Ce n’est pas cool!

    Peace, brother. Now you owe us a Dream Cameo, A D/D and a song of the day.

  • accurate to a large extent, I should say.

    Have fun on vaca, don’t get eaten by an emu, and think about being a bigger person. You can see we try. If you think this is grovelling on my part, just go ahead and post everything. I am at the end of my rope.

    Like I said, you owe us a post for each one of our other blogs.

  • Boy, I don’t know, PP. I know you’re all abou the olive branch, but I’m seriously considering resigning my SOTD membership if this chumpwad posts there.

  • Oh Seitz- for some reason, I am doing this as an experimetn to see if we can behave like normally crazy peopel, and not exceptionally so. It will not be on my end that it goes to hell.

    I want to see him dedicate some whatever song to love, forgiveness and pork.

    If it doesn’t work, I’ll sick the Jason Garfield Juggling Alliance on his *ss.

  • yeah, hands off SOTD.

    This guy reminds me of gollum…. filthy hobbitses.

    and Res, and excavator is that big thing with tank treads, a huge yellow arm, and a digging bucket (that makes my nephews think I’m cool). It’s a trip to move a pile of dirt the size of a car, and much more fun when it stinks of spilled chemicals.

  • and Res, and excavator is that big thing with tank treads, a huge yellow arm, and a digging bucket (that makes my nephews think I’m cool). It’s a trip to move a pile of dirt the size of a car, and much more fun when it stinks of spilled chemicals.

    I need one of those. RIGHT NOW.

  • Res Publica: Take your pick.

  • Hmm… I didn’t follow this particular donnybrook as it unfolded. It appears that much scenery was chewed and a good time was had by most.

    If his “Liberal of the Week” post is anything to go by, PB does apparently need to figure out the difference between claiming the “moral high ground” and puncturing hypocrisy, and between “prejudicial moralistic judgments” and a call for ethical consistency, but then projection as a feature of right wing argumentation has much of the obdurateness of a physical constant.

    And has anyone asked PB what he thinks of the DI “Wedgie” Document yet? How about Behe’s definition of science in Kitzmiller? He appears to think folks here have slandered his employer. I’m a bit a curious as to just what he thinks his employer is actually doing. Has he ever examined their arguments closely enough to know if he truly finds them compelling, as opposed to just reaffirming his preconceptions? (Though this, of course, would require an effort to look at the other side’s arguments too.) And what’s his standard for scientific arguments anyway?

    (Pinko: I didn’t know where you worked was secret. I remember it being mentioned in a recent comment (say, a week ago), though I don’t know where that comment was (here or RoD most likely). Putting what I thought I knew into google turned up more such comments – including some here. I’m not defending PB here, just pointing out – in case you are indeed concerned about concealing this – that’s it’s being leaked fairly regularly.)

  • my linky no worky.

    I try again here

    if that didn’t make a link, i surrender

  • I would totally drive one of those to work. And then use the jaw-thing to rip the roof off of my work and grab my boss by her bad hair and throw her in the dumpster. And then drive back home, OVER the traffic.

    Only thing I want more is a giant robot.

  • Thanks, ploveroni. Now that you mention it, I do remember an offhand mention of the University of Suck. This is true. PB has essentially my exact ROOM NUMBER, so the smart bombs can fly in through the front door and down the hallway. There is an eensy bit more specificity.

    That is totally my bad. I guess there is a feeling of someone shouting from the rooftops versus on offhand mention in conversation, but PB did not out that. The funny thing is these details just slide out even when you don’t mean them or when you mean to be threatening about doing it but not really doing it.

    Can 3B adopt Plover from RoD. I think they are abusive step-parents over there. And we love plover!

  • P-Lova to all the homes.

  • the amount of time wasted in ‘outing’ people who want to remain pseudonymous could be better spent in therapy because of the damage caused by being allied with the right-wing and more specifically the DI.

    if, and it looks more likely that it will be a when, the revolution of angry mad biologists comes, DI will be the first against the wall.

  • “if, and it looks more likely that it will be a when, the revolution of angry mad biologists comes, DI will be the first against the wall.”
    With PZ and PP leading the charge!
    I find it interesting that PB is the personal assissent to Bruce Chapman, director and founder of DI and a Harvard graduate in 1962. I wonder if PB made his feelings about priviledge known to his boss?

