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In Response to Increasing Demand

We would like to introduce our readers to Three Bulls! Select. In these days of non-net neutrality, the riff-raff of the electronic frontiers may buzz about, flittering onto your 52 inch flat panel plasma monitors, accidently accessed by a random thought driving your thought mouse while on the computer in your yacht’s bathroom’s foyer/entertaining room. Wise investors who work hard and deserve yet are blessed with humongous piles of cash know that it is better to pay a little more for their surfing choices that be buffeted by the brownian motion of base public opinion. As of now, only a select few will be able to access this choice material that smart moms know kids love.

Three Bulls! would like to show you what has been going on behind this wall of safety….

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Uh Ohs!


Somebody was a partisan, and Ann Althouse says partisan stuffed-heads get munched!*


My fave is when she says: “What do you think?”

What she means: “Pugsleypants will munch on your stupidhead brains, crapstoface! I just banned your ass because my magnetic field of suck could not force your non-metallic brain to align to my mental frumpery!”

*DISCLAIMERPANTS: This has been a Three B! autopost. Given the thermodynamically possible but improbable chance that Ann will say something reasonable or does not peg the needle on the smugmeter, we apologize for this preemptive broadside. We are testing a new blogosphere-wide cruise control. We also predict that someone will call someone a wanker and someone will get mad. Squirrels will continue to eat ice cream at Cute Overload (please Lord, make it happen!). Seriously we pooped this type days ago, we hope something ironically terrible doesn’t happen to AA.

I Remember Being Blown

away by this performance on the best show ever. I love how they dressed her appropriately for the show like Carol Channing in grandma mode, but the song is from American Gigolo. Just a fun post to bring it down a notch from the heightened alert. These fights are the birth pangs of a new web-log-iverse. Kisses to everyone.

Call Me-Deborah Harry