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In the universe are things; some of them are here

1) A fruit bat which may be threatened by lack of captioning. The fruit bat would probably prefer the captions to be about things other than the way the page title makes it sound like a food additive. The fruit bat may or may not be aware that such things have little to do with whether or not Snag considers something a food additive (for which the only notable criterion is existence [Update: Come to think of it, “existence” may actually be too strong a restriction.]).

2) Fish. And business. Say no more.

3) “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.”

4) Prior to now, this author did not possess a meaningful apprehension of Bob’s. This has been remedied.

A Pup Can Dream

kibble2! With added textiness

A question for you rudy

If I was to have a newt, imaginatively named Newton, would it be more punk rock if it was named after:

A) Sir Isaac Newton
B) Wayne Newton
C) Fig Newtons
D) Newton, MA
E) Newton Gingrich

I can has private bathtime?

I can has private  bathtime

The Real Democratic Agenda

Markos, who may have been infected with something during a visit to the offices of The New Republic, has, in a six word post, revealed the real agenda behind the Mo’ Betta Democrats push of the netroots. The post is entitled War and reads:

Today, the war against birdofascism begins.

The comments are as bloodthirsty as one might expect, Democrats orange in tooth and claw. Obviously these are people for whom even being a hawk isn’t good enough — they want to conquer both the doves and the hawks, and the pelicans and whippoorwills to boot.

How long before Obama says that countries that have bird sanctuaries are equivalent to those that directly sponsor acts of birdiness?

Mammals of conscience should consider donating some fur to BOFFFo (Bring Out Fur For Fowl), who will be setting up centers to provide birds with alternate identities that may afford them the chance of being able to move about more easily in the months and years ahead. Bats who are willing to teach birds to hang upside-down and fly funny or who can help in the development of echolocation prostheses are also needed.

We have already received word that several groups of collaborationist flightless birds will be given roles as (ka)kapos by the incoming administration — the usual imperial strategy of giving power to a minority in an oppressed population to rule over the rest.

These are the last days before the machinery of oppression begins to close in. We must use our freedom while we still can. We hope those that stand with us against this existential threat will show their solidarity, joining together for mass acts of public birdiness in the days and weeks to come.

Mouse House

A tiny mammal is wreaking havoc in our pantry. So help me if he/she/it goes for the TJ’s Marcona Almonds. Smokey is currently pooping a stuffed monkey, while Pugsley has initiated a repeat of Poop-a-sock. So we are on tenterhooks about this. He’s zoinked socks since Poop-a-sock, but he’s been more of a hoarder, as if he knows that discomfort and indigestion are on tap, and has not seen fit to even chew. Not last night. Previously he has gone for the toe. He worked on a heel last night. We suspect there are three small pieces attempting to obstruct the inner workings of Pugsley, as opposed to one largish piece last time. We’re worried, but optimistic. Also, I loved my Met. A. Phor. last year. Good times!

Ze octopoose, or razère, ze hexopoose, een luvv

If You Only Knew The Extent To Which We Half Assed This Blog

Yes, I know you claim to have knewn the extent to which we blah blah. The Lord put us here to be surround by cob loggers, as we are ourselves also cob logging.

I bring you “The Devil’s Squirrel and His or Her Booty”- these pics were contemporaneous with the pimping of the Gigantic Take 5, which Dr. Squid has requested to see. I’m sorry to say I’m just clearing out everything in order.

A harmless rodent looking to abscond with some goldfish crackers????




Also, speaking of Devlish Rodentiae, Johnny Americablog hilariously banned and edited P. Punko in this thread, which is not currently attached to any post. I encourage FM Asshat and the like to frolic in this secret thread with abandon. It would be nice to see the depths of obsession we’re dealing with.

By Special Request



All Hallows Eve tried to New Wave the Smoke Dog!

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