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Exclusive! Secret Pinko Punko tape! Only at 3B!

Now that Pinko Punko has sold out gone Galt torpedoed his reputation gotten his big break at Sadly, No!, we feel it is in the finest internet tradition to leak this early demo reel from his days busing tablesI originally typed “bussing tables”. Rumor has it that that occurred also. and splicing genes.

Where does that highway lead to?

At the Overman hearings in the Senate, which had resumed on February 11 [1919], the government was calling witnesses, all of them former or current government officials who described heinous scenes in which Bolsheviks committed unconscionable atrocities. The Bolsheviks had caused indescribable chaos in Russia, said the witnesses. One man who had spent time in Petrogradi.e. St. Petersberg/Leningrad. Soviet-era joke: Where were you born? St Petersburg. Where did you grow up? Petrograd. Where do you live? Leningrad. Where would you like to live? St Petersburg. testified that many of Russia’s misfortunes were due to the influx of Jewish agitators from New York’s Lower East Side.

“How would you describe these Bolshevik forces so that the average man would understand them and their composition?” a senator asked one witness.

“Like a mob of Captain Kidds with the exception that they operated by land instead of on the water,” the witness responded.

Another witness claimed with the utmost certainty that there were at least three million people in America, mostly of Russian origin, who were Bolshevik sympathizers, and among those, many were spies. And, he added, [President] Wilson seemed to be doing nothing about it. Yet another described the free love policy in Russia: all girls and boys upon reaching the age of eighteen become property of the State and must register at the Bureau of Free Love, which orchestrates forced, arranged matches once a month out of which come children who will then be government property. “Everything that makes life decent and worth living is in jeopardy if this thing called Bolshevism is allowed to go ahead,” testified a former U.S. Department of Commerce employee in Russia.

— — Ann Hagedorn, Savage Peace: Hope and Fear in America, 1919 (2007), p 129.

In a depressingly real sense, the Marxist glorification of work for its own sake, coupled with the naive assumption that as long as everybody is working hard, all sexual “problems” will disappear, i.e., reduce to a pastoral (and suspiciously bourgeois) vision of respectful, shy, young working men getting up the nerve to propose to respectful, shy, young working women, who must get up the nerve to respond, quiveringly, “Yes” (both, finally, taking courage from the fact that they are serving the state—the Marxist equivalent of “doing it for Old Glory”?), is historically, if not archetypally, one with the nineteenth-century industrial mythos: “Keep the proles working hard enough and they’ll be too tired to break out into the orgies of lust, rapine, and [incidentally] economic devastation [the absent text supplies for this term, “looting”] we know seethes just below the surface of every prole soul. Under industrial containment [read: exploitation/exhaustion] their sex [read: aggression] can be limited to the most conventional and tepid of expressions.” The entire template, Marxist and Capitalist, is a pre-Freudian disaster area which Freud’s own inability to distinguish between sensuality, sexuality, biological gender, and sex role socialization has done as much to perpetuate in the West as his basic discovery of the unconscious, sexual repression, transference, and infantile sexuality have prepared the groundwork to alleviate.

— — Samuel Delany, “Of Sex, Objects, Signs, Systems, Sales, SF…” (1975) as collected in The Straits of Messina (1989), p 55, all brackets in original.

Same as it ever was.

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This Will Not Stand!!

Alert PEPO! People for the Ethical Treatment of Ploverian Offspring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Res Publica

at Republic of Dogs.

UPDATE- just click the clip, it’s only two minutes long and it is more terrible and appropriate that you can possibly imagine

We’ve arranged some entertainment just for him on his special day:

Also, teh l4m3 might be digging it too.

Three Bulls! Mixtape Diss Tape

Volume one of Ultradork records presents the ultimate Three Bulls Mixtape Diss Tape. 0.95 ass.

Shoutouts include:

Kathleen, Marc Hogan, Ace of Spades, Chuckles, Pop Ren, Sadly, No!, K. Lo, Lucianne Goldberg, and a bunch of others. Oh yeah, this one is dedicated to the week one sales of Liberal Fascism.

Track One is for Jonah G!

Loud and proud, people!!!!!!!!

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‘Cause your eyes don’t hurt enough

Why do I have the feeling that when they invent nanotech fabric that morphs into different clothes that the patterns will end up looking like these?

And it’s just the stuff to wear when saving the world from the “government financed Lesbian Mafia“.

Klytus, I’m Bored

Thank G, Cheney doesn’t have a power ring and a Fu Manchu.

Total Idiots

Given that particular bands and albums of years ago are wandering off into the gloomy sunset, never to be heard again, save perhaps in Best Buy 9.89 bargain Super Gold comps, why would idiot record labels continue to bust balls concerning music clips being used in WKRP in Cincinnati?? For example, the Season 1 of this 70’s sitcom collection of misfits forerunner was just released on DVD, naturally with syndication edits because they couldn’t get rights to songs originally used in small clips on the TV show. Given that prime time dramas these days have essentially abdicated all storytelling to quick-hit musical exposition, and labels are killing each other to get a spot on Grey’s Anatomy, how effing stupid can you get? A clip on a WKRP DVD will do nothing BUT SELL YOU RECORDS, in addition, the liner notes might actually tell kids who sings the songs, something they would never know because they weren’t even born when the show was in reruns with the actual songs.

A nice little bit with the Big Guy that you will not see at all on the DVD, they just edited it out.

Also, this next clip (quite long), while super hokey cheeseball (not the best of the show), you can see the genesis of basically you-name-it sitcom types. The last minute leads in to where the song snippet comes up, and it is both effective for the scene, AND I CAN HONESTLY SAY seeing this on TV was the first time I had ever heard “Goodbye, Stranger” by Supertramp, a song beloved to my obscure and degradedly unhipsterish heart.

Secret Friday Raining Chundermuffins!!!!!!! ON MONDAY!!!

UPDATE: They only rain on the main page. Click the masthead.

DOUBLE UPDATE: They are over. You missed them. You must hate yourself.


We even have a soundtrack! Your choice for getting your sexy on with ATRIOS!


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Also, Monday Goldberg Theatre has been pushed back a week. We’re getting creamed in the ratings by a similarly themed masterpoop.


Is it just me or does the little guy look like Gil Gerard? Remember when he took on that motorcycle gang? Also, when he was able to somehow maintain a platonic relationship with Col. Wilma Deering? 100% ALL MAN.

Bah, humbug?

I have a video present for 3B readers, or perhaps an anti-present, or perhaps a weapon of Mass Holiday Destruction.

It is below the fold.

It is not work, friend, family, child, pet, phylogenetically confused organism, or Cthuloid fungus safe.

If you are not Canadian, you may want to give any Canadians you care about a chance to get to a safe distance away from you. Then again, you may not.

If you are Canadian, well…

If you are an AC/DC fan, RUN AWAY. I MEAN IT.

If you have an inkling of fondness for AC/DC, large amounts of lead shielding MIGHT save you.

This is your last chance to turn back. Won’t you think of the children?

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