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2 Entertainment Gossipy Things

1st, and most importantly:

Pee Wee on a Plane

Do you have your tickets yet? I’ve got mine!


2nd: The thing that disturbs me the most about Haley Joel Osment is not the fact that he was driving drunk, nor that he was driving drunk while only 18 years old, nor that he flipped his automobile and broke a few ribs, nor that he had marijuana in his car, nor that he may face some jail time for all of this.

No. He’s a child actor. That all makes sense to me.

What I find to be the most disturbing is that this young man, he who sees dead people while paying it forward to a couple of secondhand lions, was driving a 1995 Saturn.

A 1995 Saturn.

He was in a movie that almost everyone has seen.

Has the economy gotten so bad that even actors have to settle for Saturns now? What’s next, Mary Kate and Ashley have to take turns driving the Kia? Mandy Moore has to ask her dad if she can borrow the Cutlass 88?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas would have never settled for anything like that.

Lawrence Tero is a Man among, well something…

And just who is Lawrence Tero, you ask?

Well, it seems the liberal media is disclosing secrets again. This time by including the alleged real name of one of America’s favorite tough guys – Mr. T.

Sure, sure, they’re trying to be nice and say what a great guy he is for giving up his gold, but what we really notice is they decide to throw in his real name. Why do we need to know that? Who doesn’t know who Mr. T is? I mean sure, you can miss a lot of pop culture things when you’re solving differential equations on top of diagrams of the cellular structure whilst shooting lasers at crystals in the Puget Sound, but you would still know who Mr. T is.

Of course, we also see in the story that Mr. T will be starting a show on TV Land this fall giving advice to people with troubles. 

What question would you ask Mr. T for his advice?

We don’t hate…

…we cobagitate!!!

Atrios has a post up about why people hate the A-List bloggers. He list 6 reasons that he supposes. If those are the only choices, I’m going to go with #6: They’re stupid and ugly and nobody likes them.

However, I think firstly, that we don’t actually hate any of them. We may not be big fans or supporters, or we may not care fro them in the slightest, but we don’t hate them.

But… This sounds like a fun contest to keep us all occupied over the weekend. Let us know in comments why you think we hate the A-List bloggers. Any reason you come up with will be valid and taken into consideration – whether it’s because they focus too much on their own pet issues and not enough with the bigger picture, or simply because they’re doo-dooheads. The winner who comes up with the best reason why we hate them will receive 1(one) Cobag point* to be added to his/her existing total.

I’ll even get things started. We hate the A-List Bloggers because they get to snort coke off the $50k hookers asses, while we have to snort baking powder off of a roach motel.

Your turn!

*Actual amount of Cobag points awarded may differ due to possible revaluation of Points System.

UPDATE- Yo, if you click ASIDE, it gets posted in the sidebar

Gavin Takes the Lead

Go here and learn to love Gavin M., the best cobagitation going today.

 I figured this was worth about 10 Million Cobagitation Points, but PP is the official scorer, so he’ll have to make the decision.

One last time*…




*Slightly different photo this time.

**No I don’t have anything else to say, so back off.

***Eat it, Edmonton Cobagz!

I Predict That Norbiz Will EAT IT

Oh, Norbiz, we’ll call it a scoop and leave it at that.

{posted by PP in the spirit of Yosef, who is running Windows 95}

The Official Wine of 3B!




Here I am…

Rawk you like a Hurricane.

Los Huracanes se vencen contra Los Cobolsas de Bufalo.






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