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Everyone All Around

What will it take to spruce up this place? 2000 Word CHEEP articles? Discussions about current events? Punning? A party thread? Planning a mission to rescue Yosef from In N’ Outer Mongolia (that would be an amazing place)? The creeping malaise of being bored with the internet must be stopped. Jexter has arisen from under the stone, Popren has arisen from his long slumber, the beast from the depths of despair is nowhere to be seen, citrus fashion will become popular again, the rolo gun is locked and loaded.



Update: when did we get a polaroid thing on our picture things? Where am I?

Second Update:

When we rescue Yosef, we take this:




I saw some computer or internet thing called a “Plover” and I had to laugh. I know this is an inside-out joke in our empty spaces here as the tumbleweeds blow through, though.

Unrelated, I just got an email that reminded me of our delightful heyday. VERY funny. I miss everyone and hope all is well in our world, though I remain more than perturbed at the possibility of Mad Max franchising locally if not nationally or internationally. I also don’t want to rely on the fact that I might not taste good to ward off zombies. I can’t quite see how taste-aversion would protect me once my brain were sampled in even the tiniest of portions.

Interesting notes: an out and about young person was filled with the Spirit and was moved to say something nice, but slightly hilarious about myself and The Goob. We were nicely walking in Nature and she stopped and said we reminded her of thinking about The Father ministering to His Son or something else culturally capitalized. It was meant as a nice sentiment, and I expressed this to her for her kind words (in her way), but I could only think abouttelling you yahoos about it, and the chorus of inevitable Trollypantses saying “Christ, What an Asshole”

Just Read It

The Howler on Rosa Parks as exemplar for where we are and how we are broken.

Superb Owl!

This thing is like a tax on my time. I will not even remember the teams in this thing next year.

And I made some Korean BBQ and found out that the backup Ssamjang had changed colors and was actually two years expired.

CONSTANT DEGRADATION, and probably oxidation.

I double dog dare K. to order a Bud Black Crown some time at the local. Then she can hand the barkeep a marker to write on her shirt “yes” to its trendy, “ironic” “DO I LOOK LIKE A COBAG?” FRANKIE SAY RELAX QUESTION


P-fork was right for once.

Bun B is an H-town legend. Just kills it. Love that flow.


Reasonable non-sucky sign of the evening to come.

Spill the Wine was on the radio.

Any other requests for the evening, either song or cocktail?

Stay safe, peoples.


Everyones, this blog has been getting 60 spams a day. They don’t make it onto the blog, but they completely swamp my will to do anything. Consider them the tree in the yard that does nothing but drop stinky pods that must be raked. I loathe such rakers.

Anyhow, there is now double the math for your commenting fiascos. Unless plover can figure out, as plovers are wont, where in the style sheet the new Captcha font color is called out, your tiny eyes will do nothing but strain to make out the directions for your math Waterloo. As much as I hope that shady Ruskeroo criminal computers would be even more disadvantaged in squinting their cpu to conquer such Captcha, I feel we might be in trouble.

Anyhow. I have probably about 10 days to finish Pitchforke Cobaggery Watch 2011 before 2012 rolls around. Nothing says how boring the list must have been last year than the great effort put out by music lovers (Seitz), and snark lovers (Brando), and Pinko haters (UC) and in betweeners (PP) that we could not make it through 100 songs in 350 days. Onward.

Did I miss the election? What happened?


And you will know us by the trail of dead…CATATONIC


Sorry everyone, spam has gotten so bad I don’t even check my pinkomail because we are just getting overridden.

Cloverhill Big Texas Honeybun keeps getting inappropriately hijinked. Also, Matt Yglesias continues to post his thoughts on topics. The stronger he gets the weaker we become.


I will try to fix the other cob logs anon, but there every comment will go to moderation to try to kill the spam somehow. I don’t know exactly how the spam does the math but it freaks me out.

In a Frivolous Diversion

Haha. GC put the Magic Shell in the fridge. This is like the keys in the freezer gambit, but more sinister!