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Lawrence Tero is a Man among, well something…

And just who is Lawrence Tero, you ask?

Well, it seems the liberal media is disclosing secrets again. This time by including the alleged real name of one of America’s favorite tough guys – Mr. T.

Sure, sure, they’re trying to be nice and say what a great guy he is for giving up his gold, but what we really notice is they decide to throw in his real name. Why do we need to know that? Who doesn’t know who Mr. T is? I mean sure, you can miss a lot of pop culture things when you’re solving differential equations on top of diagrams of the cellular structure whilst shooting lasers at crystals in the Puget Sound, but you would still know who Mr. T is.

Of course, we also see in the story that Mr. T will be starting a show on TV Land this fall giving advice to people with troubles. 

What question would you ask Mr. T for his advice?


Okay, Me. Ow. Barrachus. You’ve got your swim gear, and we’ve got WRN all nice and relaxed. Now’s the time for you to swim over there under cover of lunchtime and set up the “weapon”!


Fulsome will never know what hit him!!!


Give the Ed’s Some Love Peeps!

He’s using Me. Ow. Barrachus! I’m completely sure we’ll get royalties!!! We’re rich beyond our wildest dreams!! Free money for everyone!!!