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It’s generally at about this point in the blogging lulls that I put forth some half-a**ed post that so horrifies the other bullsies that they spew forth actual content like Eyjafjallajokul spews forth ash on a restless day. Doneski!!!!!

Also we are challenging Riddled to a Wellington street art competition.

definitely not banksy

Best found art wins. I have dibs on “Darth Vader playing the Rubik’s cube.”

Enough of these content laden posts

Canoodle can keep Guy Laliberté. We will keep Calder, Beavis laugh and all.

Madames, Monsieurs, diver et divers Ombudpantisserie, et ceux qui ne sont pas errer mort la terre mangeant des cerveauxxxxxxxxx (également connu Zombi) voilà

The best video link that you will never click through. *sigh*

Mystery Art Bage Threefer

Two woodcuts from the now defunct STOT21stCPlanB who are currently participating in the art resistance movement as Harry Adams. What can I say? I dig wood cuts. I dig alcohol. And I am fascinated by drowned stickmen.

Drank (too much)

drank (too little)

An image likely to cause controversy – “Girls peeling oranges” by Billy “don’t call me a Stuckist” Hamper (Childish). It seems unfair that one man should have so much art coursing through his veins and a booshy mooshtache to boot. Pound for pound one of the greatest contemporary artists. Or have I bought into the hype? UPDATE: This wood block was originally cut in the 80s by Mr. Childish and Tracey Emin (my copy is a 2008 print). I’m agnostic on Ms. Emin’s art but do give her credit for being a survivor in the burnout art world.

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Mystery Art Bage


From our fave.

The First Rule of Harry Potter Club is There Are Ten Rules in Harry Potter Club

PP adds: this cover is the UK “adult” version cover. You have been warned not to “go there.” For your Harry Potter slashfic pervy desires, please go here. Looks kind of like a James Clavell novel. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover, but the UK pubs think that tube riders will judge you by your book’s cover. Doesn’t it seem odd that the book they do this with is the most popular book of the last 10 years, the one book where everyone in the world knows the contents?

The second rule of Harry Potter Club is that there are only five rules in Harry Potter Club

The third rule of Harry Potter Club is that once the new book comes out, and everyone reads it at Ferrari speed, please don’t give anything away to those of us that will take several days weeks until we finish it. If you must, please tag it with spoiler warnings. Pinko Punko is already scared that the Brits will ruin everything for him before the witching hour even hits the West Coast. I am going to be severely limiting my internet reading to make sure the surprise of Harry and Ron the two characters that die isn’t ruined. [Dear readers, UC took a year to start the last one. He should also be worried about the 7th movie spoiling the 7th book-PP]. Maybe we will even have a thread for people that have finished reading the book, so they can hang with all the other cool kids that read quickly [this thread will exist simultaneously with our review of the “Bratz” movie, i.e. when UC gets around to either reading the book or seeing the movie “Bratz”-PP] .

The fourth rule rule of Harry Potter club is that Snape is, and at Hogwarts has always been, good. Dumbledore’s pleading with him was not to spare his life, but to fulfill what he had to do to win favour with the evil lord and allow Harry sufficient powers as to perform the unforgivable curses.
The fifth rule of Harry Potter club is that Snape is, and has always been evil and a Death Eater.

The sixth rule of Harry Potter club is that the number of rules of Harry Potter club is not a constant.

PP ADDS- beware of small, fast dudes who look shifty. These are the sh*theads who have it out for you. I was considering posting a similar post, but then I thought: “Wait, such a post would cause Three Bulls! to be targeted by griefer chunderwazzes who will spill the beans in our comments.” Let me just say that I’m not the one that cares. This kitten stolen from the Onion is the one that cares.


Also, this kitten’s life will be extinguished and my birfday ROOIND if anybody posts anything relating to anything to I don’t know what. Seriously, I have been turned into a nervous wreck. Also, I accidentally had some fart noodles for dinner and I think I might die before Friday anyway.

The seventh rule of Harry Potter club is that you don’t have to actually finish any of the

Dog’s Out of the Bage

Padraig Escapes to Éire
Martin Doyle, Padraig Escapes to Éire, From the Mystery Art Bage


“DidImentionthat GFoH is away on a secret mission? A mission of ;liberation as opposed tothe mission of libation that I’m on now? A mission that I suspect Kitty Kattwood knows all but is too =canny to reveal!!1!Can Ijust droptahintthat AcertainLIttleGuymay be joinginginging ussoon?! ‘nough said! You cannotstop us!~!!!!!!1!!!!!!”

– Gregor Samsa
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Kitty Kattwood’s Story Hour Makes Its Triumphant Return!

Spring, beautiful spring, even the mean streets seem nicer, redolent with citrus blossoms and sweet acacia. The warm weather means the curtains, so long drawn, are finally open and Kitty Kattwood, our determined friend, can finally see what has so long been hidden.

Oh the curiosity, it may have killed the lesser cat but not our Kitty Kattwood, she lives for danger and thrives on mystery. And be warned dear friends she knows what happens behind closed doors, including yours. The secrets you keep are safe but truly no longer secrets.

And what of this beautiful girl and the bear? What is the bear’s intent and why is the girl so pretty? Are they lovers or merely companions? Does the bear reach in for a kiss or a snack? The lipstick, so red, in hand, as she prepares for a date or her ultimate fate? And the snow white fur and the white dress a perfect union or is it?

Why Kitty Kattwood knows, she knows of course, but she’s not telling….shhhhhh!

(Image Hosting Courtesy of Flickr)

Painting from the Mystery Art Bag, Snowstorm by S. Tang

Whatever floats your boat crazy spammer

But I don’t get your new religion.


It actually makes less sense than our current favored system:


Ecstacy of St. Theresa and the Large Pastaer courtesy of dildoart.

The Mean Streets

Three Bulls! love for the three-legged dog is well-documented. Fun-loving high-spirited and emotionally manipulative they brighten even the most somber day.

But the three-legged cat is a rare beast – only two have been known to me. The first was a sad pitiable critter that demanded constant attention to the point where it had to be carried from the sofa to the litter box to the food bowl to the sofa. The only task its owners didn’t perform was the licking of the three lonely little paws. So sad and oh so fawned upon.

The second, Kitty Kattwood, is a spunky little girl (all cats are girls to me) that loves the streets and lives for danger. In various states of delirium I imagine the adventures and missions of Kitty Kattwood as a private eye or an international spy. These dreams, like many of my thoughts, are only funny to me. So if you see me out, chuckling to myself, and ask me why, and I start to explain, and you just don’t get it, and I look ashamed and stunned like the bunny in the headlights, just walk away, and leave me to dreams of Kitty Kattwood Riding Her Banana bike on the mean streets looking for trouble but finding only love. (by E. Atwood from the Mystery Art Bage)

Kitty Katwood copy.jpg

My Favortie Moment from the Party – So Far!

Teh l4me copy.jpg …It was worthwhile living a laughable life
Just to set my eyes on the blistering sight
Of teh l4me in a tutu
He’s not strange
He just wants to live his life this way

A scanty bit of a thing
With a decorative ring
That wouldn’t cover the head of a child
As Res collects the money in the cannister
Who comes sliding down the bannister ?
Teh l4me in a tutu
He’s not strange
He just wants to live his life this way…

(Painting Matt Cotten – 2002 – Acrylic on Board)