We Have Noticed the Decided Lack of Self-Esteem

on the internets. We have discovered that sometimes people decide that they will argue something so unbelievably wrong and thickheaded that the only recourse would be to depress such Senor Wrongo’s horrible low self-image even further. Obviously there are memes, such as “paste-eater”, but these are shallow albeit affective. We prefer to just simply state for the record, and feel free to use this clip when backed into a corner by the munchwagon patrol:

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We’re just not afraid to admit it, and keep admitting it. Also, attack all you want, we’re not gonna get mad, because we have a little something something called self-esteem.

18 Responses to “We Have Noticed the Decided Lack of Self-Esteem”

  • I’m right
    You’re wrong.
    That’s the way it is.
    That’s the way it’s always going to be.
    For ever and ever and all eternity.

    Is this an extension of Retardo’s comments on Gavin’s latest ‘Outing’ post?

  • What kind of a girly name is Pinko?

  • md, it’s because he’s a child of “privilege” that he got such a girly name. You can tell he’s a child of “privilege” by the way he spelled sumpin’ sumpin’ “something something”. Jeez, guy, get hip with the lingo.

  • Yo Yo, maybe you shouldn’t waste our tax dollars calling out MDH. Now stop hating on the whities who rule this country and don’t let me see you at the La Raza school.

    Gregorie you wish, bee-otch.

    Gregor Samuel Samsa and Pinko Fenster Punko, I don’t care about your self esteems, but I care about mine. How about stopping by RoD once in a while?! I mean, geesh! AG comes over here to flirt with the Chuckie and drop a couple good comments bombs and y’all just forget about her?! It’s like how Blue Girl is when Res is around and then it’s back to AG and nothin’.

    That lecture goes for you too Yo Yo Mama Smith, cupcake.

  • Sorry, AG, I meant that PP should get hip with the lingo.

  • he is so un-hip it’s a wonder his pants stay on.

  • as someone once remarked, it’s only the collective will of everyone who reads this blog that’s keeping them on

  • can I the stereo from our collective will?

  • sigh…

    can I have the stereo from our collective will?

  • Oh no, I tried to get UC to give me the keycodes to overtake the blog and make something of it, sparing y’all from the unhip parade. However, he feels so bad for the guy, ya know being tragic and privy. You know, the guy struggling with his sexuality and all.

    Let’s face it — we all know why we come here. We only really come here for UC, Gregor, Yosef and the once in a blue moon, Professor Booty. I mean T.H.Y.C.W.O.T.I., for Pup H. love and Dr. F#$k The Canadian Curling Assocation!

  • Ooh, look, I M JUST LAUGHING IT OFF. I’m not bothered by your jibes.

    and your jokes, they don’t make me laugh, they only make me feel like dying, in an unguarded moment.

  • Nice Church reference, Pinko.

    I come here mostly for the slang. I stay for the snorkel.

  • I only come for HNT, and no that isn’t a refrence to UC’s sexuality.

  • I come for the emus.

    And the attack kittens. Which have been sorely lacking, if I have to say.

  • Has anyone else ever had an emu burger? They kind of suck.

  • the only think un-hipper than pinko is shooting bright lights at tidal water bodies.

  • I love how MDH says this and AG gets banned. What a bunch of emu crap.

    Pinko will get his…

  • pink is so uncool that meat* spoils in his presense.

    * red meat, not white, or the other white, meat

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