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alrighty then

It’s generally at about this point in the blogging lulls that I put forth some half-a**ed post that so horrifies the other bullsies that they spew forth actual content like Eyjafjallajokul spews forth ash on a restless day. Doneski!!!!!

Also we are challenging Riddled to a Wellington street art competition.

definitely not banksy

Best found art wins. I have dibs on “Darth Vader playing the Rubik’s cube.”

An Exciting New Feature of Three Bulls!

ombuddy seal of approval

Introducing the Ombud… Seal of Approval (OSA)!

Do you, gentle and not so gentle readers, often find yourself approaching new Three Bulls! posts with trepidation verging on fear?

Do you find yourself wondering:

Will there be an Ombud… available if I have any questions, concerns or complaints about this post?

Have the photographs in this post been analyzed by trained professionals for hidden meanings, nuance and most importantly matters related to the state of the union?

Will anything be harmed in anyway by the content of or omissions from this post?

Are the authors of this post sufficiently non partisan?

Does this post contain verified facts and/or science related to politics, life or other contentious issues without presenting the reader with opposing wackadoodle beliefs for balance?

Can the terms “teabag” and “teabagging,” as used in this post, be interpreted in an inappropriate manner?

Does this post contain opinion?

Have the authors considered every side of every coin?

Is this post civil or will it lead to incivility?

Will this post hurt my feelings or the feelings of others?

What’s the number of the complaint line and what happens if it is busy?

Were John McCain and Joe Lieberman briefed on the content of this post?

Will I get hungry part way through this post?

Will I get it?

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Enough of these content laden posts

Canoodle can keep Guy Laliberté. We will keep Calder, Beavis laugh and all.

Madames, Monsieurs, diver et divers Ombudpantisserie, et ceux qui ne sont pas errer mort la terre mangeant des cerveauxxxxxxxxx (également connu Zombi) voilà

The best video link that you will never click through. *sigh*

This explains a lot

Think about it….. the constant Edgar Winter references, the red track suit proclivities, desire for a gun (“derringer”) cake…. I claim love child or the very least conceived at!!!!

Video stole from the fine folks at BEFOULED.

The Begats

You tubes, you wicked temptress, how did I end up where I did?

Nausea, X from Decline of Western Civilization
Nausea, Beck
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Dahomey
Toots & the Maytals – Sweet & Dandy
Teaching You How to Dance, James Brown
← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ↔ → → → → → → → → → →

Clap Hands, Beck
Clap Hands, Tom Waits
Le Retour A La Raison by Man Ray 1923
Jalsaghar, Salamat Ali Khan
Eraserhead, The Chicken Dinner Scene
Un Chien Andalou (eye scene)
Tom Waits, I Don’t Want to Grow Up
Harold and Maude
California, Joni Mitchell
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Charles Mingus
Goodbye Pork Pie (Wellington Chase Scene)

In my village a man could become ruptured lifting 15 pesetas of Manchego cheese

The Bulls of Salamanca

Mystery Art Bage Threefer

Two woodcuts from the now defunct STOT21stCPlanB who are currently participating in the art resistance movement as Harry Adams. What can I say? I dig wood cuts. I dig alcohol. And I am fascinated by drowned stickmen.

Drank (too much)

drank (too little)

An image likely to cause controversy – “Girls peeling oranges” by Billy “don’t call me a Stuckist” Hamper (Childish). It seems unfair that one man should have so much art coursing through his veins and a booshy mooshtache to boot. Pound for pound one of the greatest contemporary artists. Or have I bought into the hype? UPDATE: This wood block was originally cut in the 80s by Mr. Childish and Tracey Emin (my copy is a 2008 print). I’m agnostic on Ms. Emin’s art but do give her credit for being a survivor in the burnout art world.

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They’re not even trying to hide it any more…

Posted without comment.

Belly of the Beast

Is there a doctor in the house?


Who Gnu?

GFoH has a hair curling iron and a hair straightening iron. I imagine them in mortal combat.