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Complaint filed

Warning: If Pandora tries to make me listen to Coldplay one more time, I am going to punch Pandora in the face.

Gavin Takes the Lead

Go here and learn to love Gavin M., the best cobagitation going today.

 I figured this was worth about 10 Million Cobagitation Points, but PP is the official scorer, so he’ll have to make the decision.

Flair Slams Weblog Awards!

Nature Boy followed with a face drop.

AP-Charlotte In a stunning turn of events, embattled Former Pro-wrestling man, myth, and legend Ric “Flair” Flehr has joined in support of 3Bulls in the War Against Christm…er Weblog Awards. Despite allegedly beating a motorist during a fit of road rage in Charlotte, going through a bitter divorce, owing the IRS a ton of money, and having his mugshot pasted on TSG, Flair is starting another match.

Okay, I didn’t really have anything to this post. I just wanted to put up Flair’s mugshot. This post is still about a billion times better than anything in Day by Day, one of the nominees for Best Humor Blog. That bubblicious comic strip makes Mary Worth seem like a daily must read. Hell, I would probably piss my pants reading Rose is Rose if I read Day by Day first.

They say on the blog (it might be someone else’s quote) that Day by Day is like a cross between Bloom County and Dilbert. And it’s true! Take all the stupidest, least funny bubbles from Bloom County and Dilbert and learn how to draw badly, then throw it all together and you get something only slightly better than Day by Day. If that is one of the reviews quoted on the blog, then it’s from John Cole. That guy wouldn’t know funny if it jumped up and clubbed a seal on his face.

Seriously, Best Humor/Comic Blog. I would assume these would actually be funny. Sure there are some that are funny, but only one or two.

Then again, maybe the Weblog Awards are being ironical and they humor is in the fact that none of the nominees for Best Humor Blog are funny. Kind of like Jay Leno – a comedian who isn’t funny!

So the current strip up on Day by Day is less than not funny. It says something about the LA Times is firing some of its editorial board and now wants them to not be fired. They have 2 people discussing how they are there to serve the people.

OMG That’s frickin’ hilari… forget it. I’m not even going to attempt sarcasm. This shit just isn’t funny. But worse, it doesn’t make sense. I almost decided not to criticize it because it was so plain D-U-M dum that there was no point. But the more I think about it the more upset it makes me.

Next year’s nominees will include Cathy’s blog. Guess what – she bought shoes and had a bad date! HAHAHAHA ROTFLMEOW!!!11!one!!23#@!!

To Be the Man, You’ve Got To BEAT the MAN! WOOOO!!

And that other driver was obviously the man, so I beat him!


Flair 2.jpg
Ric! How has the Nature Boy been? I haven’t heard from you since your son got charged for assault during a High School Wrestling match. Did you ever finish teaching him the difference between wrestling and rasslin’?


I know what you mean Ric. “Woo” indeed! But what’s this latest news I hear? Is it another excuse for the rich, tree-hugging, laser-shooting-at-crystals-in-the-Puget-sound, limp-wristed, liberal elitists who were educated at liberal arts, Ivy league schools and now live in the Northeast, to hold you down?

Ric Flair is accused of road rage.

A 29-year-old driver claims the professional wrestling legend got out of his vehicle on Interstate 485 in Charlotte on Wednesday, grabbed him by the neck and then kicked the door of his sport utility vehicle.

“The Nature Boy” told the Observer on Monday that it didn’t happen that way. “I didn’t do anything wrong at all,” Flair said in a telephone interview from Cleveland. “As usual, I will be exonerated.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said the charges stem from an incident that took place about 6:30 p.m. on the day before Thanksgiving. The driver told police Flair grabbed him, leaving two bruises on his neck, and then kicked the driver’s side door of his Toyota 4Runner, leaving a large dent.

On Friday, a magistrate issued warrants charging Flair with injury to personal property and simple assault and battery, both misdemeanors. Julia Rush, a Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, said Monday the warrants had not been served.

The platinum-blond Flair has been in trouble with the law before. In his book, “To Be The Man,” he writes about getting 82 moving violations in four years. He has also been sued for allegedly harassing attendants on a charter flight.

Said Flair: “It’s nice to be Ric Flair 95 percent of the time.”

From the Observer

Ric, all I’ve got to say is “Look at me, learn to love me, ’cause I’m the hottest young conservative writer on the internets today! WOOOOOO!!!