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If Only Someone Could Pry the Story from Vegas’ Cold Dead Lips

A skeleton in the LGF closet, mayhaps??

Coulpla guesses: kumquat mayonnaise, the backroom at the Frontier, Richard Dawson, poprocks.


What in the WORLD???


I can’t believe we got the redirect. Chazmo does not want the world to know what he was doing inside the TV show Rockford Files in Las Vegas.

OK, I Dug Up Another Three Bulls! Mixtape Disstape Track


I will post it here as an update, but first I want you guys to vote on several things:

Shall I annotate it, or would you like to try to figure out the allusions and post them in comments, or will you even listen to it at all?

I need to gauge the extent of ass required for the post and the expected ass extent of commenting you plan to extend or expend. Please do not consider the categories of this post to have any meaning.


Here it is, Chock Full O’ Nuts, ItEat. MP3 for those on RSS is right here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Press play on the little play icon. I think Kathleen will at least laugh.

It’s about a year and a half old lyrics wise, but it paints a poignant picture of certain someones.

You can link allusions in the comments, if they are even decipherable.


We’re Gonna Pull A Parrotline

So Assparrot just leaves some post up marinating for a million weeks (5 days) and gets like 20 links.  Could the same work for us?  We could trot out a Foreigner Q and A, or maybe our long, meandering, possibly somewhat cashewy thoughts on the history of Karl Rove (heh, we tracked this bad boy back to Huffington Post back when they were into that kind of thing.  We got 0 comments).  Or we could just ripoff some other internet dudes.  Tuesday coupon section, anyone?  Anyhow, now that SXSW is over, maybe the Austinite clique is less insufferable, so you kids can go hang out in those places.  If you feel like demented quality, there’s always RETARDO.

I love it when RETARDO whips out the Fu on digamma, see d acts all reasonable, but there is an objectivist in there somewhere, I just know it.  These guys are super mean to each other, and it is funny, but we’re in R’s camp.  Down with digamma!

Anyway, we have a monstrous thingy we gotta pass, akin to a medium sized kidney stone.  Of course it will have Pamela’s face on it, and that can never be good.  The point is we are busy, and the wheel of this wreck is in the hands of Uncanny Canadian, THYCWOTI, Gregor, Professor  Booty, Nutter (HAHAHAHAH) etc. for a little while.  Perhaps we could get a Yo!06 update?  Maybe a Mystery Art Bage.  And would it frickin kill someone around here for a Monday Golderber Theatre?  Cookie Jesus on a pancake.

Les Pantaloons des Serieuse

We were thinking about this TBogg-Althouse brouhaha. So TBogg rips ninnywagon Althouse for being the most vacuous and boring hoary albino guitar legend there can be, but expresses it using the “Althouse not gonna get a second date” terminology. So Althouse suggests sexism, while Altmouse blabbers on here. See if you can tell the difference.

We were thinking about it a little bit. Since the Patriarchy is ever pervasive, permeating all things, yes there is maybe an eensy but of sexism, more in the fact that the accurate insults expressed about Ms. Althouse, that she is such a damned ninnywagon, were coupled with the proverbial “second date” not coming to pass anytime soon. The sexism wasn’t in the actual insult, but was in the expression. While the “not gonna get laid” insult is used on both men and women, it usually seems to imply that for men there is a lack of an action occuring, where for women it is made to sound like they are less than human if they do or don’t get laid.

Continue reading ‘Les Pantaloons des Serieuse’

The Theory of the Unitary Zoghby

Wolcott gets it wrong.  According to our theory, there is only one Zoghby, it is of unlimited power and indeterminate sex.  Check out the fun comments at Atlas Pooped here and here.  Clearly the commenters do not realize that there is truly only one Zoghby, and perhaps we are all but fleeting thoughts in its gargantuan, amorphous head?  I wonder if it knows digby?