  • After listening to y’all talking about how haaard you had to work to put yourselves through school, I have but one thing to say:


    If y’all seduce me with tasty recipes and groovy music videos, some day I’ll tell you about how I just graduated summa cum laude from one of the top ranked universities in the country (in the world, actually) while working a full-time job the whole time. And I was an on again, off again homeless kid while I was growing up, too.

    If you’re extra special nice, I might even tell you about how I worked twenty nine hours a day down at mill, and paid mill owner for permission to come to work, even!

    (Have I mentioned lately that I totally love you guys? And it’s not just the cold medication talking, I swear.)

  • I love the hell out of plover, and he came to my blog first, and YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM!!!!

  • i remember when they used to fight over me. 😉

  • I’d fight over you in a SECOND, mdhatter! But Pinko doesn’t even WANT you. That’s what he’s LIKE. You see that, plover?!? You see what Pinko is like!?

  • Wait, let me get this straight:

    Pinko is Dr. Mu-Ming Poo?

  • Damn. Forgot to change name back.

  • Mu-Ming Poo is a legend. I’m not even a dingleberry to that guy.

    Res- all your commenters are mine, and who said plover was a dude or a nondude? plover is a sexless fount of unplumbable wisdom, of which tiny squirts are shared on both our pages.

    md- you have always drummed to the beat of a different bandleader, but we are proud that you bang on pots and pans here as well. I don’t think RoD could make sense of that.

    Oh, Jillypants I know that biilions who are now living work harder every day with their pinky fingers than this entire bloggo.

    I was just taking exception to the crazy contradictions of the ol’ Ivy League super elite edumacated more than the rest of the folks who never got the opportunity but is also automatically some “privilege” for the powerful and already elite. Which of course it is, just not in tons of peoples cases. Like most Ph.D. students there. The Professional schools are different, but then again so is being able to work at some stink stank stunk skunk drunk monkey chumpagon.

    You know what I mean.

  • What was funny is I wasl all “I love shingles”- and it fit the comment/

    Poopo out.

  • The best is the Mu-Minx’s web address:

    Man, I’m going to be giggling in my sleep tonight.

    I am a child.

  • What is this ‘work’ thing of which you speak?

  • I got Res’ back on this one. AG super hearts Plover. It was AG who not too long ago suggested our little favorite get a blog so we could read more astute stuff. Plover is ours!

  • Having done both grad school and postdoc I ahve to say it ain’t work. Long hours, sure. But one of the true luxury professions. Take out the stress aspect (which is an issue I admit), and it is one of the great gigs out there. Like a rock star, except without the fame, sex, drugs, and money.

  • oh fish, I think to depends on where you are and what you are doing. Here at the University of Suck, there does seem to be the attitude that it is play time. It’s not something that someone who felt entitled to something good would pick, let’s put it that way.

  • I know, Pinko – it’s why I stuck the Monty Python reference in there.

    And let’s face it – I’m hardly one to talk either at this point. I might have started out as a poor street kid, but I’m a graduate from a highly respected university who’s just been accepted into a fairly prestigious government funded nonprofit program.

    Hey – I guess I actually AM sucking off the goverment now, just like a good liberal should! 😉

    I still adore you guys. Enough that I’ll give you my secret mushroom risotto recipe someday.

  • Right, not a profession of the privileged, but a privileged profession. That’s what I was thinking anyway.

  • Pinko, I’m extremely bored. My boyfriend is out with some visiting family, and I’m poor because Tuesday is payday, and I’m reduced to listening to Prairie Home Companion on NPR. Please post something fun before I die.

  • So, um, we have a custody battle over my putative madd kommenting skillz, and PP thinks that as an intellectual I’m both sexless and a promiscuous hermaphrodite?

    This is probably proof of something.

    But I’m not sure what.

    (In fact, I suspect that if we did know, it might irretrievably dishevel the fabric of space time, which might provide that rakishly cute look that reality sometimes strives for, but which might also cause people to simultaneously turn into pterodactyls and be transported to the center (with some suitable error bar) of the sun. The latter outcome has been classified by many sages over the aeons as “bad”, and best not attempted. And while that’s probably not the long-sought proof that “ignorance is bliss”, it’s fair a shot at “ignorance is better than extra crispy dinos”.)

    mdhåtter, what do you do when they get like this?

  • Get like what?

    Res was just being a tool of the patriarchy, and I Blamed™ him.


