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Enough of these content laden posts

Canoodle can keep Guy Laliberté. We will keep Calder, Beavis laugh and all.

Madames, Monsieurs, diver et divers Ombudpantisserie, et ceux qui ne sont pas errer mort la terre mangeant des cerveauxxxxxxxxx (également connu Zombi) voilà

The best video link that you will never click through. *sigh*

Liberties Have Been Taken

With photos derived from giant-tortoise-riding vacationary events. It has been argued in some circles that this could be an inevitability of the universe.



Three Bulls Laboratory for the Study of Emuitis

Three Bulls! Labs have been working night and day to understand this problem! And while our findings are preliminary we felt that it was imperative to publish our data. One look at the graph below and you’ll understand why! Both the frequency and the intensity of Ann Althouse’s kerfuffles have been increasing. We shudder to think what the future has in store for the blogosphere if our predictions are true. Time to move to higher ground and to pray that Ann Althouse never picks a fight with Dolly Parton or Charo. Cuchi-Cuchi!


Kerfuffle Intensity = tnpf x [sin (I x t2)+BS/36)]

KI = Kerfuffle Intensity (megaemus/hectare)
t= Time (months)
npf = Nonpartisanship Factor (unitless)A
I = indignation index (howdaretheydotheyknowwhoIamians!!!1!)B
BS = *ahem* well you know….bra size of Ann Althouse’s Kerfuffle Opponent (inches)


A) Of course!

B) We believe that this is related to the following factors: 1) latte consumption prior to posting; 2) alcohol consumption prior to posting; 3) blog traffic of kerfuffle opponent; 4) number of commenters that must be told they are stupid, partisan, illiterate or all three; 4) links by Lawyers, Guns and Money or Whiskey Fire, Alicublog, Altmouse et al, 5) lack of links from Andrew Sullivan, 6) the difficulty of blaming the whole stupid episode on Clinton or Glenn Greenwald; 7) the difficulty of mental gymnastics required to excuse Ann Althouse’s comments/post. Due to the complexity of this factor we have only been able to measure this empirically.

If the Blog’s A-Rockin’ Don’t Come A-knockin’

Just Sayin’….

The Theory of the Unitary Zoghby

Wolcott gets it wrong.  According to our theory, there is only one Zoghby, it is of unlimited power and indeterminate sex.  Check out the fun comments at Atlas Pooped here and here.  Clearly the commenters do not realize that there is truly only one Zoghby, and perhaps we are all but fleeting thoughts in its gargantuan, amorphous head?  I wonder if it knows digby?

Chazmo Bird, You Astound Us

He’s taken all the ‘Baggies. We thought we’d invent some awards and then give them to ourselves, you know for overall and complete cobaggery, but we’ve been had by Charles Bird. First, Sebastian Holdsclaw of ObWi has an inordinantly asinine discussion about ad hominem in a Chaz Bird thread of profound inanity (discussed here), and given the solution space of inanity already explored by the internets, this was an accomplishment. Now, he’s accused CNN of inaccurately portraying the tea and crumpet fest in Iraq. Because CNN has the power to bend space, and what they convince the American People of most certainly becomes reality, especially when those most convinced of this dangerous previous unreality currently occupy no positions of power whatsoever. Thus, he’s taken out ‘Baggie, and we have become sad.
I kind of wish Parrotline would take him to the woodshed, but they are efforting even less that we are. At least we have seals.

On Jedmunds

Jedmunds is right wrong about doing strikethrough on blogger, and now we have to execute ourself for making this lame joke. LOL. Oh we hate that bullsh*t too. We hate blogs and we hate ourself. But we love boobies. And Dean Esmay takes the entire Boobie cake. Here’s Orac on his AIDS denial claptrap. Three Bulls! does not accept Holocaust or AIDS deniers. We consider them to manifest a virulent psychopathology. And we kindly would like them to EAT IT COBAGS1!1!!

Test: Almond Joy Degrades My Nuts

Phony GOP Iraq Withdrawal Bill

My advice to the Democrats: 1) enter into the floor debate and offer amendments that support Muthra’s true intent – immediately beginning withdrawal (not immediate withdrawal); 2) when the amendments fail abstain from voting; 3) accuse the Republic party of playing politics with our troops lives; and 4) run against the Republic party stooges by saying they voted against withdrawing our troops from Iraq.

UPDATE: Woops! Ha! Ha! I thought this was Daily Kos for a second. Nevermind!Almond Joy.jpgBoobie.jpg

UPDATE 2: Edited to add picture of Almond Joy and Boobie! Hey what’s that logo in the background of the Almond Joy picture? WTH?!?! OSM is EVERYWHERE!!!!

EXTREMELY RARE UPDATE 3: Edited to add picture of Jim Thome. Wowsers!

Jim Thome.jpg