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Friday Music Poopin’ and Shootin’

This web log is becoming an island amongst the intertubes, referenced by no one, generating no content, passing invisible through the bowels of electronic society. Wherefore art the cobagitation? Should we go negative? Should we post Papa Smurf’s home addie and digits along with a buy one get one for teflon-tipped bullies at Wal-Mart? I mean that dude deserves whatever he might get, how could we not be irresponsible for anything that could happen to his blue, marked-for-death ass?

On to the tunes:

1. Wonderful-The Beta Band

This is an example of the kind of Beta Band song that I will generally love. It is probably the bottom-of-the-well sound to his voice. To me, this is a band I would have played non-stop reveling in my mopey-dopey whatever, because he wouldn’t overtly be making fun of me like Steven Patrick (Morrissey) would. 9/10

2. Cuckoo-Curve

Title track from their second full-length, and to me their most mature song. Still full of the Curve-y soundscapes, electro-swirly guitar and thumpy-echo drums and floating, multi-tracked Toni Halladay, but a mid-tempo, more contemplative bit. On the sliding scale 10/10 for Curve.

3. Love You More-Buzzcocks

1:50 of awesome Buzzcocky pop. I mean I know they are punk, but this is punk like the Ramones are punk. Punk means lots of things, and I don’t really know how to explain it, and I don’t want to read anyone’s Masters thesis on the Ramones. Just eat it. 9/10
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Friday Poop Shooter (on Friday no less!)

There’s some interest music conversation going on at Song of the Day, but I thought I would bring it to the main event and see if we can get Fulsome back on our side. The random 10:

1) The Hour Grows Late – Yo La Tengo

Oh sweet, Yo La Tengo, what have you done for us lately? Lest ye be forgotten, this gem from Electr-O-Pura comes on my iTunes. It is slow and lyrical and has the absolute best vocal drumming ever. Badababa-badababa-badababa from sweet Ira is so good. 8.5/10

2) Cool Scenes – The Dandy Warhols

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A special late Tuesday night poopity poop shoot

All this talk of poop on 3B has made me want to listen to music and poop shoot about it. Without further ado:

1) Kingsbury Manx – Patterns Shape The Mile

This track from the Manx’s sophomore effort, Let You Down, well kind of lets me down. It’s good, but not Kingsbury Manx good. Except for the one part in the middle that has semblences of a classic Yo La Tengo guitar freakout. That part rocks! I think the synths are a little wonky or something. 7.5/10

2) Manitoba – Hendrix With KO

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Friday Poop Shooter

Thought we pass on some thoughts on some songs being played for us by Last FM.

1. Girl-Suicide

On my list of bands that some delightful, discriminating record store clerk decided to put on when I actually had some money to spend.  Suicide, proto-techno garage goth performance art retro futuristic minimalists.  Sound way ahead of their time (this is from their first self-titled from 1977 or so).  On this earlier song, the farfisa is still functioning, giving some nice organic organ bursts over the electric hum.  9/10

2.  Earth Air Water Trees-The Mountain Goats

Strum-a-lum pysch folk?  Is that what these guys are?  Sounds like there is less there than purported.  Maybe I need an entire album side. 5/10

3.  Accidents Will Happen-Elvis Costello

Something about the percussive repetitiveness of the chorus gets to me, in the wrong way.  There is clearly something great about Mr. Costello, but it really seems to be a fine line, and I think this is someone that many accept on reputation, while his finer points are non-obvious, and therefore sometimes lead me to believe people are just blowing smoke up you ass about him.  7/10

4.  Swansea-Joanna Newson

If her voice does not grate, and you give it time, you realize that she is an unstoppable force or true greatness. The voice of an old-souled 9-year old plucking a delicate and haunting harp.  Additionally her new CD is going to be arranged bby Van Dyke Parks.  I’m sold.  Half the time I think this song is about Gollum.  Who knows.  9/10

5.  Sweet and Tender Hooligan-The Smiths

Their fast and looser style, earlier if I remember correctly.  Just not as successful as the perfected form of this style for them, “The Queen is Dead” title track of their best album.  The band and Morrissey are in the same chapter here, maybe a page apart. 6/10

6.  Bongo Bong-Manu Chao

Hmm, some kind of talky song about some stuff.  I can’t explain.  Not terrible.  4/10

