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Add New Post (insert title here) Happy Memorial Day, PEOPLE! (and pets)

Perhaps it is Iris?

Meow!  Would you like to pet me?

Please clean up after Pugsly and friends

The Level of No Time I Don’t Have is Minimal

Does this mean I have a lot of free time?

Here’s a time waster that is zero-assed. I think I was waiting to talk about this with UC but forgot, be we missed an entire round of puns relating to Modern Family. Previously they had done gay icon pets, which we of course killed. Later in the year they did holiday theme parties:

“Studio Fifty Fourth of July BBQ”
“Seder Day Night Fever”
“Oscar Wilde and Crazy Brunch”

And we didn’t even get going with those. And I couldn’t even think of anything besides Spanksgiving!

I suck.



Nah, makes no sense!

Yggie Stump Goob with Sophistry




In lieu of

a dark and depressing post about the bottom of the Cloverhill Big Texas political ad barrel, and the worst of the worst snotty, grabbing, selfish dog-insulting brat trick or treaters (GRANPA PANTS=ON), onto whom I will project the infective conservative hypocrisy of their unknown parents, I will give you the 10-minute Jack-O-Lantern:
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The Malthusian Struggle

For Christmas murdered plant supremacy continues as ever. Faceless crocheted angel rebounds from the inside of Smokedog’s mouth with a busted halo and an even badder attitude this year, while Kermit bides his time in second place, only to disappear into a sad, lightless dungeon the other 50+ weeks a year. Crochet angel has a terrible power.

Hark, the herald angels sing! What is that a new factor on the scene? Perhaps a coup d’etat is in the offing! Snacktator is in third and he’s got his hand on the worldwide denunciation trigger!@#@21 Can he denounce and coup coup his way to the top?


Hard Core Ideologues?

Us? We’re innocent like Snoop, and Murder was the case! Murder by farting.


Hi-ya! Judo chop!

Beyond Chunderdome

Do your civic duty tomorrow. Make the cobags enter, eat it, leave.


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Flights of Fancy

When I am feeling flights of fancy, first and foremost I feel like firing up photoshop.

Not saying I can make magic materialize, but just some oddball collages and pastiches appear in my little brain. Emu-brand crap. Crazy Althouse shenanigans. Chazmo. Whatev. Any ideas about the idiots that blather on around us? For whom a good shellacking of pixels would do some good? Tell me your crazy ideas so I can see how crazy mine are.

Food Pr0n

You ask yourself, is this so delicious your eyes are watering, or is it artfully out of focus? The answer is most likely both. Who would have the chutzpah to dingle dangle such meatly delights? I ask you, who? Other than 3B, natch.



As discussed recently in comments to this post, two chilli pepper/oil/seafood concoctions were discussed. Here we have them below. On the left is the Thai nam prik pow, a condiment featuring roasted chilli peppers, soybean oil, garlic, shallots, dried shrimp and palm sugar. On the right is XO sauce featuring chilli peppers in oil with dried shrimp and scallops, some sugar and some other stuff. The sauces are similar in their spicyness, body and shrimpy overtones. XO is saltier and much less sweet. With the prik pow, palm sugar is a major component so there is a slight crystalline crunch if you were to eat a glob. These two sauces share some affinity and could definitely be used in similar situations. I have had nam prik pow (hee, I almost typed man prik pow– HELLO!) as a dipping sauce for fresh shrimp chips at a Thai place in TUSTOSAN and I could see XO being yummy with pot stickers. I think both would be great on chinese or regular broccoli, but the gas would be ridiculous.

I post these pictures so Uncanny can get his ass to Super 88 and get some (also, Res- I know he is currently pounding the XO but he needs the new flavor of nam prik pow to go with the man prik pow in his life).