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We Are Nowhere And It’s Now


1. all Resident Oms extend warmest bestest wishes to Pinko and GC, as well as thanks for adding their genetic stew to this roiling world of noise and interest. Sue me, I’m not a poet. The Ombudsman Activity Review Board also approves. Huzzah! all around.

1.(A).  Make sure you ask for a Long Form Birth Certificate.  It’s like a receipt, apparently.  Orly Taitz may be able to advise, as well as clean your teeth.

2. From the looks of things, Mendacious D has returned. This, of course, throws the status of the Ombudsmyriad into question. And turmoil. Speaking only for myself (an unusual step for an Om) I have fear that my position will be summarily terminated, and I will be assigned to WND, or worse, Jonah Goldberg. Look at what they did to Pinko Punko, and he’s on the masthead. As strange and frightening as this place is, I confess I feel comfortable here. Look, I wish to make it plain:  if I need to perform “extracurricular services” in order to retain my position, I will.  I can hook you up with half-smokes.

Not to say, of course, that MenD’s renewed contributions won’t be welcome.  3Bulls readership has a LOT of complaints.  High maintenance.  We love our readers, and wish to minimize their psychotic episodes.

3.  It has been reported that there has been discriminatory, near-hate talk in one of the comment threads.  We shall not name names, as we are not about blame-gaming, but suffice to say all participants should keep their hatred for the non-living under wraps while here.

4.  Jennifer rocks, and any confusion about recent art is solely in Blue Girl’s head.  This may seem a bit judgmental, but after review by a panel of Ombuds and a troop of Girls Scouts, it is the only conclusion possible.  It is possible that bribery could change this decision.  However, Jennifer MAY OR MAY NOT be on Notice for the “Ghosts are always White” colorism.

5.  A recent post was titled “UC Must Be Denounced”.  This is a troubling, accusatory header, and 3Bulls normally avoids this kind of drastic language.  It’s hurtful and UC is a standuppish fellow.  But the lack of irony in the face of Night Rangery does, in fact, indicate a severe lapse in judgment, and in suchlike cases, strong header language is warranted.  The fact that this lapse was preceded by the rejection of the Collins does not ameliorate.  One must always be on guard against Rangery incursions.

6.  THIS was worthy of 3Bulls.  Huzzah for Von!  Way to strike against the forces of entropy and choadism.  Golf claps all around.

7.  The previous post title was not misspelled.

8.  RED.



Posted Without Judgment

World Premiere

The Theme Song that rocked the bake off and America’s hearts. I only wish I could watch this movie with Brando. Besides Smokey Dog looking so handsome, James Woods looks so young. It was a different era in Holiday Bake Off mastery.

When 3Bulls! Imitates Life

It’s been grand reliving all of my childhood injuries as an adult. Skinned knees and hands, fat lips, bloody noses…..but this time with alcohol!! I’m not looking forward to the severed finger, broken bones and head trauma though.




First off, they steal a song we are on the record as loving. AND the very mix of the song we claim to love extra much. AND, they steal our look (and here, here, here, here). WOW! I can’t believe they are all HNT!!!! Arrest these French Fries!

“Vous etes ici” my ass, unless ici= aytch tee tee pee colon slash slash buh law guh uh DOT 3 bulls DOT net, MUNCHWAGONS!

I Used to Dance with My Daddy-Datarock

HNT, Chumpsticks!


Three B! is One! CRAZY HNT!!! With Doggies!

Who is the mystery silhouette??? And why do the boys look like supastars? MAGIC DONUT.


Paris Book Reviews Plus HNT!

Come for the HNT and stay for the book reviews. More gratuitous pup pics throughout! (All images hosted by FLICKR).

PupH4Burmese Days by George Orwell

Why does George Orwell hate Britain and disdain its involvement in Burma? The book tells the tale of a half dozen or so Britons in a rural Burmese outpost in the 1920s. The group is faced with the unsavoury task of adding a token “Asian” to their social club under demands from higher ups in the Raj. Continue reading ‘Paris Book Reviews Plus HNT!’

Happy HNT!