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Tucker Carlson is So Orange…

or WASPy or what have you, contest over at Chuckles in honor of what just fell into his “Tucker Inbox.”

Tucker Carlson is so orange, his face is like the inside of Baby Si Si’s diaper after 5 jars of strained carrots.


Tucker Carlson is so WASPish, the bowtie is actually an evolutionarily derived trait consisting of a migrated unsquirted anal gland.

When You Go Pro

You might end up playing for a team like The Atlantic Five Flavor Life Savers. I mean a big whatev for Matty Y, but at what point do you kind of have to start playing ball or acting like a good teammate? I allude of course to our continuing big media nightmare where total choadwagons get splashy platforms for their ridiculous, squeaky-on-the-inside baltherings. I know Op-Ed pages carry different voices, voices that most likely loathe one another, like Krugman and David Brooks at the Times, and everyone and Tom Friedman, but Op-Ed pages are not conversations, and are not designed around a back-and-forth linky dink. When does Matty Y. become Alan Colmes? Because, even if you think you are cherry, when the other flavors in the pack are shit sandwich, sink lettuce, fart melon, and in melon packs, sock melon, what flavor are you really?

Clif and teh Sadlies will keep us up to date on the sitchy sitch.

Forever, Because They Define Us

Bushwad just appointed Orangesama bin Laden Secretary of State.

“President Bush tonight said government’s top priority is protecting the American people and laid out some successes in the war on terror. He added: “The evil that inspired and rejoiced in 9/11 is still at work in the world. And so long as that is the case, America is still a nation at war.””