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Dead Ant, Dead Ant

I don’t hate Somerby. I do read his blog but generally only a few posts a month and that’s all I can take.

Somerby has chosen a very unpopular job: a progressive who spends a fair amount of his time criticizing the “liberal” and “progressive” media and political establishments. For that he is to be commended. The establishment of the left isn’t faultless and needs to be criticized. As the influence of the blogoshpere has increased I think that Somerby has naturally tended to pay more attention to it. Where it all turns to custard is the way in which Somerby goes about his criticism. Yes I’m talking about the dreaded ‘tone’ and also the repetitiveness of his criticism. I don’t know if his shtick is meant to be humorous but it no longer tickles my funny bone. I’m over it.

It really has come to the point, where to my mind at least, some Daily Howler posts are unrelenting in their name calling and rather weak on factual criticism. Somerby makes some good points but only seldom is the criticism constructive. And I think that’s primarily where he falls flat. Let’s face it, the right-wing media and blogosphere could care less about what Somerby thinks or writes about them. The left-wing blogosphere (his ‘nominal allies’) and to a lesser extent the left-wing media probably do care but he often comes across as such an asshole that he ironically makes it easier to walk away from such criticism. I feel like he pisses away his best chance of making a difference. Yes maybe his targets need to toughen up but maybe Somerby also needs to take a step back from his blog persona and think about what it is he’s trying to accomplish and what the best way to accomplish it is. He’s got the chops but what I attribute to bitterness and anger take away from his criticism. They make it indigestible.

Lately I’ve found myself reading the Daily Howler using the same metrics that Somerby himself applies to others. I don’t think that the results are that flattering for Bob. Work isn’t shown, he often plays the mind reading game, and his research, apparently impeccable for all things Gore, routinely falls flat. This is most unsatisfying for somebody that sets such a high bar for others.

I started this post a long time ago but pretty much gave up on it as laziness consumed and as the moment passed. It was about the Keith Olbermann dust up of a few months ago, which I actually didn’t follow that closely. But at the time it reminded me of a DH post of 19 February, which I found less than satisfactory. It’s probably been already covered in a much better fashion elsewhere but the original (unfinished) post is below the fold. Continue reading ‘Dead Ant, Dead Ant’

For Crimes Against Humanity

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The Saga Continues – Gregor Samsa Stinking Up this Blog Since 2006

Wellington, 30 December 1912: Before Ms G. Cola, S.M., at the Magistrate’s Court this morning, Mary Joyce, Edward Taylor, and Hugh Gunn wore each fined 20s for drunkenness, and Donald McLean was mulcted in the sum of 10s. Forty-eight hours’ in gaol was fixed in default of payment. John Redmond O’Donoghue was sent to Rotorua Inebriates’ Home for a period of one year.

Great Great Uncle Samsa pleaded not guilty to using obscene language in a tent on Willis-street. Evidence showed, however, in the Opinion of the Magistrate, that the offence had been committed, and a fine of £2 was inflicted, with Courts’ costs (8s). In default of payment, Samsa was ordered to go to gaol for seven days….

Why’d they leave the beer?

REEFTON, August 8, 1895. A report is to hand of a sensational atrocity which has taken place on the Upper Matakitaki.— Two men, Hargraves and Great Great Uncle Samsa, had been drinking at May’s public house on Saturday night. A row ensued, during which they put May on the fire. A man named Mitchell succeeded in getting a wire off from Murchison for the police in spite of the danger he was exposed to, as Hargreaves openly swore he would shoot anyone who attempted to go to the telegraph office. All Saturday night the place was in an uproar. Guns were being fired continually, and the store was stripped of everything, with the exception of a little beer. After taking May off the fire they burned all his clothes. He is very badly burned, but not quite cooked. He cannot leave his bed but is expected to recover. A constable went up from Lyell at 3 o’clock on Monday, and found it necessary to swear in four special constables, as Hargraves declares he will not be taken alive. This occurred in what is known as the Lost Tribe district. There is great excitement in the neighbourhood over the affair, and fuller particulars of the incident are eagerly awaited.

For a variety of reasons I don’t think this is the best cross selling idea.


Gregor’s Top Ten Smells

1) Tomato stems
2) Candle burnt pumpkin
3) Burnt tortilla
4) Creosote after a rain
5) Puppy breath (small doses only)
6) Leather baseball glove and wet grass
7) Frito feet
8) Mount Lemmon Marigolds (begone smiley!!!)
9) Sandalwood
10) Turmeric
11) Patchouli!!!!1

One might say RIP Lux Interior

But that doesn’t seem quite right. Another Republican bites the dust.

By punkular request. You ain’t no Punk. You Punk! You wanna talk about the real junk?

This fan (?) video is pretty fabulous too.

A Pup Can Dream

kibble2! With added textiness

A question for you rudy

If I was to have a newt, imaginatively named Newton, would it be more punk rock if it was named after:

A) Sir Isaac Newton
B) Wayne Newton
C) Fig Newtons
D) Newton, MA
E) Newton Gingrich

I can has private bathtime?

I can has private  bathtime