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Friday poop shoot

So this is what poop shoot has come down to for me, as of Dec. 29, 2011.  Our little guy is doing nicely and the transition to parenthood has been everything it was advertised and much much more.  Does this mean that 3Bulls! is one step closer to becoming one of those blogs™?  It remains to be seen, but it certainly is starting to smell that way a little.


The triumphant but still half-assed return of Friday Poop Shoot

As most of you don’t care, I used to write an almost weekly Poop Shoot around Friday. It was pretty meh, but could be fun at times, and I liked the buzz of self-righteousness I could get describing music that many of you haven’t heard. Then Brando would write his own Friday Random 11, and it would be better than my Poop Shoots in every respect. Brando is simply a better writer, funnier, and more interesting than I am. But with news that Brando is hanging up the Random 11 after his elegiac opus describing the 22 songs that are most significant to him, I feel that there is a place for the Poop Shoot once again. At minimum, I can keep Billy Pilgrim company and work towards fulfilling my MBO (minimal blogging obligation). If possible, I’ll try to link to sources for the songs, but am not counting on finding many:

1) The Walkmen – Lost in Boston: Well isn’t that title appropriate. I think it’s impossible to live in Boston without getting or feeling lost. This album is from A Hundred Miles Off, which was kind of a letdown for the most part. The song is all singing/strained screaming that is too high to feel comfortable and loud guitar. I guess it is just kind of inelegant. The lyrics make no sense to me, but that’s typical. 6/10

2) Supertramp – Rudy: I’m so glad this song is actually on my iPod. Although Blue Girl might be the only person honest enough to back me up on the awesomeness and non-lameness of Supertramp, I am not ashamed to expouse my love. Rudy is a musically complex song, developing in several movements (at least four). It has all the trademark piano chords, some wanky proggy exposition, and a very moving and relatable main character. We’ve all been on that train to nowhere. At over seven minutes, this song is perfection. 10/10

3) The Innocence Mission – Over The Rainbow: I can’t remember why I bought their CD of lullabie covers, but I’m glad I have it. It is impossible to listen to any version of this song without feeling a little misty and nostalgic. What strikes me most about this cover is how strong the Scottish accent is, and how the slow and stripped-down rendition beautifully captures all the spirit of the song. The singing is just exquisite and delicate. 8/10

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I can has Friday Poop Shoot?


1. One Fantastic Day – RockFour – I can has any more possible Brian Wilson syrup? Waits, that’s t8sty1!2. 8/10

2. Ribcage – Elbow – Oh hai! I wantz to be like Coldplay. Not so good tho. Suxx0rs for us. 7/10

3. Y Gwyneb lau – Super Furry Animals – LOL! I has no idea whats they saying. Wel$h l0zrrs. 8/10

4. Cripple Crow – Devendra Banhart – I can has singz with wrble n snd f0lky. Let peace come? Sxx0rz!! 8.5/10

5. P.O.V. Waltz – Harry Nilsson – Oh noes. Ix not B33tles? 9/10

6. Along the Banks of Rivers – Tortoise – Wherz the w0rdz? I can has teh p0st rock. 8.5/10

7. Bryte Side – The Pernice Brothers – B3st t1tle evr. B0rng sng. 7/10

8. Natural Light – Tall Hands – I can has some f4me? Im yr new fvrite band? Awsim. 9/10

9. Losing Haringey – The Clientele – Im in yr Sng ov teh Dei bl0ing yr mnd. 10/10

10. Count Me in On This One! – Richard Buckner – Itz not Contree muzAk? Well whak me n a bukkit? 8/10

Friday at-the-deadline poop shooting

I think I can get this off before we hit midnight on the West coast, thus satisfying a contractual obligation I still can’t believe my agent made for me. Without ado….

1) Conspiracy Theory – The Chris Stamey Experience

From the very very fine Yo La Tengo collobarative CD A Question of Temperatue, this is a vague attempt at the classic YLT freak-out interlude. In other words, it sounds like every single moment from Sounds of the Sounds of Science. Completely undistinguished guitarpalooza. I’m sure some people think it’s genius, but not me. 6/10

2) Drive/Feel So Sad – Spacemen 3

Very mellow space-out music. I think this track would be perfect in a movie somewhere while the buddies are driving across the country seeing all kinds of interesting sites along Rte 66. At least, that’s what this evokes in me, and I wrote this before I even thought about the fact that Drive is in the title. After the instrumental is a pitch-perfect chorale that sounds better than anything Jason Pierce has written since, including the best of Spiritualized. There is a very lovely cosmo reverb in the accompaniment. I tend to think of S3 as a more droney than this track. There is also a lovely harmonica part. Perfect. 10/10

