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Doo Dah Parade, July 4th 2014

Your Doo Dah Parade Starter gets high with a little help from his friends (and Jameson).

This police car followed our Kasich protester the length of the parade route (in other words, was part of the act).

Best In Showing, imho.

P.S. Where have I seen the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile** and a bunch of cop cars before?

** cocktail weenie version

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Sometimes the Local Version of the National Show

is more depressing because of the utter banality. Big Texas Cloverhill Honeybun’s own Sarah Palin.

Deets if you don’t want to read in the weeds (although I think you should):

Exhibit A:

When asked by The Eagle about her husband’s role, **** ******** said she couldn’t comment because the reporter had discussed it with other members of the council. She said that speaking to the entire council separately about a single issue is illegal.

“Technically that is a walking quorum,” she said.

White, the First Amendment lawyer, said that a walking quorum is when council members speak separately about how they plan to vote on an issue so that they don’t have to discuss it publicly at an open meeting. He said that talking to a newspaper reporter is allowed and part of the “American system.”

“That is just crazy,” he said, of **** ********’s explanation.

Yes, I am afraid of the Google search by these chumps and the Cronon treatment.

Your antidote is below. While it may make you cry, it will be because you have a heart.

Tsunami Dog Rescued At Sea [BBC Video]

Get On the Sanders’ Train


I’ve been listening on and off for about an hour and a half. I find it stirring. I look forward to claims of Quixoticism and grandstanding from the lowest of the low.

UPDATE- the sound of internet crickets always prevails while the schoolkids decided which way they think the event played. First, fish needs to sit down. Second:

12.10.10 — 10:57PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (8)
Through a Filibuster Darkly

Our Brian Beutler explains why those fake non-talking filibusters we’ve seen for two years are the real thing and the genuine article Bernie Sanders filibuster today wasn’t the genuine article.

–Josh Marshall

And of course what does Brian Beutler say:

They could read from the phone book, or from the bible, or rant in paranoid fashion about how some day there would be a black president, and he would try to raise taxes on rich people. Whatever.

It looked a lot like what Bernie Sanders is doing today.

Certainly he doesn’t mean that an inspired oration laying out what progressive principles are and what true patriotism means in the face of mindless greed and blind self-interest is the same as those other things he’s claiming Sanders looked like. I think if you asked Brian he might even suggest it was noble theater. What he wouldn’t admit is that the soon to be predictable stream of tsk tsk get realing we’re about to hear emanating from his increasingly oily boss calls for NUTPUNCH. The only hope there could be is Jon Stewart getting behind this, because J. Marshall and D. Kurtz at least take him seriously.

Don’t try me, boys.

A Tarantino Film Begging to be Made

An Inglourious Basterds style revenge flick where our protagonists set their deserving sights on Pedophile, Inc. Yes, Andrew Sullivan, the Roman Catholic Church. A church that “should know better.” Cinematic violence and gore filling the gaping maws of our disgust and thirst for justice. Cue Bill Donohue’s head for the explosion line. What a horrible thought. How could anyone?

Film it, chundernoggins.

Sinéad O’Connor – WAR – SNLFor more of the funniest videos, click here

Update: A ray of sanity on Hiatt’s Op-Ed page. O’Connor covers the latest.

Alex Chilton

This one hurts for some reason. Rest in peace. Something about the outro of “The Letter” with the strings and the jet plane gets me every time. That and pretty much all of Big Star’s first two albums.

Rick P. Coined the Phrase

“E. coli conservatism” for a reason.

Good write-up from the NY Times, with direct nods at industry pressure and practices that exist because it is cheaper to have a low percent but non-zero chance of killing you than to have a safe product.

digby, nailing


Civilité, Fraternité, Insiderté

I think it would be worth a brunch meeting at least.

I don’t think she should have eaten a ton of bricks, but the laziness at play here with the previous monstrosities on display by Our Maureen suggest she should have been disposed of long ago, and the current crime be noted specifically in reference to her previous crimes, an excuse for greatest hits.

Of course the punch was pulled. To do otherwise would be to refuse to pee in fish’s cornflakes.

Important Point on Sourcing and Information

Remember when everyone loved Larry Johnson because he was saying all sorts of stuff we liked about the Plame stuffs? Beware another Larry. Hey, it’s OK, we’re just bloggos making from the hip posts.

You know I tricked you into reading Ummerbeesay again.

The Pelosi Railroad

Take a ride.