A Quick Note

Roxanne of Rox Populi and Amanda of Pandagon (Three Bulls! farm club) have just peeled back the rotten banana-peel of Blogging Man.  I just linked to our half-ass coverage from last month.  I’ll remind our readers that I dared them to finagle a fake bio of Pammy the Gloobs from Atlas Shrugs (like omigod the WMDs are in Syria I tell you! Glass time, jiggle if you’re with me.  I read it in the Sun! I can do that!), superstar of Blogging Man.  I’ll also remind that I offered a million gummi bears for this feat.

What I want the gang to know is that this convention of cobaggery must renew our attention.  Here’s why: Our personal favorite cobag, SeanS of “Shoot a liberal” is gonna drive upsate to Reno to take part.

Maybe he’ll be working on his “presentation skills”.  Here’s a roundup of SeanS related stuff:

Chuckles at FG having fun with jermcool and SeanS.

AG laying it down at the new Republic of Dogs on SeanS.

Our own contacts with the cobag du jour. Here.

Now, we musn’t pile on too hard, SeanS has recently stopped posting due to family issues.  Now in the meta-blog world we can call that a “Kim du Toit” or an “Art Bell”, er, bullsh*t, but in the real world he might just be like your “like a little bug” coworker (annoying but harmless).  And we’ll have to respect his nebulous, unclear family emergency, so don’t go over there like a bull in a china shop.  In this world of cynicism, trollery and unceasing rivers of bullshit he might be honest about something, and we’re gonna respect that.
That being said, he named his god-forsaken screed-pile “Shoot a Liberal”, and we’re never gonna laugh at that joke.

It’s Fine If You Don’t Agree

with the post below, however, here is an example of some behavior that strikes me as more that a whiff of oddness.  It’s SeanS, who you may remember from previous Three Bulls! encounters.  Well, you may consider our criticism of him to be opportunistic in itself, and essentially blog-culturally determined.  Maybe, but his recent blog behavior, besides lots of cobaggish things he says and probably does, fits the bill too. What I wish to call attention to is the handy dandy Amber Alert info ticker on his front page.  There is no way I would criticise the presentation of such important information, I’m just going out on a limb to suggest that it seems a little calculated.  I await the java-applet to find registered sex-offenders in my zip code.  Maybe the execution clocks for cop-killers on death row.  I’m just saying.  It’s like Pammie’s constant World Trade Center attacks sidebar.  The towers never, ever stop falling.  It is just so goddamned calculated.  We’ve entered the All About Eve portion of our existence, and it will be a race to the bottom.   Hummers will be given and received. The Patriarchy, pandering, and crap will win.  Eventually the free internet will be like free TV and radio, terrible, then we will tricked into paying extra for something that we used to get for free, and it will still have the same inane commercials, but they’ll never have the Chuckwagon dog food one.  Sigh.

I have the wrong link for SeanS Amber alert ticker, it is here apologies all around. Thanks for the comments. Also, WordPress flags comments for random reasons, I try to OK them as fast as I can, apologies for that as well.

Cobag U.


“Hi, my name is tree Treacherously Poised Over Pedestrian Walkway Blown Over By Storm DECEMBER 29th (TPOPWBOBS). I’m on the campus that brought you Condoleeza Rice. What are the odds I will be removed in a timely fashion. Oh, by the way, what day is it?”


In other news, whose up for BLOGGING MAN!!!!! I would give a billion gummi bears to someone if they could slip in a fake bio of Pammie on this page.


Let’s be serious por uno momento. We really really need suggestions for casting the role of Pammie in MGT. Airbushing clothes on a naked Bratz doll is out. Something more symbolic is what we are looking for. We have two nominations so far:

1) CG says barbie with Smokey turd head. Seems unsanitary.

2) PP says hole in the ground. Possibly hard to represent with limited set budget.


Dear Internet Full of Cobags

I am declaring the internet and all its cobag denizens personae non gratae. The time to eat it cobags is nigh.

Nothing in the following post is a non sequitur. I blame you for the inability to follow my line of thought (hey, it’s the blogosphere, we don’t have rules, people like this are considered intellectual. And Pamela (Atlas Shrugs), I don’t care what you look like on the outside, you’re not very nice on the inside. But the inside inside you are probably OK, it’s just a facade of hateful shrillness. We don’t want to make you feel bad (seriously, we don’t).

