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Gregg Easterbrook Picks a Winner


Michael Vick! Our resident multiple threat ultra genius makes run-of-the-mill cobags look like successful Poincare conjecturists with statements like this:
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Why does this remind me of Yosef?

UPDATE I – And Pinko Punko too.

Mega UPDATE II – And UC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

UPDATE I x X ^MCMLXII – How could I forget PupH?

Update B – And of course GFoH

Breaking! MCTB!!!


The thing about never ending insanity

it never ends.

Just got a fridge note on my e-mail RE:

Senators to Bush: Stay out of Iran” on CNN:

This piece of total awesomeness was embedded like the fattest little peanut in a glistening turd:

“White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told CNN that Bush’s condemnation of what she called “Iran’s meddlesomeness” was an important signal to the region.

“Surely the United States is not the one being threatening,” she said. “We are not the ones being meddlesome and troublesome in Iraq.”

Yes, I think I WILL try the veal! You say will be here ALL week? WONDERFUL!

Hat tip: THYCWOTI!!!!!1!1

It is Possible I May Survive

Find out in a week when I get back. Play nice with per, and if anyone can get that guy to do karaoke it would be amazing. Requests for per karaoke here. Per may also request PP or plover or THYCWOTI karaoke.

Also, I am playing the Elder Lettuce card.

Lawrence Tero is a Man among, well something…

And just who is Lawrence Tero, you ask?

Well, it seems the liberal media is disclosing secrets again. This time by including the alleged real name of one of America’s favorite tough guys – Mr. T.

Sure, sure, they’re trying to be nice and say what a great guy he is for giving up his gold, but what we really notice is they decide to throw in his real name. Why do we need to know that? Who doesn’t know who Mr. T is? I mean sure, you can miss a lot of pop culture things when you’re solving differential equations on top of diagrams of the cellular structure whilst shooting lasers at crystals in the Puget Sound, but you would still know who Mr. T is.

Of course, we also see in the story that Mr. T will be starting a show on TV Land this fall giving advice to people with troubles. 

What question would you ask Mr. T for his advice?

We don’t hate…

…we cobagitate!!!

Atrios has a post up about why people hate the A-List bloggers. He list 6 reasons that he supposes. If those are the only choices, I’m going to go with #6: They’re stupid and ugly and nobody likes them.

However, I think firstly, that we don’t actually hate any of them. We may not be big fans or supporters, or we may not care fro them in the slightest, but we don’t hate them.

But… This sounds like a fun contest to keep us all occupied over the weekend. Let us know in comments why you think we hate the A-List bloggers. Any reason you come up with will be valid and taken into consideration – whether it’s because they focus too much on their own pet issues and not enough with the bigger picture, or simply because they’re doo-dooheads. The winner who comes up with the best reason why we hate them will receive 1(one) Cobag point* to be added to his/her existing total.

I’ll even get things started. We hate the A-List Bloggers because they get to snort coke off the $50k hookers asses, while we have to snort baking powder off of a roach motel.

Your turn!

*Actual amount of Cobag points awarded may differ due to possible revaluation of Points System.

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Gas ‘Bags 2

Inspired by a post by Bru at STiTP, I have this to say:

As a citizen of one of those cities mentioned, I can tell you that it sux. Unfortunately, Charlotte was already sprawled before I moved down here. I live about 10 miles from work, but I have to drive there on heavily travelled interstates. I have to drive to get everywhere in Charlotte actually. And I live in a pretty good, central area. If I lived where I could walk to the stores, restaurants, etc., I’d be more than twice as far from work.

Charlotte is actually in construction on building the first line of a light rail system. However, that’s not going to be completed until around 2012, and that’s just the first line. I don’t hink they’ve even discussed any other lines yet. This line will run from South Charlotte, up to the University area in the north part of the city, straight through downtown. If people ride it who work downtown, then it will help out tremendously. But for the rest of us who don’t work downtown, there will be little to no reason to ride.

