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A mounting menace

First, we must bring you sad news: Theo Albrecht, the co-founder of Trader Joe’s, has passed away. We suspect Pinko will be pouring out a handful of Marcona Almonds with Rosemary and Sea Salt, and scarfing the rest.

Second and more in keeping with the actual responsibilities conferred upon this writer (along with “not ever posting”): the sudden increase in spam, even in the Sacred Goobie Thread. Have these machines no shame?

In all fairness, however, the commenter responses have been top-notch.

Drastic measures have not yet been called for, as the outbreak may not be as bad as it appears, but we have devised a response nonetheless, which we humbly offer to the 3Bulls! Working Committee on Not doing Anything:

We recommend the instatement of PupH as comment eater. Other nominations are welcome, of course, and we look forward to a respectful and spirited debate on the matter. And more spam.

There is no other business.

Junk food

There has been a recent plea shouted into the dark vacuum of the internet:

Also, what can the ombudscommittee do about this travesty appearing in my inbox

Junk Foods That Could Save Your Life
August 7, 2009

From Cheez Whiz to blue M&M’s, here are five dietary don’ts with surprising health virtues. More…

Fortunately for Kathleen, wagons of ombud (this is not what the MoH thinks it is) can hear just fine in a vacuum.

Kathleen is correct, immediate action is needed. I, Ombudwagon, will take this important responsibility onto myself. Much like the several months I spent deeply researching issues regarding esoteric pornography other stuff, I will now throw myself into dealing with the travesty that has assaulted Kathleen from this e-missive. I believe the action items for dealing with the aforementioned problem are:

1) Transfer the entire abomination to one Pinko Punko using a preferred method of e-transfer.

2) Someone temporarily un-fire one Pinko Punko until such time as he can post the e-transferred e-missive in its e-ntirety into Delish or Disgust. Re-termination (or even re-animation if the timing is good) can be immediately enacted upon completion of his duties.

3) Tapping into the power of the internets, we can then  “crowdsource” the validity of the purported health claims for the various “junk foods.” Volunteers will extreme test each foodstuff for its potential health benefits and report back results to the central junk food bureau of standards and measures.

N.B.  Experimentation is encouraged in maximizing potential benefits through food synergies. E.g. Would Cheez Whiz Blue M&M pie confer additive or synergistic benefits to the eater?

4) Once the data has been carefully vetted and all important conclusions have been made, we will then proceed to ignore the report because who actually reads D or D anyway? Well at least it isn’t Celebrity Dream Cameo…

PupH’s World Volume 433

Sometimes at night Gregor takes me to listen to the penguins cry. What a bunch of babies! Succulent babies. Mmmmm!

posted for and on behalf of PupH

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