7.  Clean on Your Bean#1-Dinosaur L

Classified as funk-punk, or perhaps proto-dance punk (meaning not from last year but actually quite a while ago).  It doesn’t sound punk, it sounds like minimalist funk- basically organic, surgically clean funk slouching towards inevitable techno or house.  Interesting in that instruments are still being played. From a compliation New York Noise. 5/10

8.  Dress Up In You-Belle and Sebastian

Like B/S playing “I Write the Songs” but being mean.  The Art Farmer trumpet kind of takes the piss out of the song.  Basically a bunch of contradictory lyrics where they don’t even seem like they are trying.  They are too good to really make a terrible song, but somehow they are on my bad list.  See, Morrissey rides the fence between secret empathy and even more secret disingenuousness, these guys try the same thing, but they aren’t backed by music that is sincere.  B/S dress everything up in incredibly tasteful but increasingly plastic retro-osity.  It seems to tip the balance into the yard filled with the dog poop and the less green grass.

9.  Black Dog on My Shoulder-Manic Street Preachers

Bombast central even on this relatively low key non-anthem.  The production is OK, and the strings/guitar feel like they could even fit a much better Doves song.  This guy sounds like a cross between George Michael and the guy from Train.  But with less “soul”, which should be a mathematical impossibility.  Seriously, this should be a much better Doves song. 3/10

10.  Was a Coldplay song.  There is too much negative energy surrounding this band to even allow any discussion of anything related.  For those wanting to know it was Politik from A Rush of Blood…and it would have been much better than the previous song.
11.  Kiss Chase-Lush

I think I figured out right now what I don’t love about Lush.  Their voices are just that side of way too thin to satisfy, plus the exceptionally trebly shoegaze mixing doesn’t love cheap heaphones.  Gets much better when the singing stops, and less boring. 6/10

Some interesting stuff in there.  Good to hear some new things.

Friday Pooper Shooter

Since WOXY is on my poop shoot blacklist because of their crappy 24 kbps feed (of course you can pay for the good stuff) tonight it is Last FM. We’re going with “neighbor radio” which must be stuff related to stuff they think I might like.

Kind of a more melodic or maybe less French song by Broadcast called “I Found the F” is the song of this set. 10/10 for being new and awesome- who are these intrepid ladies?

1. Second Hand-Underworld

Last FM has some weird stuff, and I never know what is what. This apparently is from a Dj mix album, Ibiza Afterhours. This sounds Underworldy in the way I like. Basically it is like the opener of “Cowgirl” (you know if from the Hackers soundtrack) spread out like spaceship music a la Rez (the song “Cowgirl” fades into on the maxi-single) instrumental, trancy with no cheese, basically what Michael Mann would have done well to use in the new Miami Vice instead of crap. 8/10
2. Kinda Nice, I Like It-The Pretenders

Most things with Chrissie Hynde is by definition passable. I just don’t like them when they sound like a studio band just playing out the string. From Loose Screw. Sounds newer. Incomplete/10.
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Friday Poopin’ and Shootin’, Tunes for Your Spoons

Whatever that means.  I’m sure AG will tehgay it up.  There are some symptoms of our utopian vision becoming dystopic, as we mentioned previously, but that is for another day.  Tonight, we play music! Next week is make Seitz happy with videos week at Song of the Day. *Trust me, that boy gonna be getting the LOTION out.*-Capt. trollypants

Shut up, Captain, but the videos are awesome.

1.  Only I-Mull Historical Society

One man band from somewhere in England, typical Englishy retro-esque, not Dad rock (Oasis or Ocean Colour Scene), but not so retro as XTC.  I’m not sure how to characterize him.  Singer-songwritery but not in the cobaggy vein like I presume that James Blunt dude mines.  This one has some horns that pipe in toward the end before the break down and inevetitable return.  People that bought this on amazon also bought Clem Snide (teh l4m3 likey!), My Morning Jacket and some other bands.  I really love
this tune. 7/10

2.  Man is the Baby-Antony and the Johnsons

So this guy has this vibrato deal going and sounds like the most delicate and precious voice coming through space from some far off planet stuck in the 1930s era, like some place that would be visited by the old Star Trek.  Just a very delicate without being cloying song, great in small to moderate doses. 7/10

