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A claim has been made ON THE INTERNETS that a 3B header contest is a TINCH a TINCH to win. That it could be won as simply as kiss my hand. I tell you this internets, you’ve come to the wrong shop for anarchy, brother. And by brother I mean everyone, and by wrong I mean right.

Have at it. We triple dog infinity dare thee to win our contest! I assume that voting will be up to the usual standards.


Contest Viewing is OPEN-EDIT Voting is now OPEN

Voting is not open- not yet. We expect people to devote their precious holiday weekends to family, fun, food, and finishing headers!!!

Click thumbnails for full size image, or reload the page a million times to see them all, eventually. Sometimes it loads the header in the background- I do not know why.

Old school headers will be back, but we’ve just got new ones in for this weekend, for your pleasure.

UPDATE: A new one is in here, I don’t want to say whose it is.



Voting is open. Please vote using the three digit image number (mouse over to see it), 5 points for your fave, 4 points for your second fave, etc. Please vote for your top 5!

Contest will Commence on Friday

Voting will happen, and rules will be followed.

We may have more headers than votes. I love them all equally. I know the equal best header will win.


All headers to 3bulls at gmail, 950 pixels wide, 200 tall, as announced.

For you, we provide the internets with a sort of fixing, as they needed this:

We patiently await the ironic twitpic tweet from @mattyglesias. We say the words three times. Ma…no we got too scared.

Thunder can say them.

UPDATE: bow to fish


What, did you think I would type content? I didn’t want to BLOW your MINDS.

One of our entries into the header contest.

950 x 200 pixels

You know you want to.

TIP OF THE CAPPER to ZRM, who efforted at >0.5 assyunits.

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We emerge only briefly from our hibernation to bring you important news: a new species of jumping spider has been discovered, and a contest is being held to name it. Beware of photos of said specimen at the link. You know who you are.

Pinko suggests ploverulus amatiens, but we are partial to the more subtle lapsias gooba, in spite of the patriarchal naming conventions used in descriptive names.

(Astute and worldly readers will note that this same edifice detailed by decidedly more local blogger Substance McGravitas. Thus far, a plaque to commemorate the visit has not been approved.)

Please contribute your suggestions below, or at the link. Bonus points for Phil Collins references and more general depravity.

Any other business?

Awfulness is Here

Here is what I propose, as you enjoy the musical soul of the 3B community, or its black emptiness, consider listening to at least 10 songs. Document these songs and we will award +1 point to someone if you skip a song that you blame them for, and +1 point to a person if you like a song that you credit them for its inclusion.

This should be the station linky!

I love everyone, and will preemptively eviscerate our taste in music as an irony shield for inevitable P-fork payback.


I will not officially like or skip in my version of the station, so as not to bias future arbitrary pain. I will merely note in my dear diary that I am already +1 for “Where is My Mind”-Pixies- clearly this is a credit to me (first song!).

I recommend that you do not stack the deck either!

I got lucky they are in an alternative block. I wonder when they will flip to lighter fluid?

1. Where is My Mind – Pixies (5) )(+1 for me)
2. Handlebars-Flobot sounds like white rap CAPT. TROLLYPANTS? maybe about as good but kind of funny (2) (+1 for MenD)
3. 1234 Feist kind of an overplayed skip but good (7)
4. Take Me Out-Franz Ferdinand (1)
5. Wild Life-Inxs (Kick) (1 maybe 2)
6.Occasional Demons-Jethro Tull -1 point for UC or ZRM
7. Midnight Rendevous-The Babys (these guys sound like a cross between Foreigner and maybe Rick Springfield) OMG I am dying this is a hilarious lost 80s movie montage track and I will treasure it as a category (2) Has anyone heard of this song? Does anyone OWN this song? Admit your shame. “Mid-night…Mid-night rendevouz..*hand claps*…yeah yeah” Wait- I think this is John Waite- so maybe that explains why the lead singer sounds familiar.

video here- embedding DISABLED by request of the EARTH

We need the header version of this song.

8. You Wear it Well (Early Version)-Rod Stewart- possibly a good song. I am on the fence here. I feel like it is one of those underrated overrated songs. I feel like this is a +1 to the spirit of BG, but she can eat it, so +1 to J.

9. Heartbreaker-Led Zeppelin I wonder if Pandora will respect the Living Loving Maid play through. I don’t like the solo until right up at the end.

10. Hush-Deep Purple -1 to ZRM!

I think they went to lighter fluid at number 6.

Awesome Idea

Jennifer’s comments about radio pain spurred me to think about how to normalize our radio pain to examine exactly the demons that lurk amidst unknown radio playlists that can send us to our earworm, or worse, doom.

I propose we construct a 3B! Pandora radio station with which to use for our poorly subscribed horrible radio song contest.

Here is how it will work. Our station needs to have the following criteria. A) Random B) Cheesy C) Possibly awful D) Unexpected.

How we will accomplish this is as follows: everyone needs to list 5 songs with which we can seed this station. The songs need to cover these five categories:

1) A song you love but you KNOW is definitely not for everyone.

2) A song you are embarrassed about loving so you will roll up the car window when it comes on.

3) A song that you have a hate relationship with, meaning a song you are familiar with and CANNOT stand.

4) A song that do NOT like from a band you DO like.

5) A song that you love so much you would nutpunch someone for denigrating it.

When we have all the songs, I will seed the station and send it to everyone via e-mail and then we can proceed with the contest, including attempting to blame each other for whatever crap it coughs up.

We can do this, people!!!!!!!!!!


6) A song that you still love no matter how overplayed

7) A song that you love intellectually but will guiltily turn on the radio when it comes on, even listening to (2) instead FOR SHAME


Let us open the self-referential meta-bidding with these unworthy contributions:

Zombie Rotten McGriddle
Republic of Smoke Dog (and by corollary, Pug Timer)
Blue Skittles in a Technicolour Dream State

Any takers?

alrighty then

It’s generally at about this point in the blogging lulls that I put forth some half-a**ed post that so horrifies the other bullsies that they spew forth actual content like Eyjafjallajokul spews forth ash on a restless day. Doneski!!!!!

Also we are challenging Riddled to a Wellington street art competition.

definitely not banksy

Best found art wins. I have dibs on “Darth Vader playing the Rubik’s cube.”