We need better public transportation, and Charlotte and other cities are working towards that end. We need less urban sprawl, but, at least around here, I don’t see that coming to an end. People want to feel like they live in the country even though they’re in the city, so they’ll keep building neighborhoods and strip malls a little farther out. We need to improve CAFE and find good alternative sources of fuel. Well, that’s been talked about, but as long as we’re stuck with the Bushies, it’s only going to be talk.

The major problem with all of these solutions is that at best, it’ll take 5 years to complete the first thing. It could take as long as 30 years for those Hydrogen cars they’ve been talking about. All of these things need to be done, time frame be damned.

But the fact remains that people are hurting from gas prices today. There needs to be something done immediately to reduce the price of a gallon of gas (and I’m not talking about reducing the taxes on gas.)

One thing people can do is try to find the cheaper gas stations and go to them. This supports everybody who says that the free market will work everything out on it’s own. But one news station in Charlotte a few weeks ago reported that people were going to gas stations that were charging around 5 cents more per gallon because it meant they wouldn’t have to make a left turn across traffic. That’s basically telling the oil companies that you can charge us whatever you want. I actually found a gas station about 10 miles south of the NC/SC state line earlier this week that was charging 30 cents per gallon less than any station in Charlotte. 30 cents per gallon makes it worth it to drive the extra way. This gas station should be constantly packed with drivers, but it wasn’t.

Other things that can be done is to somehow figure out a way for the producers to say that gas might be scarce in a few months because we might have hurricanes, we might go to war against Iran, etc. Tell you one way to drop the price of gas instantly, Mr. Bush and any lawmakers who really care about it – quit threatening war with Iran. The price of a barrel of oil rose $15 when talks about the Iranian threat first started being mentioned. I believe we aren’t going to go to war against Iran. This talk of it was just a way for Bush and his pals to give the Oil Companies an excuse for raising their prices so that they could get record profits – net profits, not gross profits.Anyway, right now something needs to be done for both the long term and the short term. We need to get away from using oil, and maybe even from driving so much, but before that can happen, we need to make sure people can afford to drive to work.

And thus concludes my not-necessarily-well-though-out rant.

Getting to know your Candidates – Yo!06

Everybody loves to read his posts, but what everyone really wants to know is “Who is Yosef, really?


 Perhaps we can learn more from a devoted reader and fan’s email to THYCWOTI:

Yosef, I think that, as a scientific break from all the politics and sport, you should review this splendiferous book and its theory… or at least the review of the book at this webpage.  Here’s a small excerpt:

In Who Built the Moon (Watkins 2005), authors Christopher Knight and Alan Butler have opened a discussion for new questions regarding the existence of the Moon. They suggest that there are more than enough anomalies about the Moon to come to the conclusion that it is not a naturally occurring body and was quite possibly engineered to sustain life on Earth.

Delicious, no?  Oh, but there’s more:  silly ratios of sun to earth to moon, weights that prove the moon is hollow, pixie dust… oh, wait, I made that one up.  Go.  Look.  Point.  Giggle from behind your hand.

And how did Jean get in touch with THYCWOTI about this amazing book? Why naturally she emailed Dr. Seb at Sadly, No!.

I’d like to thank Jean for her email and say that I will check out that website, and I will include in my platform against Nathan Tabor that the Moon was built by The Ancient Darwin Fish who spewed froth all creation from its mouth while on the back of a Vanagon.

I’d also like to let Jean know that it may be easier to reach me by leaving a comment here at 3Bulls! than by emailing some evil French-Canadian living in Germany.

Remember people, I’m actually the only person on the internets who is only one person. And if you try to say otherwise, I’ll get the NY Law Firm to sue you for libel. 

Gas ‘Bags

While I normally agree with Matt, I don’t see the problem with a lot of articles and columns in the papers.


I think this is something that needs to be talked about more, but with real solutions. Hydrogen cars, solar and wind energy, ethanol… those are all great ideas for the long term, and we definitely need to find sources of alternative fuel. But right now, I can barely afford to drive to work!

 Bush wants to find some way to help Average Americans (and those way above average, like myself) with the ridiculous gas prices. Here’s the easiest thing he can do to make prices drop quickly: Come out and say for once and for all that we will not take military action against Iran – and don’t even say the nuclear option is on the table.

 Then watch prices drop.