3. Sulk-Radiohead

From The Bends, not a huge fan fave I guess, but this is the kind of soaring one that I’d wish they’d play instead of the song following it (“Street Spirit (Fade Out)).  This same template was perfected on “Lucky” from OK Computer.  I love The Bends, and I like how the cobaggy wanne-be record clerks are starting the “I prefer The Bends to OK Computer.” Yeah, right.  Shut up wankers.  OK Computer is still better. 8/10

4.  Electric Funeral-Black Sabbath

Maybe a little too prehistoric for even Sabbath. Yes it’s about robots and nuclear holocaust, but it just doesn’t hit the same highs as the rest of the Paranoid Album. The breakdown is a little hokey, but then Ozzy starts to hit his groove.  And when Animal from the muppets comes on as is all “‘LECTRIC FUNERAL! ‘LECTRIC FUNERAL” it has to get my vote in spite of itself.  Even though “War Pigs”, “Iron Man” and “Paranoid” are played out, they still totally rawk. Oh, and “Fairies Wear Boots” too. 6/10

5. Supernova-Liz Phair

OK, I would never cop to it, but this is indie boy CHUBBY time, no amount of the Matrix or Adult Contemp, or Mix FM or Star can ever take that little boner away.  Obviously the cobag Chicagoans will totally got off about Exile in Guyville because she sang about hummers, this one is an electric pop, yeah, I said pop, gem.  Cherub’s bare wet ass.  HA!  8/10

6. Suntrips-Adventures in Stereo

From the happy Monomania, these sunkissed Beach Boys have a nice little pop thing going.  Unfortunately they only really hit with three songs on the album, this isn’t one, but nothing is bad.  These kids are more for the mix tape.

7. Get a Job/Stand Down Margaret-English Beat (yeah, cobag that’s what we call them in ‘Murkkka)
What’s the deal with bands these days.  “English” Beat could effortlessly drop an “Eat it cobag!” an Maggie Thatcher’s wrinkled, hairy ass, but nobody can do sh*t with Bushwad?  Why can’t Jay-Z or Luda drop some bombs and that hairless, collagened ass?  Not talking Jenna.  Kanye seems boring to me, so I’m looking at those other guys, because what REM? U2?  Our politically branded bands?  Do we have any? 8/10

8. Problems When You Leave Tipsy-DJMaXEntropy

Some mashup with Jay Z (99 Probs), J-Kwon? (Tipsy) and the Uh-Oh I can’t sing but this beat is KILLER lady.  I kind of like Jay Z, but enough with the bitches and hos dude.  ENOUGH.  That’s played out.  I love the specially created 54 mph zone that crimps Jigga’s style.  CLASSIC.  I bet Pop Ren gets busted for going 24 in a 55 all the time. 5/10

9. Stay With Me-Spiritualized

Pop Ren gets busted because he’s feeling it listening to something slow and druggy like this as he sets the airplane smoke detector off 18,000 feet from the plane overhead. This song is probably pretty good, but as all the songs are annoyingly about heroin, it kind of wears on you.  From the pretty great Ladies and Gentelman We Are Floating in Space. 8/10 if you are in the mood.

10. Leave Them All Behind-Ride

So some toolboxes like to claim that all shoegazer bands sounds the same.  This is not true.  Many of them wash out everything, some of them use a lot of wacky created sounds, some sound relatively thin and trebly, some have more space in there.  Ride sounded like Ride, but on this track they have a little My Bloody Valentine in the opener, but then fill in a lot more conventional sounds.  They would fade from shoegaze into massive retro-ness and then finally into the derided Tarantula phase, and album that was only in print for a week or some such gimmick.  I happen to like that later album, but “Leave Them All Behind” is one of their epics, and I think I’ll let Pop Ren wax about it in comments.  It is a pretty good song, but I prefer “OX4” and “Cool Your Boots” from this album, Going Blank Again. 7/10

Here’s the video edit, without the MBV-style intro, also the guy looks like Carrot Top without the popping veins, a little bit.

Inaugural Poop Shoot

I’ve been putting off writing anything for 3B for a while now. Blame it on fear of WordPress. I once logged onto WordPress, and it punched me in the groin. How is that fair? You can appreciate that I may be a little leary of future encounters with WordPress, but I’m going to do my best to get along. I’m not ready to upload any images yet, but I’m certainly ready to music blog. Once PP lets me onto Delicious or Disgusting, I will have much food blogging to do as well. That’s pretty much all I’m good for. Maybe some curling blogging when the time comes for Canada to claim gold…..

