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Sign Her Up

I heard an ad for this on the radio. I would like to sponsor a pledge drive for Prof. Ann Althouse to attend. The mix of likely 24 hour bar access, possible Norwalk virus and an emanated litany of grievances makes it an intriguing fantastia. Make it happen, friends. Make it happen.

Also, I heard Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein a few seconds later, and a connection between a hoary albino guitar legend and Edgar Winter was made.

That Feeling

I don’t like it when GC fast-forwards through this commercial:

I think Goob really likes the song too. She clears shelfs happily to its sunny tune.

Full song:

We interrupt

Pinko’s sly and understated cobagitation with important news.

jexter is BACK.

That is all.

Year in review

Dearest commenters, the time of year is upon us when we look back at the year that was, and what a year it’s been. As resident ombirdspersonmoose, I have requested and been granted authority to host our inaugural (and probably final) Commenter’s Year-end spectacular!

There will be prizes, maybe, so pay attention.
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Title Track

Our 2006 album- Eat It (Now Ya Gonna)- totally KILLED in Japan. We sold so much merch in the far east it’s like a goddamned uniform overseas.

Apparently only aif and kathleen are listening to our little experiments in noise. No matter, you roll with the half-assed audience you have, not the half-assed audience you wish you had.

Shout outs include PupH, Smoke Dog, Pugsleypants, Carrot, Kitty Kattwood, the usuals.


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Underpants and Red Wine

So how did I spend my Saturday night while GFoH was away? Well I spent it watching YouTube videos in my underpants and drinking red wine! An unholy combination that is sure to excite nobody but me – in other words it’s perfect blog fodder!

My epiphany: Bjork is a genius, and the Sugar Cubes were fantastic! Lets face it she’s got charisma out the wazoo, she can sing sweetly and also like a banshee, she has fun fashion sense, and a fantastically over-the-top theatrical nature. I’ve always loved the Sugar Cubes but somehow I’ve managed to make it well into adulthood without ever seeing one of their videos.

Regina: I’ve never understood what this song was about but now after watching the video I’m even less sure. I am thinking about changing my name to Regina and pretending Bjork is singing about me. I love the way she trills the ‘R’ and basically she’s just adorable in this video, monobrow and all. When she emerges from Regina —-wowsers! Einar!!! I don’t really like lobster either!

Eat the Menu: Hey wait a second is that the same blue dress that she was wearing in the Regina video? No it’s different! Great shot of her tapping her feet. Full-on pixie hairdo. Incredibly powerful singer. It slays me every time I hear her sing “Have, have, have some salad”

Motorcrash: Motorcrash?!!!??? A proper motor crash! Bjork looks like she’s about 13 in this video. Her singing at about minute 1:40 is fantastic! Einar!!!!

Birthday Probably the Sugar Cube’s biggest hit so I guess that I’m not supposed to like it. Hipsters, I can’t help myself I love it! Special shout out to Plover with the “spiders in her pocket” line. That blue thing on her head and the red dress this time. The last minute, the messy hair (does anybody have more fun with hair than Bjork?), the hard singing, the sweet singing, the facial expressions….sigh…..!

Can’t Get No Satisfaction: With PJ Harvey! Double the hotness double the fun! This was a true battle for Gregor’s affection and the ladies went all out. Would it be Bjork’s button nose, cute hair and gorgeous teeth or PJ’s sultriness that would win? It wasn’t until I watched this that I realized what a tiny nose Bjork has. It’s really, really small. Another great but brief shot of Bjork’s shoes. As I’ve already hit on PJ Harvey in real life (true story!) and received the greatest most cherished rejection of my life, a rejection that wouldn’t stop me trying again mind you but a rejection nonetheless, it’s really the chance to be rejected by Bjork too that puts her over the top in this battle.

Bonus Pylon Video – No Rock and Roll This video make me happy because I love Pylon but sort of sad too. Vanessa is so cool and she works in a copy shop? There’s some later Pylon videos on the YouTubes, apparently they did reunite, and they’ve still got it! There’s also some earlier stuff as well, also cool. Basically I just miss music like this.

I just figured it out

Well, Geenie Cola figured it out. June is like Friday- w00t! The weekend is open and ready for business. Your whole life is in front of you. You are young, carefree. July is like Caturday- you’re playing Zim Zam with your homewads, drinking Cokes and eating Pop Rocks, devil may care! Uh oh, August is like Sunday, as in sun going down on you day. There is nothing but 31 straight days of back to school commercials, but you aren’t even going back to school, it’s coma time then forever sleep. August is just doledrums time, not even 1 billion dollars, a lobotomy and a month at Fire Island, wherever that is can change that. I was able to crack a tiny smile after adjusting my Craftmatic and writing a fan letter to Alex Trebek thanking him for my new life insurance when I saw this:

I thought of you guys as a bunch of ginger-haired rocking robots (that’s a good thing).


Big T say SHAKES IT beanpole boy!