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Therefore, it is time to address reader complaints and concerns.

Hello, Reader Complaints and Concerns!

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The Real Democratic Agenda

Markos, who may have been infected with something during a visit to the offices of The New Republic, has, in a six word post, revealed the real agenda behind the Mo’ Betta Democrats push of the netroots. The post is entitled War and reads:

Today, the war against birdofascism begins.

The comments are as bloodthirsty as one might expect, Democrats orange in tooth and claw. Obviously these are people for whom even being a hawk isn’t good enough — they want to conquer both the doves and the hawks, and the pelicans and whippoorwills to boot.

How long before Obama says that countries that have bird sanctuaries are equivalent to those that directly sponsor acts of birdiness?

Mammals of conscience should consider donating some fur to BOFFFo (Bring Out Fur For Fowl), who will be setting up centers to provide birds with alternate identities that may afford them the chance of being able to move about more easily in the months and years ahead. Bats who are willing to teach birds to hang upside-down and fly funny or who can help in the development of echolocation prostheses are also needed.

We have already received word that several groups of collaborationist flightless birds will be given roles as (ka)kapos by the incoming administration — the usual imperial strategy of giving power to a minority in an oppressed population to rule over the rest.

These are the last days before the machinery of oppression begins to close in. We must use our freedom while we still can. We hope those that stand with us against this existential threat will show their solidarity, joining together for mass acts of public birdiness in the days and weeks to come.

Dear siRNA-based drug companies ….. April Fool’s!!!!!!!

Perhaps you should do some controls before you start clinical trials next time, cobags!

Here’s the scoop. There’s a terrible ocular disease called blinding choroidal neovascularization (CNV), which occurs during age-related macular degeneration. What happens is new blood vessels infiltrate into the retina, causing degeneration and blindness. The blood vessel growth is thought to be from angiogenesis, and some bright people got the idea that if you could inactivate some of the important genes that cause angiogenesis, you might be able to reverse the disease.

What these bright people did was utilize small interfering RNA molecules (siRNA) against two different angiogenic factors, VEGFA or its receptor VEGFR1, to hopefully block angiogenesis and reverse the disease. They did pre-clincial experiments in mice, where they directly injected these small double-stranded RNAs right into the eye, and lo and behold, got fantastic results. They had no idea how cells were supposed to be taking up these siRNAs, they had no idea exactly how the siRNAs were exerting a physiological response, and they certainly had no idea how specific the response was. All they cared about was that it worked. After all, siRNA is magic and will cure all diseases. They also didn’t bother to do the right controls to see what happens if you put in an siRNA targeting a different molecule, or even nothing at all.

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Oh Noes, we’ve been Simpsonized™!!!!

Three Bulls! ran into an unfortunate encounter with this website.
I don’t know how I ended up at the Kwik-e-mart, but that’s a good price on expired møø$e.

They got Pinko Punko at his workplace. I didn’t know they let døgs in the lab.


Who’s next to be Simpsonized? Gregor? Yosef? Plover? When will the madness stop?

PP UPDATE!!! The generator was very tetrapodistic, sadly. We have a slight change:


Gregor Adds!!! We also have a slight change:
Pinko PunkoTrackies!!!!

UC SUPER UPDATE:  Even AG can’t escape the Simpsonzer112!!!111


Three Bulls! Like I Like Carrot Like Pugsley Like Carrot


Send us some love from Hollyweird, little guy! You are an internet supastar now! Do not forget your roots, Pugwagon. We love you. I always thought P-man would make Cute Overload or Awesome Little Doggies, but we’ll take this. Better than Snag Snack of the week. Don’t even think about it, chunderhØsen.

Plush condiments!1!!

Because without fuzzy mustard and fuzzy BBQ sauce, chicken nuggets that have kitty heads sticking out of them just aren’t the same.


(At least) one kiosk (now out of stock) in internetopiastan offers a plush chicken-kitty nugget box with similar flavoring to the totally unrelated plush squeaky carrot. This flavor tasted like what you would expect plush cat fur to taste like, minus the cat taste.


Episode II:Attack of the Carrot Monster

P-man goes to the dark side. Thanks, evil plush carrot!

Episode I: The Carrotine Menace

We’ve been down this road before.

Images hosted by FLICKR!






The More You Know-Interlude

Sometimes stuffed animals etc. seem harmless to your beloved pets. This is not so. The stuffed squirrel or bone may really be just the entry drug to the most addictive and beguiling item known to dog- the plush, squeaky carrot.


I mean, it looks kind of cute, right? Problem is that if you tried for the carrot, your ass would get chomped. Pugsley means business. And look where it leads. It just smiles its empty smile as another life is possessed of its carrotine charms.