1) Hide In The Light – The Sunshine Fix

In the olden days, there was a genre of music called Elephant 6. It was retropoppy psychedelic and I liked it very much. Sunshine Fix existed in the still heydays of E6, but after the breakup of Olivia Tremor Control. This track is from Age of Sun, which is one of the sunniest most Beatles-y CDs I know of. Think twee with bells and whistles. 9/10

2) Say Something New – The Concretes

PP introduced me to The Concretes as a better version of Belle and Sebastian [not true, that was Camera Obscura- ed.], and while I don’t think they are better, they’re kind of equally good in a divergent way. The lead singer’s voice has this sweet slurry quality and they have that distinctive Scottish [they are Scandinavian -ed] mopey sensibility that frequently leads to great heartbreaky songs. This particular song isn’t one of the best on their s/t CD. They lyrics are kind of repetitive; to the point where you just want them to, well, say something new. 7.5/10

3) Woodlands National Anthem – The Arcade Fire

Like every other poseur out there, I ended up getting the Arcade Fire s/t EP after it was re-released following the stunning Funeral release. Their first effort is not quite as good, but the songs have their own memorable qualities. Woodlands National Anthem features some terrific duet singing and is a worthy B-side to any of the Funeral tracks. 8/10

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Best CDs of 2005 Poop Shooting

At Pinko Punko’s request, I’m doing a Friday poop shoot based on some of my favourite CDs of 2005. The caveats are as follows: I haven’t heard every good CD from the year, even from ones I’ve already bought, I haven’t ranked my top CDs of the year at all, and the selection is still random. If people like, I’ll continue next week with more best of 2005 selections

1. Rendesvous: Portrero Hill – Architecture in Helsinki (In Case We Die)
A cute little instrumental ditty that doesn’t seem to have any particular theme or direction. Kind of a divertimento I guess, if I knew what a divertimento was. As a random aside, this track would make for great elevator music. Kind of a happy littly ditty thing. I’d be very happy listening to this over and over all day long. 7.5/10

2. The Jessica Numbers – New Pornographers (Twin Cinema)
I’m kind of bummed that this is my random selection from this stellar CD, because it’s kind of one of the non-amazing tracks on this top 5 CD. Lots of unison singing and pretty slow-paced for NP. There’s a guitar line in the middle that sounds like it was taken right out of Journey. That makes me smile. 7/10

3. Same Ghost Every Night – Wolf Parade (Apologies To The Queen Mary)
This is a pretty interesting track. It doesn’t sound typical of the whole CD and I think I like that about it. It sounds a little like the Radiohead songs from their last CD. Also a little like Built to Spill. It’s also in 6/8 musical time, which is a very UC thing to like. 8/10

4. Since K Got Over Me – The Clientele (Strange Geometry)
PP has already given this song the appopriate SoftD treatment that this gem deserves, and I don’t have a lot more to offer in terms of raves. It’s my #1 track from 2005 and by far. I love everything about this song so much. 10.000000000000/10

5. Burn That Broken Bed – Iron & Wine and Calexico (In The Reins)
I think this song is much more Calexico than Sam Beam and that makes this more interesting a listen. It has a little bit of an easy-listening character to it, but the beautiful harmonizing in the middle reminds me that it’s much better than just that. I could do without the saxophone, though. 8/10

6. Four Hours In Washington – M. Ward (Transistor Radio)
I think this song has already come up in a previous poop shoot. I really like the lyrics and the frenzy of the music. Somebody should really think of using M. Ward in movies. This would go perfectly into The Thomas Crowne Affair or anywhere there is a good chase scene. 9/10

7. The Engine Driver – The Decemberists (Picaresque)
This was the first single released from this stellar stellar CD, probably because it is quite accessible. It’s not quite as whimsical as the rest of this CD, but it is sentimental in its own way and quite sweet. Great boy/girl singing and some very memorable lyrics. The song is so well crafted, that at one point you don’t even realize that you’re listening to an accordion. Love the Decemberists. 9.5/10

