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I’d Listen to Him Narrate a Scale Model of the Phone Book

An historical interlude of content like substance, prior to the content.

Putting a price on the priceless is an affront.

From the distaff gift shop.

Our Hero

Our Hero

Does the Governor know about this propaganda?

I’m in ur base! Much love, the Goobs.

We interrupt

Pinko’s sly and understated cobagitation with important news.

jexter is BACK.

That is all.

This explains a lot

Think about it….. the constant Edgar Winter references, the red track suit proclivities, desire for a gun (“derringer”) cake…. I claim love child or the very least conceived at!!!!

Video stole from the fine folks at BEFOULED.

Junk food

There has been a recent plea shouted into the dark vacuum of the internet:

Also, what can the ombudscommittee do about this travesty appearing in my inbox

Junk Foods That Could Save Your Life
August 7, 2009

From Cheez Whiz to blue M&M’s, here are five dietary don’ts with surprising health virtues. More…

Fortunately for Kathleen, wagons of ombud (this is not what the MoH thinks it is) can hear just fine in a vacuum.

Kathleen is correct, immediate action is needed. I, Ombudwagon, will take this important responsibility onto myself. Much like the several months I spent deeply researching issues regarding esoteric pornography other stuff, I will now throw myself into dealing with the travesty that has assaulted Kathleen from this e-missive. I believe the action items for dealing with the aforementioned problem are:

1) Transfer the entire abomination to one Pinko Punko using a preferred method of e-transfer.

2) Someone temporarily un-fire one Pinko Punko until such time as he can post the e-transferred e-missive in its e-ntirety into Delish or Disgust. Re-termination (or even re-animation if the timing is good) can be immediately enacted upon completion of his duties.

3) Tapping into the power of the internets, we can then  “crowdsource” the validity of the purported health claims for the various “junk foods.” Volunteers will extreme test each foodstuff for its potential health benefits and report back results to the central junk food bureau of standards and measures.

N.B.  Experimentation is encouraged in maximizing potential benefits through food synergies. E.g. Would Cheez Whiz Blue M&M pie confer additive or synergistic benefits to the eater?

4) Once the data has been carefully vetted and all important conclusions have been made, we will then proceed to ignore the report because who actually reads D or D anyway? Well at least it isn’t Celebrity Dream Cameo…

New Service! 3B Stops Time!

Want to bury your head in the sand like a crazy emu? We’re here to help you. Want to pretend something bad never happened? We’re here to support your goal. Three Bulls! Media Enterprises Proudly Presents a new product: the Three Bulls! Stopped Clock Archival Photo.


For tigrismus, fish, UC, and a little bit for Monkey Dude, who thankfully had enough green to pay for our services.

We present the magic!! CLICK TO ENLARGE!


Not pictured “Michigan 26 Colorado 21, no time left


[the 2nd stupidest post to appear on Three Bulls. Not in Global Top 20]


Yes, we still do Friday poop shoots

It’s kind of sad when Brando poops longer and better than we do. Well, I guess it’s not sad for Brando, evil comic genius that he is, but more specifically, it’s sad for me. I attempt to regain my foothold in both shooting and pooping…

1) Des Etoiles Electroniques – Stereolab
From Mars Audiac Quartet, this is pretty slow and French. It is a little loungy for my liking and probably not quite hypnotic enough for Pinko Punko’s liking. If we did the long-promised all-Stereolab poop shooting and this track came up, I would probably have less to say about this than almost any other track. 6.5/10

2) The Gash – The Flaming Lips
Could they be any more dramatic? I know that by all accounts, I’m supposed to love The Soft Bulletin so much that I sleep with it under my pillow and have it piped into my shower, but I just don’t buy into all the melodrama. Like that lame spider bite song. Oh, poor baby has a spider bite. Is he going to die? Do I care? Maybe if they described the extent of the gash more immunologically I would care more. Is it a puss-y gash? Is it infected? Why is this a fight for our sanity? Full of sound and fury and signifying 7/10

3) Buffalo & Deer – Fruit Bats

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Road Trip!

Well it’s been almost two months since my last vacation, and pheweee am I ever ready for another! This time it’s a road trip from Tucson to Seattle via New Mexico, northern Arizona, and those vast wasteland states of Utah and Idaho! I imagine I’ll be eating some real good Mexican food along the way!

This car is Nimbus, the white cloud (named well before stupid old Harry Potter) a 1969 BMW 2002. But we’ll be driving Bettina, an identical looking 1972 BMW 2002tii (fuel injected – vroom – vroom!). Hope that we don’t break down in the boonies or anywhere else! See you on September 27!

(Image hosted by FLICKR!)

Lawrence Tero is a Man among, well something…

And just who is Lawrence Tero, you ask?

Well, it seems the liberal media is disclosing secrets again. This time by including the alleged real name of one of America’s favorite tough guys – Mr. T.

Sure, sure, they’re trying to be nice and say what a great guy he is for giving up his gold, but what we really notice is they decide to throw in his real name. Why do we need to know that? Who doesn’t know who Mr. T is? I mean sure, you can miss a lot of pop culture things when you’re solving differential equations on top of diagrams of the cellular structure whilst shooting lasers at crystals in the Puget Sound, but you would still know who Mr. T is.

Of course, we also see in the story that Mr. T will be starting a show on TV Land this fall giving advice to people with troubles. 

What question would you ask Mr. T for his advice?

We don’t hate…

…we cobagitate!!!

Atrios has a post up about why people hate the A-List bloggers. He list 6 reasons that he supposes. If those are the only choices, I’m going to go with #6: They’re stupid and ugly and nobody likes them.

However, I think firstly, that we don’t actually hate any of them. We may not be big fans or supporters, or we may not care fro them in the slightest, but we don’t hate them.

But… This sounds like a fun contest to keep us all occupied over the weekend. Let us know in comments why you think we hate the A-List bloggers. Any reason you come up with will be valid and taken into consideration – whether it’s because they focus too much on their own pet issues and not enough with the bigger picture, or simply because they’re doo-dooheads. The winner who comes up with the best reason why we hate them will receive 1(one) Cobag point* to be added to his/her existing total.

I’ll even get things started. We hate the A-List Bloggers because they get to snort coke off the $50k hookers asses, while we have to snort baking powder off of a roach motel.

Your turn!

*Actual amount of Cobag points awarded may differ due to possible revaluation of Points System.

UPDATE- Yo, if you click ASIDE, it gets posted in the sidebar