I have had it with:

Complete imbeciles that deny the holocaust.

Total poltroons that know less than nothing about science, evolution, disease, AIDS, climate, you know, anything, and they pontificate and use terms that they read on the internet, and their sociopathic little brains learn to ape or rat, as it were, like vermin in a cheese (should it be cheeto?)-maze.

Stupid, incompetent crap like “ad hominem” and talking about people’s reading comprehension. Cookie Jesus, do you think my reading comprehension is lacking? Do you? Do you think that I am the munchwagon and not you? Consider for one second how laughable that is. You are the same people that talk about “beneath contempt” out of one side of your crooked, slavering mouth, while pouring the aforementioned contempt out of the other. I actually admit that you are not beneath contempt. I actually claim that you deserve scorn. I actually announce to you that I am being emotional right now, and my frustration is getting the better of me. I am allowing you, the douchewad, to claim that I am unhinged because of the abuse torrent flowing from my keyboard. I AM JUST BEING HONEST. So, I get points for style.

I can’t even go on (oh, but I can). Nobody wants to even consider a rational debate, because you can’t be rational about completely ridiculous bullshit, in fact how can you be rational, when the debate shouldn’t even exist? When I say that Todd Zywicki at Volokh Conspiracy (if you want to have a crappy blog name, you can’t beat Three Bulls!, but Volokh Cospiracy? STFU) is a cobag full of corn and peanuts, I’ll just get slammed for slamming him. I’ll ruin my rep as an Ivy League Ph.D. in Genetics, because he’ll just wash away my accurate description of his loserhood, with the magic of ad hominem and then he’ll unwrap his chestnut of Lysenkoism. See, he redefined what that word actually means (let’s go to Crooked Timber for comments/backstory, and here is LGM on the subject). Also, from a bunch of stool samples that are “skeptical” about evolution, they sure do love evolutionary psychology.

Could it be that it allows you to use biology for your own purposes? Who is the biological ideologue? I can’t even call you a Lysenkoist like you would me (nice surreptitious smear of the academic as Stalinist, too bad the new thing is Liberalism=Fascism, see here, here), because that is not what it means. LYSENKOISM means a subscriber to the pseudo-scientific ideas of Trofim Lysenko. Wikipedia allows for a definition to include ideological views of science and uses the example of Carl Sagan comparing creationists to Lysenkoists. I would like to stress the use of the GDMF word “compare”. I would reject allowing this broader definition to be used to call ideologues Lysenkoists, because then the word loses it’s meaning. See, Todd, we already have a word for that, it’s called IDEOLOGUE. Fine, argue that women aren’t as smart as men or can’t do math. Your ideas are entirely unsupported. Yeah it could be possible, but big f***ing deal, lot’s of things are possible, but completely unsupported by the data, that’s why Larry Summers was completely and deservedly piled on. Nobody was stifling his speech, they were deriding its unscientific basis. I could propose a hypothesis for how millions of things happen in your tiny cells and your tiny brain, in fact things that you’ve probably never heard of, but guess the eff what? That doesn’t make them true, and if they are completely unsupported speculation, they don’t have place in a discussion of how those millions of things happen (millions of things that you will never understand). Just like Summers’ comments really had no supportable place in a discussion about women in math and physics. If they are impossible to address given a laundry list of larger variables, please tell me what your stupid point is in defending his comments, given that he is the President of Harvard (should be more diplomatic) and uneducated on the subject upon which he was literally shitting?

Seriously, pseudo-legal, ad hoc, tu quoque, and the whole list of Latin terms for pseudo-intellectual chundermuff and “just so” cobaggery about any ol’ topic, with just enough reasonableness so they can stick the shiv in when you relax and turn your back. If you hate gays (Eugene V.) just effing say it, don’t be STAGMC about it making us some stupid, inane argument.

I have completely had it. COMPLETELY.

Dean Esmay? I support your right to your stupid opinion. That’s what makes me a liberal. You don’t support my right for my correct opinion. That makes you a cobag.

I can’t wait to be disavowed for my lack of politesse. I’m done.