8. Takk… – Sigur Ros (Takk…)
The opening track that is really more of an introduction to a concept than a self-existing piece. Even within the short instrumentals overlying the web of strings, the themes of Sigur Ros throughout this CD are apparent. 7.5/10

9. Banshee Beat – Animal Collective (Feels)
More like a track from Sung Tongs than the rest of this generally fun, yet incredibly strange CD. The lyrics and tone are hushed and anticipatory. The first part goes on a little long and drony for me, which suggests that it is something that PP probably really likes. I like the middle part, where it picks up a little with a fun syncopated beat. 7.5/10

10. I Summon You – Spoon (Gimme Fiction)
Classic sounding Spoon song, which I’m surprised nobody has ever mentioned sounds a little like a good Billy Joel song. Great all round especially the ba ba ba ba part. 8.5/10\

Crazy Pooper Shooter-On Time!

We are going the crazy route, since Uncanny has , below, dealt with wonderful tunes, except possibly the Architecture in Helsinki. We programmed Last-Fm with groups similar to Neu!, Can, Faust and threw in some Velvet Underground and Stooges into the mix. Krautrock and proto-punk (a big whole in our musical knowledge)

1. The Pop Group- 3:48
Sounds Krautrocky, jammy but in a tight groove with some noise and manipulation behind it. Classicly Krauty- precursor to electronic and dance music but with instruments. 6/10

2. Cluster-Rotor
Electronic and repetitive, sounds minimalist and possibly old- only dated by its simplicity. Just not enough here. 3/10

3. Capt. Beefheart and His Magic Band-Well Well Well
Interesting marimba/zylophone stop start type thing? Could be a precursor to glitch. Some fuzz in the background. What does this sound like? Hmm, I know Beefheart is supposed to be a groundbreaker- this is provocative. 7/10

4. Suicide-Holy Skips
The Suicide I like is the very fuzzy, less electronic one from their first album, where the crappy beatbox is not so noticeable, only because of the haunting farfisa organ that grounds the whole enterprise. The first album is incredibly creepy, whereas this has the porduction values of a David GRay album. These guys are really influential, this is not one of their best. 2/10

5. Charlie Feathers-Too Much Alike
Sounds like super old Elvis and country. Very influential with those Sun guys from back in the day. 8/10

6. Bob Dylan-Things Have Changed
I think I should probably get more into Dylan. This track is overporduced- not overly slick but to clean. I don’t think it helps. The accompaniment seems like just add water instant Dylan backing band. 6/10

7. Faust-Drone Organ
Seriously that is what this song is. UC would hate this song. I am bathing in warm, embracing waves of organy goodness. This is pretty cool. German K-rock band from the early 70s but I guess active through latter times.

8. Lou Reed-Kill Your Sons
From Sally Can’t Dance. Some David Gilmouresque dithering thinly through some other stuff, also thin, and just a less than compelling bassline in the fore. Where the production makes you annoyed to the point that you can’t really hear the song. 4/10

9. Ash Ra Tempel-L’hiver Doux
Some proto-electronic music that should really be in an oddly affecting, poorly produced 70s sci-fi movie and/or Doctor Who circa 1981. 7/10

10. Velvet Underground-Head Held High
I can’t ever reject hand claps. Actually sounds a little like live Wilco in rocking retro mode. 9/10


11. Neu!-Sonderangerbot
Like distant jets approaching. Just some ambient spacy noise. Probably designed for the planetarium. And ntohing ever changes. C’mon guys, I know you are better than this. 0/10

12. Brian Eno-The Dance #3
Some “ambient” thing. Of course it is OK, but it is making me sleepy. 6/10

Ok, what did we learn kids? Not much. We definitely didn’t get the hits today, that is for sure.

Friday Poopin’ and Shootin’

Trying the Last-FM again. We programmed the first round with Big Star, power poppers led by Alex Chilton.

1. Brand New Love-Sebadoh
From Smash Your Head Against the Punk Rock, one of their early ones, a very DIY sounding nice little Lou Barlow tune that gets all crazy at the end. Is it really liek this? It sounded sped up then slowed down then thrashy. Maybe it was them 6/10. Not sucky Sebadoh, just not great.

