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Everyones, this blog has been getting 60 spams a day. They don’t make it onto the blog, but they completely swamp my will to do anything. Consider them the tree in the yard that does nothing but drop stinky pods that must be raked. I loathe such rakers.

Anyhow, there is now double the math for your commenting fiascos. Unless plover can figure out, as plovers are wont, where in the style sheet the new Captcha font color is called out, your tiny eyes will do nothing but strain to make out the directions for your math Waterloo. As much as I hope that shady Ruskeroo criminal computers would be even more disadvantaged in squinting their cpu to conquer such Captcha, I feel we might be in trouble.

Anyhow. I have probably about 10 days to finish Pitchforke Cobaggery Watch 2011 before 2012 rolls around. Nothing says how boring the list must have been last year than the great effort put out by music lovers (Seitz), and snark lovers (Brando), and Pinko haters (UC) and in betweeners (PP) that we could not make it through 100 songs in 350 days. Onward.

Did I miss the election? What happened?

Good Ol’ Internet

Gothamist comments:

Joseph Geary
This is unbelievable.

I understand judges must get frustrated by people trying to get out of jury duty, but what if this woman really is that racist? Doesn’t that amount to this judge punishing her with jury duty “until he sees fit” for her beliefs?


6 days ago

I think that she was just trying to get out of jury duty…


6 days ago
in reply to Joseph Geary

Joseph Geary
Right, but…who’s to decide that?


6 days ago
in reply to nomadnewyork

The judge.


6 days ago
in reply to Joseph Geary

who is he to judge!?


6 days ago
in reply to Politburo

The judge will be the judge of that.


Actually, more of a lower case blarg, or a whimpering mleb.

I was going to hammer JMM o’ TPM for a gotcha on Joe Biden for something on the Today show but that went under the rug because nothing came of it. Also Paul Campos at Lawyers Guns and Money. I think I might agree with him on some of this Kagan business, but oy. And then I was going to backhandedly allude to Glennzilla as an upscale Campos, and then I read about secret torture at Bagram. Can fish animate me an old man gif of Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers saying “REALLY, OBAMA?”


I know nobody would believe me today if I made the joke that we were getting picked up to occasionally write for Slate or perhaps bring the gang over to FDL and be hosted there (what a GREAT match that would be). So I am sorry to pick today as the day for announcepantsing something many of you will find hard to believe. If things go well in negotiations today, we will have a new cob logger here, one whose initials you are all familiar with. No, not Chuckles, he didn’t make the cut, although we appreciated his interest.

_ _.

All caps, people, all caps. I didn’t really believe it myself, but we looked at our diminished ability to provide content so it was an unforeseen match. Sure, we might come to internet blows once in awhile, but the readers like to see sparks, so that is what we will provide.

Enjoy the ride, chundermuffins~


I should have written “Enjoy the rain, chundermuffins.” Anyhow, everything fell through. A detente was not reached with the party of note. The troubled water was too big to bridge. We shall not be expanding our community. I’m so sorry to disappoint everyone.

The Side is the Same Side But Different Side

That I am stuck with Kevin Drum, being in sullen solidarity with on many issues, but somehow less easily bored. I realize, though, that this side will always lose due to the inevitable boredom of Mr. Drum, ironic I know. Case in point. Topped with the ask and answer your own question in the mouth of someone else asking that question Benen-ism. Sad.

For the record, I think court cases objecting to religious symbols on public property have gone way beyond the point of diminishing returns. Basically, I don’t care anymore, and if it were up to me I’d leave the cross alone.

But it’s not up to me, and once these cases go to court they don’t deserve this kind of sophistry. As Jonathan Kulick asks, “Does Justice Scalia actually not understand that the cross is, in the United States, the most common symbol of the resting place of the dead because most of those dead were Christians?” Apparently not.

Yes, I think Scalia “doesn’t understand.” That is the most supported hypothesis.

As Capt. Trollypants asks, “Does Kevin Drum actually not understand that Antonin Scalia is a fundamentally disonest Loafnozzle McGoo? And that being bored is not really a useful metric towards church-state policy?” Apparently not, Pinko Benens.

Pinko is then killed by a giant cabbage monster offstage for Benening.

I Was Reading

Modern Ninja Home as I vastly prefer it to its downmarket competitor Ninja Digest. I was reading about items around the house and how they are secretly planted for dastardly, insidious ninja shenanigans. Take the Ped Egg, for example. Why, it’s just a regular ol’ foot file, that lets you grind down your dead, unwanted foot flesh. That’s just what it appears to be, to your limited perception. To a ninja, it is a device that allows them to collect your DNA and hose down various crime scenes with your Watson and Crick sauce, implicating you in their silent and undetectable crimes! Ninjas- WTF?!

Why doesn’t almostinfamous tell us these things?

Hitler and Frankenstein (also Starfing Jove, Hilarious, and Britainwar) are running for the legislative assembly in the the Indian state of Meghalaya. (via)

Why my lab suxxez, told Bossy style

Part 1 of an occasional series, in three pictures:







Chuck Has Dream

Weird as usual, but funny. Celebrity Dream Cameo.


To our couple o’ dozen readers. I realize that loading time has made it seem like everybody has dial-up. I’m working on it.


Try it now. I have weeded out some crap. Some stuff was the evil of sitemeter.