3) Captain – Imperial Teen

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Ye Olde Fridaye Magickal Poope Chu/Shootery and Musickal Reviewe

1. She Flies So High-My Drug Hell

English never-beens retro, like Brian Jonestown Massacre retro, but better. You probably don’t remember their non-hit sad sack classic “Girl at the Bus Stop” from an MGD ad in the 90’s. From This is My Drug Hell. Song has an end-of-record-side outro.

2. Heart +Soul-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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Yes, we still do Friday poop shoots

It’s kind of sad when Brando poops longer and better than we do. Well, I guess it’s not sad for Brando, evil comic genius that he is, but more specifically, it’s sad for me. I attempt to regain my foothold in both shooting and pooping…

1) Des Etoiles Electroniques – Stereolab
From Mars Audiac Quartet, this is pretty slow and French. It is a little loungy for my liking and probably not quite hypnotic enough for Pinko Punko’s liking. If we did the long-promised all-Stereolab poop shooting and this track came up, I would probably have less to say about this than almost any other track. 6.5/10

2) The Gash – The Flaming Lips
Could they be any more dramatic? I know that by all accounts, I’m supposed to love The Soft Bulletin so much that I sleep with it under my pillow and have it piped into my shower, but I just don’t buy into all the melodrama. Like that lame spider bite song. Oh, poor baby has a spider bite. Is he going to die? Do I care? Maybe if they described the extent of the gash more immunologically I would care more. Is it a puss-y gash? Is it infected? Why is this a fight for our sanity? Full of sound and fury and signifying 7/10

3) Buffalo & Deer – Fruit Bats

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I’m in ur iTunes library shooting ur poop

Long overdue music blogging.  We can’t be all politics and cute animals all the time …

1.  Twilight Mushroom – Parsley Sound

Really dreamy psych Brit pop.  It almost has a trancy quality, but that may be the shrooms talking.  If you like the jeweled antler people, you will probably dig this song.  I think it’s the best song I’ve heard of theirs.  9/10

2.  River, Sea, Ocean – Badly Drawn Boy

One of the good tracks from the About a Boy soundtrack.  It fits in beautifully with the themes of the movie and the music fits in beautifully with the awesomeness of Silent Sigh.  It’s like the best of Hour of the Bewilderbeest.  8/10

3.  Our Prayer – Beach Boys

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Friday Musical Poop Chute

We got yelled at on the internet (fancy calling it that) for being hopeless and unclear. Where have you been, world, for the last year? That’s our MO. Now, suck saltine snorkel, and enjoy the ride. ALSO, Flashback Friday Feature inside. Continue reading ‘Friday Musical Poop Chute

Oh, One More Thing:

1) Revolver is better than Sgt. Peppers, maybe because it was first but most likely because it is amazing (both are underrated because of backlash).

2) Animal Collective’s Feels is much superior to Sung Tongs, notwithstanding the excellent “Kids on Holiday.”

3) You may find your corner hipster contrarian emu claim that Radiohead’s The Bends is superior to OK Computer. This is false.

4) Additionally, there is little to separate Kid A from Amnesiac, both of which are superior to Hail to the Thief.


And for our fans:


Friday new music poop shoot

In my lame-ass attempt to provide new 3B content before I disappear for the next few days, I am trying a poop shoot based on music I have never heard before. All of these songs were obtained from Pinko Punko during our short but notorious visit last week.

1. Action/Adventure – Andrew Bird

This is really catchy music. It features a very prominent picked guitar line and this aura of ’50s black and white movie mystery. Some beautiful fiddling as well giving it that old fashioned feel. His voice is really good as well. I think I relate this music to Patrick Wolf’s style a little. 8.5/10

2. House of Cards – Radiohead

This is a live recording of a new Radiohead song. I probably heard it when they played in Boston, but it’s not familiar enough to remember. The song begins by sounding nothing at all like Radiohead until Thom Yorke starts singing. The voice is right, and all of a sudden it sounds like classic great amazing Radiohead. And it keeps getting better. It still has a strange bossa nova kind of beat that is a little distracting but the lyrical qualities are so good. It’s clear that once the song is polished and produced it will be a fan favourite. 9/10

3. In A Hole – Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra

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