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Nobody Expects Pitchfork Cobaggery Watch 2010 Tracks 100-21

Sit in the comfy chair. You will need it.

Special editorializing by UC. Very provocative, but less humor than usual.
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Emusevier- at it again

Finding new and important markets to serve.

I note that they are merely dilettantes in the publishing game. Elsevier had a patriotic gun show biz, but I bet pros like Emusevier are running suitcase nukes.

Let’s look at some titles. Don’t read that too quickly, filthbots.
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Happy Birthday, Gregor Samsa!!!!!!!!

Forehead scrunchie, stinkyeye, glower glower:

The Lorax and His Lies [John J. Miller]
More Seussiana, from a reader:

Regarding your comments on the Lorax, you are surely correct about the story’s intention to malign capitalism. I have, however, found an alternative (and far more palatable) interpretation that I use when reading the story to my son. I also use the example (courtesy one of the bloggers at the Volokh Conspiracy) when lecturing on the tragedy of the commons.

The Once-ler’s actions make total sense if it is impossible for him to acquire property rights to the Truffula Trees. Any moderation on his part in cutting them down merely leaves an opportunity for another Thneed-maker. Furthermore, the climactic reveal of the last Truffula seed reinforces this interpretation, as the protagonist is implicitly given those property rights (setting up the potential for responsible Truffula harvesting).

Please withhold my name … untenured professor in the academy, don’t you know.

Let’s all burn our faces on a blowtorch cupcake. I can’t take this anymore.

Thanks, Roy.

No threat, this I promise you, a richly deserved reward

An impregnable melmet for a LouDobbs model A1. Does such an annointing flatter his robotish and gerbily carapace? I nominate him directly for the Citrus Fashion Association Year End. May their honors be bestowed in lingering fashion upon his tasterful and buttery flesh.


If I am asked to declare in words my esteem for such a wonderful human-hamster hybrid, I shall be without, due to an inrushing of blood and emotion to my constricting and pangy temples.

In which plover falls prey to the temptation to shoot fish in a barrel — not that fish

I happened to hear the following on C-SPAN yesterday. It is from a special orders speech by Trent Franks (R-AR).

Today has been sort of a remembrance of heroes. We’ve talked a lot about George Bush, we’ve talked a lot about Abraham Lincoln. In a sense, it is so appropriate to do that on January 22, isn’t it? Because we are reminded that, just as America was used after 6,000 years of rampant slavery in the world, we were the ones that had a moral conflict with it. And yes, we had a little disagreement called the Civil War over it, but we were used of God to change this tragedy of slavery, and now it is at least discredited all over the planet. And I believe that this country will be the country that will lead the world to discredit this tragic practice of killing our children before they’re born.

My first reaction was “Why haven’t I heard of this guy before? I mean, that’s some industrial grade dumbth. That’s like Steve King level stupid.”

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They Wrote the Book On Mealy-Mouthed

Newspaper endorsements are always fun. Especially when they play the game of high centrism. Allow us to bathe in the finely turned rhetoric of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, RE: their endorsement of one Dave Reichert (R-WA).

In the 8th Congressional District, Eastside and neighboring voters have a race that is more competitive than most, with two capable candidates. For those of us who think that there should be strong reasons to kick out an incumbent trying to represent a diverse district well, Dave Reichert is the choice for re-election. We also think that preserving and encouraging the development of a rare voice of moderation within the Republican Party is important at a time of almost unremitting polarization.[PP adds: Why? Cannot a [D] serve all his or her constituents?]

We would be perfectly comfortable with his opponent, Democrat Darcy Burner, who is smart, well informed and progressive. Her views are much closer to our own on domestic and foreign policy, and we supported her in 2006. [PP adds: well that just sucks. Let’s cut off our noses to spite our faces] But this is not an ideological choice.

In the past two years, Reichert has grown. When he was re-elected, we urged him to emphasize independence from the White House. We also suggested that he maintain his commitment to the environment and to mature in a new role as a member of the minority party.

He says it was hard to become a member of the minority, but he seems to have handled it well. Especially concerning the environment, where he has staked out moderate positions at odds with his party. He was one of the more progressive members in either party on farm and food policy.

Reichert was absent without leave from good sense during the worst periods of the Iraq War. We will never agree with his anti-choice views. But he has shown a willingness and capacity to hear opposing positions, to learn from the discussions and to work across political divisions. As a Republican of moderation, he is an endangered species worth preserving.

My emphases. I really haven’t read anything so…what’s the word??

Dear Washington, for the sake of some hypothetical high-mindedness, we urge you to forgo a woman’s right to choose, and decency on foreign and domestic policy. MAKES SENSE! DIAL IT UP!

The Nutter

The Nutter brings some Nutter Butter to the WaPo:

On Sep 4, 2008, at 4:58 PM, wrote:

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen wrote that McCain choosing her was like Caligula sending his horse to the Roman Senate. This morning, I went to the WaPo and sent him an email, listing my name as Caligula and contact as Only four words:

Some fucking horse, dickhead.

Wow, did that feel good.

Looks like Newsbusters is driving this train. Seems like analogies are tough for the N. Butter crowd. Here’ some Newsbusters:

Imagine the outrage in feminist circles if a conservative columnist had mockingly analogized a sitting Dem governor to an animal. But Richard Cohen has said as much of Sarah Palin. And I predict you won’t hear a peep from the Kim Gandys or Naomi Wolffs of the world—much less from their allies in the MSM.

So this is a free pass on McCain as Caligula? Does Finkelstein think Caliggy was a good guy? I suspect it is a rhetorical trap to create some Obama:unnamed animal equivalency.

Jesus H.

I understand that CNN thinks that an interesting characteristic of this pervatron is that he has blogged about his predilection for being a pervatron, but is that the defining characteristic of this individual for a headline???

Picture 1.png

On their own website they have an alternate headline for the video story that reads more appropriately:

Picture 2.png

In this case you could argue that the “blog” aspect relates to the story, but I think we know what is going on here. If you express yourself on the internet, you are automatically a stereotype for the sausage factory.

At least I didn’t have breasts in front of Clinton!

Did Ann Althouse try to kill me this weekend? Crossing Cuba Street, in the sidewalk at Abel Smith, I was nearly run over by a ghostly apparition coasting through a stop sign in a silver Audi TT, latte in hand, jawing at me and giving me the stink eye for actually daring to exist on her road. Other clues, both the left and the right turn signals blinking simultaneously, and I can’t be sure but I think that she mouthed “learn to read” as she passed.

Why do I have a feeling that she’s pounding away at the keyboard accusing me of unbearable distress for almost dinging her sweet ride with my knees or worse yet with my rock-filled head?

We’re Three Bulls

and not Sam Brownback, and we don’t approve of this message:


I wonder how Blogs4Brownback feel about misrepresenting this chunderloaf’s message?