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Goobie and I have been working on the Pitchfork Cobaggery Watch 1)For us to poop on. Therefore I will provide this:

Even Goobies need to maximize product placement revenue. We’ve sold out for tater tots and orange cream slushes.

But also some parent web-logging for those unaware at how sinister and dangerous the world can be for Goobies. Just as Goobies represent all that is good, there is a dark side that represents eyeless, swallowing, mindless evil. We must be vigilant against such forces. To wit, documented just now in Goobie’s inner sanctum!


Sink Lettuce! 2)is coming from inside the room!!!!

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1. For us to poop on
2. is coming from inside the room!!!!

Junk food

There has been a recent plea shouted into the dark vacuum of the internet:

Also, what can the ombudscommittee do about this travesty appearing in my inbox

Junk Foods That Could Save Your Life
August 7, 2009

From Cheez Whiz to blue M&M’s, here are five dietary don’ts with surprising health virtues. More…

Fortunately for Kathleen, wagons of ombud (this is not what the MoH thinks it is) can hear just fine in a vacuum.

Kathleen is correct, immediate action is needed. I, Ombudwagon, will take this important responsibility onto myself. Much like the several months I spent deeply researching issues regarding esoteric pornography other stuff, I will now throw myself into dealing with the travesty that has assaulted Kathleen from this e-missive. I believe the action items for dealing with the aforementioned problem are:

1) Transfer the entire abomination to one Pinko Punko using a preferred method of e-transfer.

2) Someone temporarily un-fire one Pinko Punko until such time as he can post the e-transferred e-missive in its e-ntirety into Delish or Disgust. Re-termination (or even re-animation if the timing is good) can be immediately enacted upon completion of his duties.

3) Tapping into the power of the internets, we can then  “crowdsource” the validity of the purported health claims for the various “junk foods.” Volunteers will extreme test each foodstuff for its potential health benefits and report back results to the central junk food bureau of standards and measures.

N.B.  Experimentation is encouraged in maximizing potential benefits through food synergies. E.g. Would Cheez Whiz Blue M&M pie confer additive or synergistic benefits to the eater?

4) Once the data has been carefully vetted and all important conclusions have been made, we will then proceed to ignore the report because who actually reads D or D anyway? Well at least it isn’t Celebrity Dream Cameo…


………where am I?….
who am I?…
So dark in here. Let me just light the candle in this candlestick.
There. [looking around]
I see a painting with a jar of mustard holding a revolver.
Green bowl on the table with some lovely plums. I hope nobody eats them.
There’s a knife, I could cut one up for myself…
Off to the left, I can see, what is that? Oh, a white sink with lettuce in it.
It seems to be leaking. The pipes could use a twist with a wrench. I wonder if there is one of those around here?
[stands up] Uh, my head still spins when I try to stand. Scarlet speckles invade my peripheral vision, almost blacked out. [sits down again]
I should really stay away from the tequila, my head feels like it is stuffed with a peacock.
I have no idea how I got roped into this. [looks down]

OH MY GOD!!!!eleven111!!!iii!

WHO’S PANTS ARE THESE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Les pantaloons des serieusement serieux

First off I am a giant hypocrite for reading the Mickey Cobag Kaus JournoList-leaked and edited thread, talking about it here, and not linking that a-hole for publishing it. Only discovered from following this (thank you Thers). My comments here are going to obliquely relate to an ongoing discussion here at 3B about the function of The Daily Howler and our current understanding of a “liberal media elite.” They really only tangentially have to do with our previous exhortations on some related matters, as featured in this thread at Whiskey Fire, most likely lauded as “Wow… half the comments here are nearly as annoying as Somerby himself” by the delightful bh.

They are going to be extensive, and possibly many-threaded. I apologize for the excessive and suffocating seriouspants- in fact they may chafe. However, I might rip Althouse at the end. 1)Amending: Althouse rip will be in comments if I have the energy.

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1. Amending: Althouse rip will be in comments if I have the energy.