2. A New Kind of Water-This Heat
SUPER FREAKY at the beginning like it’s some lost Yoko Ono track. Then it gets more interesting, a little dirgelike with some chanty-spacey vocals. Who the hell are these guys? This is from a live album. 8/10

3. Jenny-American Music Club
Very mellow, Nick Drakey almost, but a little different, but with delicate guitar. I never bought any of their albums. This is pleasant. One little part barely reminds me of the Beatles “Blue Jay Way” but only a snippet of melody. 7/10

4. Instrumental-The Microphonee
The guitar from the last one flows right into this instrumental, but then saloon piano and snaps finish it. Very short but nice. 7/10

5. Portugal Tour-The Fall
Some spoken word stuff over a punky stomp. The Fall can never be characterized. Funny thing, the spoken word stuff sounds like the Streets and it’s just some guy reading some of what sounds like a disciplinary hearing regarding the band and the crew. Pretty hilarious. 8/10

Now programmed with Inspiral Carpets! YEAH!

6. Foster’s Van-The Boo Radleys
OK, you can hear the shoegaze on this one. This one reminds more of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine than say, Ride. Spacy, has that trebly feel, not aggressive, more of a soundscape. We love the shoegaze. 8/10

7. Ko-ala Ko-ordination-Zabrinski
Awesome, I just found someone else Kasabian has ripped off. I can’t explain this. It’s pretty good. These kids are Welsh and this track is bleepy and psychedelic. 7.5/10

8. Rain Whistling-James
The kind of interlude track you might skip on an album, but works well with this mix, partially because it almost feels like an outro of the last track. Feels more spacy than anything I remember from the band responsible for “Sit Down” and “Laid” of course we like the horn bit and yodeling from “Born in Frustration”. 7/10

9. Wide to Receive-Morrissey
From Maladjusted. While I love Smiths/Moz, I don’t have a lot of his albums, and the ones I gravitate to are the ones that sound either Smiths-ish and this veers away and is down tempo with very understated guitars. Moz goes through the motions. Then what can only be disingenuous flute comes on. 5/10

10. Time of Her Time-Ride
From Going Blank Again, I really should have this CD, somehow I don’t. Even though they can get a little old, good old Ride. Somehow I own their last one Tarantula and not this. This song isn’t “Twisterella” or “Taste” but it’s good. 7/10

Now programmed with Mark Lanegan (formerly of Screaming Trees)

11. Drawing Flies-Soundgarden
People somehow hooked Soundgarden and Pearl Jam into grunge. They were not grunge, they were classic rock. This song actually has great horns on it, and as much as I want to hate Chris Cornell, this song is pretty good, or course as hipsters we must call this a guilty pleasure. 7/10

12. Superfrown-Fatso Jenson
Fatso has some Mountain records, that is most certain. Heavy electric slide guitar with some harmonica. I’m not diggin on the lyrics but I don’t think they’re the point. A little bit repetitive, but nice and heavy sounding 7/10

13. Fields of Diamonds-Johnny Cash
The man remains a towering figure. 8/10

We’ll switch to Megadeth for the last batch to change it up.

14. Path, Vol. 2-Apocalyptica
YEAH, orchestral metal! Metal always wanted to sound like an orchestra so now they take an orchestra and play metal. AWESOME! Skip. 0/10

15. Face in the Sand-Iron Maiden
Wow, newish Iron Maiden from Dance of Death. There are three lead guitarists in this version of Maiden. A building intro, someone is hitting harmonics like crazy and it winds up with the heavy synth backing. Then it really starts to go, Steve Harris is going crazy, driving the song with his bass alone. Then Bruce shows up. His voice is pretty shot. I’m just waiting for the solo(s), so far there haven’t been any hooks. Aces High this is not. This song really sounds like an album opener. Kicked in the Face says this is the most boring song on the album. Woops my hand slipped onto the skip button. 5/10

16. Bad Apples-Guns and Roses
These guys are a trashy Sunset Strip bar band, that’s it. Basically the Stones filtered through Aerosmith on stanazolol. OK, but the squonky interlude and the tinkly piano kind of just seem really fake. Where are the Exile-era horns? Come on, guys. Slash doesn’t seem half-bad. 6/10


17. Bed of Nails-Children of Bodom
I want to say zero on priciple. But it’s Death Metal voices over an Alice Cooper sounding track. I need to find out if this is a cover. Ha ha, that’s pure gold. It is an Alice Cooper track. 0/10