    Way to kick a brother when he’s…been hideously wounded by emus. Also, “Blaming” is trademarked…BY THE WOMAN WHO INVENTED IT, you THIEF! Who’s the tool of the patriarchy now? Eat my toenail clippings, cobag.

  • What’s all this then??? It’s nothing like a Mexican soap opera. I gather Gavin is being a dick again. Is “dick” allowed? We’ll see I guess.

    I just hope that Bo-bexter and Captain Trollypants are two different people.

    Now everyone make friends. There is too much petty fighting and silly fronting in the world without bringing it into the virtual thingy here.

  • I was just recognizing TF’s TM, Res. You know that you were the very first commenter at 3B, and we love ya.

  • Res was just being a tool of the patriarchy, and I Blamed™ him.

    It appears that my syntax-fu has not been equal to its task: I was expressing bemusement over your characterization of ploverness, rather than puzzlement over how it followed from the rest of the conversation. (I am but a grasshopper.)

    Get like what?

    I would say “pecking one another like rabid emus” except that you and Res seem to do that most of the time, and to become listless and wilty if this activity is not available. I was just referring to what mdhåtter said about you guys fighting over him too.

    Honestly, I appreciate that you and the RoD folks like having me around … *sob* … ahem.

  • Oh plover, I was just playing innocent. I was being a cobag to RP. He cries out for such treatment.

  • Boy, I am really late to this storyline.

    Ok. Here’s what I know about Pinko.

    He has a little green head and Res told me he weighs 13 pounds and that he would look really sexXXxy in zebra striped knickers.

    That’s all I know! Should I tell Patrick?

    Also, I loved that Patrick called *us* meaning *you all* the Leftist Fringe.

    Can I be Patty Hearst? Please????!!!!!

  • You kids have lost your minds!

  • pinko, this site rocks. just read at S,N this guy might be a cobag, but I think what Gaven and S,N! crew our doing is totally assmokey!! from what I read at the guys blog (and Im no defending him) he seems a pretty tame R, but get’n a bad rap on account of his employeer, how wouldd you like that heppening to you?

    in this situation he look sto have gotten viscious over being bashed/shit on by you guys. that only makes his outburst uncommon, but maybe understandable, could be borderline, too. give him a break, and just hit the reef, man!

  • Oh BC, those plot twists were totally Season 2- you missed all the Season 1 shenanigans. That was all P Bell, or his evil twin. You know how these internet soaps are.

  • Insofar as Pinko isn’t also required to hunt a buffalo every few days, and can actually get fresh bannanas in december, we ALL have privilidged professions.

    inofar as I do not need to spend one watch a week in the village tower to watch for raiders on horseback, I am a child of priviledge.

    everything else is just semantics.

  • What does my work have to do with his tax dollars? I don’t get that. But if he likes, then I won’t look at his site from work anymore. or anywhere.

  • That was just the ol’ winkystinky threatypants for surfing the internet at worko.

    It was really the creme de Cobag of the whole affair.

  • His tax dollars? What, all .50 cents of them? (I am sure DI is not paying the little twinkie my salary). These conservocobags are so lame. They worry about the $1.50 from welfare and let the $25.50 per week from the war on “freedom” sneak right by.
    Yo Yo, who the hell cares where you read the blog from? Last time I checked, two 15 minute paid breaks and 1 1/2 hour unpaid lunch is permitted in workplaces in America for every 8 hours worked. Oh yeah, your viewing the site is your business, your managers and the corporate policy at your office. I note PB is not mentioned in that select group of people.

    Maybe if Patrick had a life he wouldn’t be walking around blogs with nothing better to do than post the shenanigans he does. Honestly Patrick, let’s all grow up here and have a more substantial conversation than posting people’s pictures and home and work addresses.

  • I have been out of state for the last week, but I must ask why the hell in anyone playing nice with this jerk?

    Patty Bell is a complete waste of resources.

  • Chuckwagon, we’re playing nice. I also heard he might have a dream that puts yours to shame, so why don’t you just eat it for one little sec, while we try to get our bearings.

  • Oh he has a dream that puts mine to shame all right: Intelligent Design.

    Furthermore, this turd claims that somebody else is wasting taxpayer dollars while he works for an organization that is promoting frivolous trials? A brilliant piece of hypocrisy. I should get that cut, polished and set in a tiara for his doughy, foamy loaf filled sack of skin.

  • Chuckles,

    We are trying to set that aside for one tiny moment. Just ONE.

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