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Time to invest in ponies… ponies with nasty big pointy teeth

What an eccentric performance… (note: not safe for sanity).

And now for something that is actually not at all different but is, in fact, part two.

Five is not right out, as apparently there are going to be a total of six of these.

Libertarianism can be a lot like the divine right of kings — simple elitism dressed up in some of the moral language of the day. At least this lot admits they’re anti-democratic. Also: watch for the bit where the guy basically implies that assassinating the president would facilitate libertarian city-states seceding from the US, which somehow derives from a libertarian city-state which is effectively at war with the US being a good investment. This idea may disprove string theory as I think there are more curled up dimensions of delusion in it than can be accounted for by any physical theory proposed to date.

The Passage Of The Bakery

At last Pinko could bear it no longer. “What’s all this, Snag?” he said in a whisper. “These cookies? They’re floating all around us now. Have we been pooped on? Are they the muffin ghosts of chunder past?”

Snag looked up. A dark mixing bowl was before him, and he was crawling on the ground, nodding his antlers this way and that, doubtful of the way. “Yes, they are all around us,” he whispered. “The tricksy cookies. Cookies of corpses, yes, yes. Don’t heed them! Don’t smell! Don’t follow them! Where’s the mistress?”

Pinko looked back and found that Kathleen had lagged again. He could not see her. He went some paces back into the darkness, not daring to move far, or to call in more than a hoarse whisper. Suddenly he stumbled against Kathleen, who was standing lost in thought, looking at the pale cookies. Her hands hung stiff at her sides; butter and frosting were dripping from them.

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An asymptote that will live in infamy

For aif, as the sea of chunder leaves its wrack of muffins ‘pon his threshhold.

Simply stated, the libertarian denies the existence of “society” and “the public.” If this sounds outlandish, consider the following observations by three prominent libertarians. First, Margaret Thatcher: “There is no such thing as society – there are individuals and there are families.” Next Ayn Rand: “There is no such entity as ‘the public,’ since the public is merely a number of individuals.” Finally, Frank Chodorov: “Society is a collective concept and nothing else; it is a convenience for designating a number of people.”

The implications of these pronouncements are radical in the extreme, for if there is no such thing as “a public,” it follows that there are no “public goods” or “public interest,” apart from summation of private goods and interests. Moreover, if there is no society, it follows that there are no “social problems,” there is no “social injustice,” and there are no “victims of society.” The poor presumably choose their condition; poverty is the result of “laziness” or, as the religious right would put it, a “sin.” There are further implications. Since there is no such thing as a “public,” taxation for the support of such “so-called” public institutions as education, libraries, the arts, parks and recreation, is coercive seizure of private property, or “theft.”


Refutation of this keystone of libertarianism is simple and straightforward. If we can cite cases in which advantages to each individual harms the interest of all individuals, and conversely that harm to each individual benefits all individuals, then, by distinguishing “each” and “all” we have demonstrated the existence of an “all-entity,” “society,” that is distinct from a summation of “each” individual.

Secret Friday Raining Chundermuffins!!!!!!! ON MONDAY!!!

UPDATE: They only rain on the main page. Click the masthead.

DOUBLE UPDATE: They are over. You missed them. You must hate yourself.


We even have a soundtrack! Your choice for getting your sexy on with ATRIOS!


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Also, Monday Goldberg Theatre has been pushed back a week. We’re getting creamed in the ratings by a similarly themed masterpoop.


Is it just me or does the little guy look like Gil Gerard? Remember when he took on that motorcycle gang? Also, when he was able to somehow maintain a platonic relationship with Col. Wilma Deering? 100% ALL MAN.

that song between but silence, in horizon

[Further updatence quite Uncanny and Blue]

[Updatement in the more beyond — note: this post now has a Clue]

múm, “we have a map of the piano” from finally we are no one:

Live version also available.

Also, “green grass of tunnel” from the same album.

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Testing out My Telepathy With Clif

Friday Secret Raining Chundermuffin survey says??

I hope it’s a condiment and it goes with this:


We never quite laid the groundwork for the run to the beef. So behold the power of the bloggo. We were massively disatisfied with a craptacular Italian Beef from unnamed location. And in comments, the proprietor of a super duper recommended place chimed in. And then fulsome actually went!

What would be even more awesome is for someone to write a review of The Clientele concert right here! Oh woops! At least we can fill some variables in the fulsome friendship equation. friendship<$2.50 or two tacos. I wonder what percentage of a Lollapalooza ticket surcharge that is? I would also like to state for the record that Chuckles likes some form of mayo, in the form of a vietnamese sandwich sauce. Now if you'll please excuse me, I have some mustards to alphabetise. UPDATE: Our judges say that donuts DO go with ham!

Since you Kids Love Words and Puns and Such

You remember way back in the 19th century when we’d play that game in the parlor, which involved thinking up clever names for groups of animals? Examples – a school of fish, a pod of whales, a crash of rhinos and a gaggle of geese.

Well it’s been a long time since we’ve played that game so to start I offer the following:

A constipation of cobags.
A clutch of cobags.

A sighing of emus.
An ennui of emus.

A churning of chundermuffins.

An aggravation of Gregors

My how droll! Quite!! Quite!! Now it’s your turn…..

Author’s Aside: S,N! is being overrun by a laughingstock of libertarians. The invisible hand is strong there and just as silly as ever.



Cobag of the Week!

Patrick Bell!

Currently staging panty raids ON HIMSELF! with Ben Shapiro over at Reagan’s Children. Obviously, Clif has the goods. He is the usual chumpwagon of privelege, suckling at the teat of conservative largesse. Check out his bio at the DI. Sorry that is an obscure reference. Perhaps you were thinking about this DI. I would like to point out that the Mormon thrift store/rehab center Deseret Industries is a hell of a lot more useful and serious of an endeavor than the Patrick Bell-infested Discovery Institute, the bringers of Intelligent Design, the mental Feng Shui for munchwagons. Anyway, he’s made cobag of the week. I would love for him to post my personal info somewhere on the webby, because that’s some Online Integrity. Let’s keep the insults to his highly defecative policy choices, not his mysterious sexuality or beefy appearance.

“We’re cousins! Identical cousins!”

We Do Not Know Yet What Will Shower Down Upon Us

For Raining Secret Chundermuffin Day, but the most deserving individual would be some Friday Just Because Cobag. Now we leave it to you, dear readers to nominate such an individual. Clif I am sure will call down the heavens upon them, even if he left last weeks ammo in the heavenly bladder. We will post an image for abuse whence a winner is decided.
Also, if I might add:

Celeb Dream Cameo: UPDATED

Song of the Day: UPDATED

Delicious or Disgusting: UPDATED


We give you Shelby Steele.  We had already forgotten this wunderkin of racism.  Shorter:  “Don’t feel bad about tremendous evil.”

We cannot think of anyone more deserving of being crushed by Michael Pimento Spewmento Fumento’s Porn-ish head.  Smile for the camera, chunkyfart, you are Cobag of the Week!