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Do Fish Wear T-shirts?

I linked to Matt Taibbi’s mock JP Morgan haiku contest at Jennifer’s, and she noted

Matt Taibbi: The entry by “Fish” I liked because of the clever Twitter-age five-syllable ending – this is like one of those actual Japanese haikus where a single sound symbol may count as two on:

Alas, feesh did not win one of the two t-shirts. But keep living the dream, feesh!

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Here at the Central Ombudsman’s Board of Accession (COBA), we like to celebrate the achievements of our beloved ombudsmen the world over. So a hearty congratulations to Elisabeth Beikirch, the newly anointed “Ombudsfrau” of the German Underwear Ministry for Sneezes. We were present at the, ahem, later ceremony, ritual, and sacrifice, and we can report that the omens were appropriately neutral.

While at COBA, we normally refer to all our members and provisional members as Ombudsmen regardless of sex, the unique institution of the Ombudsfrau has special significance in German culture, in particular the production of the Ombudsbrau, the neutrality inducing drink used since ancient times in Teutonic cultures to ensure even-handedness in judgement.

So congratulations, Ms. Beikirch! May all your ministerial sneezes be unbiased.

Thank Goodness

That there isn’t a Walter Reed Giant Lawn Dildo and Deli Meat Rendering Factory.

Dear siRNA-based drug companies ….. April Fool’s!!!!!!!

Perhaps you should do some controls before you start clinical trials next time, cobags!

Here’s the scoop. There’s a terrible ocular disease called blinding choroidal neovascularization (CNV), which occurs during age-related macular degeneration. What happens is new blood vessels infiltrate into the retina, causing degeneration and blindness. The blood vessel growth is thought to be from angiogenesis, and some bright people got the idea that if you could inactivate some of the important genes that cause angiogenesis, you might be able to reverse the disease.

What these bright people did was utilize small interfering RNA molecules (siRNA) against two different angiogenic factors, VEGFA or its receptor VEGFR1, to hopefully block angiogenesis and reverse the disease. They did pre-clincial experiments in mice, where they directly injected these small double-stranded RNAs right into the eye, and lo and behold, got fantastic results. They had no idea how cells were supposed to be taking up these siRNAs, they had no idea exactly how the siRNAs were exerting a physiological response, and they certainly had no idea how specific the response was. All they cared about was that it worked. After all, siRNA is magic and will cure all diseases. They also didn’t bother to do the right controls to see what happens if you put in an siRNA targeting a different molecule, or even nothing at all.

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Why my lab suxxez, told Bossy style

Part 1 of an occasional series, in three pictures:







Our Platform-An Occasional Series

It recently bestruck myself that once elected, our public will not have previously known our platform for our future rule. Some aspects include:

1) We will have Dibs.

2) Since our administration will be traveling at light speed, Bacon of the Month will happen EVERY DAY, except we will not age.

3) In the spirit of bipartisanship, we will appoint in a Recess Appointment, Dick Cheney as ambossador to the Giant Space Void. Should Ambossador Cheney desire to foment a beer hall putsch amongst the nothingness and rule the endless vacuum with an iron fist, this is not our affair. He can take it up with the infrequently passing-through neutrino, should be able to interact with it. I wish him well. God bless!

B4B makes their position clear as mud while impugning the “Culture of Life”

While Blogs 4 Brownback has published a response to my earlier post, it does very little to allay my suspicions concerning Brownback and his followers.

B4B does refer to Brownback’s malaria abatement legislation as “good work”, which, at least superficially, does imply support for pro-spider values. However, the rest of the post dances around without ever answering the central questions here: does B4B support spiders? Or are they mosquito sympathisizers? Why are they content that Brownback maintain his silence on an issue so important to the American people? And, presuming Brownback and his followers are not actually crypto-anophelofascists, how do they square Brownback’s opposition to Darwinian evolutionary theory with support for arachnAmerican values?

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Brownback may be pro-spider, also pregnant

While I was skeptical that Sam Brownback, the embryophagic embryophilic Kansas Senator seeking the GOP Presidential nomination, might be pro-spider, it turns out that he has taken actions consistent with oppostion to the anophelofascist menace. However, his true position remains unclear and thus a cause for concern.

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Overheard On The Internets VIII

In response to this, we get this:

Wow. Are we talking about government intervening with something as trivial as this. It’s not as if it’s some horrible addictive drug. It’s not really the role of the government to be preventing these things. The people should be the ones asking the companies to stop it. It’s almost as ridiculous as the no trans-fat law in some cities. I mean, eventually, major fast food corps are begginning to cut trans fats out, it all happens without govt. We don’t need some ridiculous bill.

So people are totally yanking my chain. I didn’t think you could top the last crapwaffle, but oh man, somebody cannot be serious.

Just please don’t click this link…

But if you decide you need to click here, you will understand why I can emphatically state:

Hey you Fucks, stop messing up my bitch!!11!!1