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Groundhog ground hog

Yesterday didn’t happen I guess. I lost all the new quotes, comments and whatever happened yesterday. It took me several hours to rescue categories and other stuff because the uploadable backup was only partial. The previous full backup was too big (to fail??? Sadly, No) and too corrupt (Sadly, Yes). I am barely hanging on here. Please let me know if there are any other issues. Hope to have other blogs up on the weekend. Le sigh.

Lettuce enjoy.

Overheard on the Internets IV

Brad R: Hey Gavin M, pull my finger.

Gavin M: NO WAY, not again.

Brad R: C’mon, it will be funny.

Gavin M: I’m not doing it, cobag.

Brad R: The Editors always does.

Gavin M: No way.

Brad R: Totally way.

Gavin M: Fine. *pulls finger*

Brad R: *poot*

Gavin M: COME ON!!! JEEZ!