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[Note: Attention was recently drawn to this important repository of documentary evidence about the relationship between Watson and Crick. Archivists have now recovered another related document from a chink in the world-machine.]

Watson and Crick attempt to interpret Rosalind Franklin's data.

Watson and Crick attempt to interpret Rosalind Franklin's data.

Pot Stirrage

More Somerbyanigans, proceed at own risk.

[George Lakoff, The Political Mind (2008).]

Progressives have accepted an old view of reason, dating back to the Enlightenment, namely, that reason is conscious, literal, logical, universal, unemotional, disembodied, and serves self-interest. As the cognitive and brain sciences have been showing, this is a false view of reason. (pp 1-2)


A great deal of the political strife in America and elsewhere stems from the cognitive unconscious of individual citizens. […] We need a new, updated Enlightenment. […]

The Old Enlightenment values were a great advance in their day. But we know so much more now than in the eighteenth century about what it means to be human, and what challenges face humanity. Our Constitution is in large part based on the intellectual tools and ideas inherited by its framers from Enlightenment thinkers. These tools and ideas are no longer adequate. They have brought us great political, social, and material wonders. And, miraculously, the framers seem to have anticipated such developments, because the dynamic democracy they designed leaves open the possibility of revolutionary change. […]

We will need to embrace a deep rationality that can take account of, and advantage of, a mind that is largely unconscious, embodied, emotional, empathetic, metaphorical, and only partly universal. A New Enlightenment would not abandon reason, but rather understand that we are using real reason—embodied reason, reason shaped by our bodies and brains and interactions in the real world, reason incorporating emotion, structured by frames and metaphors and images and symbols, with conscious thought shaped by the vast and invisible realm of neural circuitry not accessible to consciousness. (pp 13-4)

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Requisite Pre-anticlimax Post Expectations Game Teaser Post

In order to simultaneously inflate and deflate expectations, I am having myself pushed out on stage to tinker ineptly, o reader, with that mythical psyche belonging to you, that is, the dearest oubliette of the datastream of your very own sensory apparatus, by informing you of the upcoming special offering by Three Bulls’s own ombirdspersonmoose. The omnivarious noises, smells, and dazed ungulates issuing from the 3B stu-stu-studio indicate this offering will no doubt be the omphalic touchstone that defines “half” (MOE 50%), “ass” and the conceivable conjugations thereof for the year to come. In furtherance of levels of anticipation that are self-cancelingly vertiginous, I leave you with this:
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Calling all ombirdsmëëse

I attempted to post a comment at the blog of the intrepid 3B ombirdsmøøse.

If I look at the post, there do not appear to be any comments — though for all I know, your mileage may vary.

The first comment I submitted from the comment mechanism on the page itself, and it did not appear to work. Later attempts were made from the usual separate Haloscan window. And each time the comment appeared to be accepted (a “Comment successfully posted” message was returned) and showed up along with all previously submitted comments, including the first one. I can view all the comments at this link.

Anyone have a clue what’s going on here?







Update: Seems I wasn’t the first person afflicted with this particular form of derangement. More lolbeckett.

A maze of twisty little tubes

You are standing at the end of a road before a small brick building. Around you is a forest. A small stream flows out of the building and down a gully to the south.

There is a blog here.

> get blog

I don’t think that’s a good idea.

> get blog

Are you sure? I know what happens. You should leave well enough alone.

> get blog

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one of THOSE blogs

The charming Idyllopus (who used to be bored, but is now apparently a valiant little rowboat) noted at Momma Jennifer’s:

No matter how you define yourself as a blogger, there is a group of bloggers to whom you will always be “one of THOSE blogs”.

As it would be only polite to let that group of people know where you stand, I offer the following blog badge so that bloggers may clearly define their stance in the blog world:


PS: Is an idyllopus something that always has the appropriate number of arms for any given situation?


It occurred to me that the badge might make more sense in this form:


The Three Rules in Conservapedia Trolling, Rule One: Do not talk about Icewedge

From Gavin, we learned that Conservapedia is allowing new accounts to foster truthiness in Wiki form.  Something tells me that some very silly people are not taking Conservapedia seriously. plover and I went through Conservapedia User names and were laughing our heads off, we noticed some themes emerging in username choices- here is our edited chat: (some filthy language is included, be warned) Continue reading ‘The Three Rules in Conservapedia Trolling, Rule One: Do not talk about Icewedge’

America, Home of the Brave

Red Dawn style guerilla wolverine patriotic action has forced the fascist Digg overlords to bow down to public pressure, a veritable general strike and total nationwide riot in support of our precious symbolic freedoms. Brave internet 2.0 denizens, ride the pride wagon. You’ve earned it. Now if someone would find a way to connect habeas corpus or NSA spying to the ability for rich assholes to steal high def movies for the 900 inch color orgazmotrons we’d REALLY be cooking with gas. LIVE STRONG MY REBELLIOUS SISTERS AND BROTHERS. Also, if anyone posts “09 F9 REDACTED 88 C0” in comments here, you will be told to “eat it.”

Wah wah! We achieve a rhetorical miracle!

Arguments concerning hypocrisy, or various other similarly defined spellings/notions, are always troubling, because they seem to be designed around a certain individual’s advocacy of some point rather than the point itself. Some of the arguments are quite useful, however when they undermine the stated necessity or urgency of the advocate’s point (i.e. if someone says “I don’t have any pants on! Somebody put some pants on me!” when this person owns several pants factories and is currently fighting moon zombies with a pants cannon that shoots pants (WOW!) might mean that this person might not be able to be taken seriously RE: their pantslessness; also isn’t it common knowledge that pants cannons, they do nothing against moon zombies?). I digress. Continue reading ‘Wah wah! We achieve a rhetorical miracle!’