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Happy Birthday to Pinko Punko from Pitchfork

Dear Mr. Punko,

Despite the years of abuse we at Pitchfork have suffered at the hands of yourself and Monsieur Canadian, we still retain a fondness for your blog and the good work done over the years.  It takes a truly half-assed blog to make us look like we know what we’re doing.  Also, thanks for the traffic.  As a token of our appreciation and in celebration of your birthday, we at the P-fork team have been conducting our own research projects to give back to the greater bullsian community.  Attached please find our most recent manuscript, published in our flagship Pitchfork Press journal, Cobag Cell, which we think you will find tremendously interesting.  Although we still hate you very much, we want you to know how much better we are than you.

Sincerely yours,

The staff at Pitchfork


Happy Birthday to Res Publica

at Republic of Dogs.

UPDATE- just click the clip, it’s only two minutes long and it is more terrible and appropriate that you can possibly imagine

We’ve arranged some entertainment just for him on his special day:

Also, teh l4m3 might be digging it too.

The real reason they say “holiday”?

Happy Birthday to Adorable Girlfriend

We interrupt the usual chunderhoisery, to announce that today, September the 11th, is the birthday of long-time 3 Bulls! provocateur Adorable Girlfriend. She has a lovely alphabetic post at Republic of Puppies detailing many of the amusing travails we had in a wondrous and New Jerseylicious birthday weekend, so head over there and give her some birthday comment love. Happy birthday, sweetheart!!!

The Bulls Factor:Talking Points Memo

Obscure Old Testament cuddling slavic dollar menunaires appear to funding a smear merchant operation fronted by the pshawnymous internet wasteabout known as “blue girl” AKA “broccoli head” AKA “sass wagon.” This “still gets carded at the liquor store” “is that your brother?” “did you have him when you were seven?” has been peddling pure smear merchantry about Three Bulls!. As the calendar creeps forward, this “good soul” “considerate of others” “totally thoughtful” “delight to be associated with” has the unmitigated gall to “be her own person,” “do what she wants” “not giving a damn about what other people thing” and hurt age’s feelings by constantly proving it ain’t nothing but a number. Harrumph we say! Down with such chudnerhösenry! This blog will not be cowed by societal pressure to ignore your birthday, regardless of terrorists’ feelings. Happy birthday!


Yay, gun cake!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Adorable Girlfriend


We had a wonderful time on the beach in the Bahamas!

Happy Birfday Pinko Punko


May all your doughnut dreams come true.

P.S. Your special birthday Canadian candy collection is due to arrive on August 1

Is it Green Eggs and Ham Cake?

How am I supposed to eat it when it is as pretty as a picture? Cake and falafel for everyone! I hope that is lime frosting.

Safe weekend everyone! Clif rules, Pinko P. Punko drools. Gregor is all set to time the horns/rioting after the Francey pants/Brazilio result. Perhaps he should take some pictures of the revelers/burning cars.

Lee Siegel Just Called!

He said we should try to eschew sordid juvenalia in our celebrations, gustatory and otherwise. I told him to eat it.

Carry on!

Three B! is One! Our Birfday Thoughts

We certainly shy away from the profound here at Three B. Sometimes we have our serious pants on, most times we usually just have our sexy red warm ups (click posts for teh sexxxy) on. Sometimes our Golden Onion Wiener hangs out. This post could go for 76 more categories, but it won’t. What we really want to do to celebrate is for people to just say hi. We know that commenting on bloggos takes time and sometimes people just don’t have a dingle-dong-donut to say. We have noticed some internet fatigue going around, we ourselves have felt it a little but for this one day we’d like lurkers and regulars and lapsed-ers and Google-booglers to say howdy ho. Continue reading ‘Three B! is One! Our Birfday Thoughts’