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Why Sarah Palin changes everything

According to Katha Pollitt:

Sure, Palin is cool — she’s pretty and vivacious and athletic, a former beauty queen who runs marathons, hunts , fishes and eats mooseburgers, plus she’s got five kids with unusual names like Willow and Track, including a newborn with Down’s syndrome.

Clearly, McCain’s choice of Palin appears to be an attempt to appeal to the 3B vote. No doubt the first time in history anyone has done this.

It may, however, be slightly worrying to one of our more extensively hybridized authors.

Though come to think of it, “hunts” and “fishes” may be sources of concern for some here too.

There is no word of whether the RNC has made a deal with the makers of Snag brand 10W40 Moosteak Sauce.

It remains to be seen whether the ambiguous nature of Palin’s wildlife related program activities will actually attract any 3B votes, but it should probably be kept in mind how easily swayed we are.

Tuesday Recessional-Sammieflation and the Islamofascist Menace

A nicely regressive across the board inflation amoeba-ing from fuel prices to food costs zeroes in on the regular folks of American society. Small business owners doing their best to provide a really good sandwich at a competitive price to the sandwich desiring working public. I shot the below pic at the University of Suck last month when a vendor there had to raise prices across the board. These price increases came after price increases on various add-ons (like bacon or cheese to a sandwich). Clearly those increases weren’t enough, so prices went up on sammies 9%. Add that to 25-40% increases in the price at the pump to I don’t know how much at the grocery store. I thought the image kind of summed up the inflationary web being spun around our economy.

[Click for larger]


I expect this is not the last of this type of posting we’ll be seeing. To bad it is nothing but a tissue of lies. John McCain clues us in on the real problems faced by Sandwich-eating people everywhere. Islamofascism, didn’t we just know it. AS it turns out, I also have a cell phone of truth, that allows us to peak inside the insidious and hidden world of Islamofascist driven economics.

[Click for larger]

To even discuss the existence of Sammieflation is to succour the Islamofascists. First they came for the ham sandwich, but I preferred roast beast, so I said nothing. Then they raised prices so I would complain, and insult the freedoms of our market economy, and in tricking me so, I did, hurting American morale. Finally, I couldn’t afford an exorbitant sandwich payday loan, with which I would stimulate our great economy while providing comfort for the beleaguered EZ check cashing convenience community, resulting in several kittens being slaughtered in the name Sushiitunni hegemony. The terrorists have won, because you didn’t take Islamofascism seriously.


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Beyond Chunderdome

Do your civic duty tomorrow. Make the cobags enter, eat it, leave.


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NoKo test said to be clintonium bomb

Oh noo! Clintonium!



WASHINGTON, D.C. — A nuclear test in North Korea was determined to be the cause of a severe seismic disturbance. Scientists at the Heritage Foundation Geophysicology Institute (HFGI) have done a thorough analysis of the seismic data collected at the time of the test and believe that the explosion has the signature of a clintonium device.

“Our Institute has been concerned for years that it might be possible to make a nuclear bomb from clintonium,” said Dr. Trinity Chernobyl, a spokesperson for HFGI. “Now it looks like our fears have been realised.”

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