Another reason, some would say excuse, for the lack of proper candy cobagitation this holiday weekend was the fact that this little dude and his veritable swarm of suckular blood sucks decided to burrow into my leg and siphon off my life essence. Actually, they were probably on their way to the CEI for a meet and greet. That is the “Competitive Enterprise Institute” or “Chumpagon for Enemas, Infinite”.


Anyway, these creatures are marvels of evolutionary selection. They can live for two years without a blood meal, and why don’t you have fun thinking about one of these guys crawling through your hair right now. Oh woops, what’s that on your back? Hey, did they infest the car? Oh that’s not a dust bunny! Feel a little tickly on your neck? Who could that be? Hey, little guy, impossible-to-kill bacteria injector!

31 Responses to “Additionally”

  • Does this mean you are now Rather Pale Anemic Punko?

    And does this have anything to do with your association with the Universality of Suck? Is it sort of like the Soviet Union, except of having a political minder follow you around, they provide you with bloodthirsty arachnids? And if they detect suspicious impurities in your blood, like, say, the residue of a Take 5 bar, they can also conveniently inject the necessary mind control drugs.

  • Why do you guys get ALL the cute pets? Like your doggies aren’t already cute enough?

  • Those aren’t his dogs. He takes pictures of other people’s dogs and posts them in a vain attempt to take on Gregor, I am a Paris cobag, Samsa.

  • How sweet! You found one of Karl Rove’s baby pictures!

  • It’s a shame about Sadly No(tm)…since they changed things I can’t read comments or post anymore.

  • Noone, why is that? Are you being discriminated against?

    Try using the google translation trick- have google translate the page from English to English.

  • no one , are you using internet explorer?

    cause it sucks and will eat your babies.

  • Pinko, if you see a bullseye on your skin in a while, it’s NOT someone training a crystal-shooting laser on your hide, hie thee to a doctor not only pronto but also post-haste. [Insert bad pun on life, lemons, and Lyme here]

  • I love how the Sadly No! fans only come over to comiserate when they cannot get on SN! and then PP or AIF fix their problems and we never see them again or it’s for a long time if we do.

    It’s like 3B! is SN!’s blog bitch.

  • Thanks, tigrismus, the tick was exactly that kind in the photo- a Pacific Coast Tick and they are not Lyme-y. They can be Tularemia-y- YAY!

  • Tularemia is not possible. They would have to be Palo Altoermia-y-YAY!

    AG has the scope and it was named after Lyme, CT. Also, the way to prevent Lyme disease is tricycline. Of course, no M.D. is going to agree to give a kid that.

  • Oh, PP, I forgot you’re one of them there west coasties. I always think you’re another baked Boston bean until I’m reminded otherwise. So, if you get a bull’s eye it IS the laser, hide!

  • Northern Cali is actually a moderate danger zone for the Lymeian menace. The Western Black-Legged wood tick. F***er.

  • PP, I think you mean Bastard.

  • RE the Nor Cal disease environment: Squirrels and their fieas can be sources of bubonic plague. Whee!

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I have a bad tick story, and it happened right before a wedding near Knoxville, TN. At first, everyone thought I was mistaking the tick for a mole, but after enough whining, I gained the attention of the wedding party. Among 3 PhD students, an MD, and other assorted academic types tending to my care, we first tried to get the sucker drunk, then tried to burn it off. The burning succeeded wildly on my leg hairs, but not so much the tick. Finally, the bride shared with us her precious tweezers whereby the sucker was carefully and elegantly removed by the doctor. All in all, my leg was a celebrity for about 30 minutes. Oh, did I mention that I’m terrified of blood-sucking bugs? It was just terrible. I was just relieved not to see ye olde bullseye the next day.

  • It looks like you deep fried it and sprinkled it with powdered sugar. Mmm

  • I was very calm until I pulled it out. Then for some reason I thought it was going to come back to life and I hucked it into the sink.

  • You have to love how UC comes in and is all, “Everybody look at me with my story.”

    For shame, UC!

  • this is the only tick i’ve ever seen

  • Wotta HNT photeau that woulda made! Being a long-time dawrg owner, I’ve certainly seen many a tick, though, due to the wonders of Frontline, they’ve been infrequent of recently. Last year the current dawrg had one on his ear at a point of the month where the Frontline was nearly worn off, and we removed it manually rather than wait and see if the Frontline would eventually work. Haven’t seen a flea in ages, not that those suckers tend to go after people (the dog fleas-I know there are human-specific fleas). Anyhoo, charming. I just hate all blood-sucking parasitic organisms.

  • …I thought it was going to come back to life and I hucked it into the sink.

    The sink huh. Did it go down the drain good? ‘Cause sometimes they can hold on and crawl back out. You know… at night.

  • Nice try, Some Guy. They also can lay 1000 eggs on your pillow.

  • Or 1000 eggs in your ear. Yummy.

    Draino that puppy pronto, P. Ticks have a survival coefficient equal to that of Republicans cockroaches.

  • My mom taught us to dunk ticks in rubbing alcohol.

  • J- don’t do that, they could regurigitate- grab them with very fine tweezers as close to the mouth as possible without crushing and pull slowly to remove the entire tick.

  • I’m sorry, I meant after removing them. Yes, definitely the tweezers. You gotta make sure you get the head out. Some people put a searing hot needle or a lit cigarette up close to get them to back out a little bit.

  • Yeah, alcohol just makes them impossible to be around.

  • This is like a special Lyme disease blogging version of “House.”

    And I should never read this blog right before I lay my head down to sleep, presumbably on a microscopic tick daycare center.

    Since I have the doctors here, if I get bitten by a wolf, and then the next full moon I black out and wake up shirtless on an English moor, should I seek medical attention or corner the worldwide silver market?

  • Oh Brando, how would we know? we wake up shirtless and hairy next to you.

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