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Awfulness is Here

Here is what I propose, as you enjoy the musical soul of the 3B community, or its black emptiness, consider listening to at least 10 songs. Document these songs and we will award +1 point to someone if you skip a song that you blame them for, and +1 point to a person if you like a song that you credit them for its inclusion.

This should be the station linky!

I love everyone, and will preemptively eviscerate our taste in music as an irony shield for inevitable P-fork payback.


I will not officially like or skip in my version of the station, so as not to bias future arbitrary pain. I will merely note in my dear diary that I am already +1 for “Where is My Mind”-Pixies- clearly this is a credit to me (first song!).

I recommend that you do not stack the deck either!

I got lucky they are in an alternative block. I wonder when they will flip to lighter fluid?

1. Where is My Mind – Pixies (5) )(+1 for me)
2. Handlebars-Flobot sounds like white rap CAPT. TROLLYPANTS? maybe about as good but kind of funny (2) (+1 for MenD)
3. 1234 Feist kind of an overplayed skip but good (7)
4. Take Me Out-Franz Ferdinand (1)
5. Wild Life-Inxs (Kick) (1 maybe 2)
6.Occasional Demons-Jethro Tull -1 point for UC or ZRM
7. Midnight Rendevous-The Babys (these guys sound like a cross between Foreigner and maybe Rick Springfield) OMG I am dying this is a hilarious lost 80s movie montage track and I will treasure it as a category (2) Has anyone heard of this song? Does anyone OWN this song? Admit your shame. “Mid-night…Mid-night rendevouz..*hand claps*…yeah yeah” Wait- I think this is John Waite- so maybe that explains why the lead singer sounds familiar.

video here- embedding DISABLED by request of the EARTH

We need the header version of this song.

8. You Wear it Well (Early Version)-Rod Stewart- possibly a good song. I am on the fence here. I feel like it is one of those underrated overrated songs. I feel like this is a +1 to the spirit of BG, but she can eat it, so +1 to J.

9. Heartbreaker-Led Zeppelin I wonder if Pandora will respect the Living Loving Maid play through. I don’t like the solo until right up at the end.

10. Hush-Deep Purple -1 to ZRM!

I think they went to lighter fluid at number 6.

alrighty then

It’s generally at about this point in the blogging lulls that I put forth some half-a**ed post that so horrifies the other bullsies that they spew forth actual content like Eyjafjallajokul spews forth ash on a restless day. Doneski!!!!!

Also we are challenging Riddled to a Wellington street art competition.

definitely not banksy

Best found art wins. I have dibs on “Darth Vader playing the Rubik’s cube.”