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The Depressing Inevitability of Everything and the Forward Progress of Time, Entropy, Nothingness and the Eventual Descent into Worm Food

One of my fave spots on this planet has ceased to exist as it was known to me in my x years of life. I’ve probably been to this spot 10 times in my various visits to Arches National Park. The trail is a relatively accessible and easy walk, however many of the foreign tourists don’t quite get to this point, so it is the portion where you start to appreciate how quiet the desert is. Also, the trail travels between two rock fins at this point so it is a cool, shady oasis on especially hot days. You could climb up a relatively short rock fall and sit under the arch or walk just beyond and just take a break to look back out over a vista. Please check out the Salt Lake Tribune story with some before and after pictures.

Please do not check out the factually inaccurate Associated Press story run by the Deseret News {x}.

Some photos: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Possible glimmer of hope- the Trib has a picture that the tree underneath might have made it. I hope they don’t clear it removing debris to make the trail passable. I am sad for a variety of reasons about this.

UPDATE I’ll try to make this post more 3B-ish below the fold, but I really am sad.

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The Unannotated Liberal Style

It is too obvious, and needs only fictional support for the obviousness to be even more apparent than is already deeply obvious. I think we’re toast.

Observe the Conservapedia identifying the clotheslessness of the American Liberal, né Progressive.

Quoth Conservapedia: The style of a liberal often includes these characteristics:

1. Uses the term “controversial” to describe what he opposes (e.g., classroom prayer), but not to describe what he supports (e.g., theory of evolution)

C. I think Jesus Christ should be praised in our schools by all students, regardless of their personal beliefs.

L. That seems illegal, and controversial to boot.

C. [Does shocker gesture in mock surprise]

2. A lack of originality and a predominance of copying and imitating.

C. Hey check out this Malkin post with 500 trackbacks!

L. I agree with this digby post on a topic very important to me, the direction of our country.

C. !!!

3. Virtually never criticize hateful comments or behavior by a fellow liberal.

C. Why have you not commented about serious problems at Republic of Dogs?

L. I was unaware of such a post.

C. Your silence on this issue spe- er, is very telling.

4. Obsession with the media, and even the few conservatives in the media.

L. Why are David Brooks and Bill Kristol wrong all the time? Also, the entire network devoted to Conservatives, Fox News?

C. You want to have their babies. You sicken me.

5. Like to use the phrase “Silence Speaks Volumes”

L. Hey, are you going to respond to the contradictory nature of issues 5 and 7?

C. I’m not going to dignify that.

L. Whatever flo’s yer bo. Anyhoo, I’m going to this talk tonight, Joe Silence is going to do some readings from The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, entitled “Silence [muffled]…”

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I am So Tired of Other Bloggers PLAGIARIZING OUR SHTICK

Atrios, WTF????????


Thanks for appropriating our essence, chundernozzle. You can take that Buck Rogers hair helmet and EAT IT!!!!

Adding: We love this song truly, and do not mock it.

plover adds: The internetzez doesn’t just try to steal our schtick, I think they’re trying to automate it (via):

Narcoleptic Octopus Jihad

Alcoholic Toon Smash

Tom Clancy’s Snowboard in Middle-Earth

Panzer Makeout Punch-Out!!

M.C. Escher’s Submarine Revolution

Paranoid Underwear – The Gathering Storm

Dear Idiot

You leaked the entire Harry Potter book online. You bragged about it a couple of months ago. I look forward to your grassy *ss and the mowerish frenzy descending upon it. Have fun getting sued, chunderwipe.

A Little Story

I guess I will add up the Header Contest votes, and get the headers into rotation, but first a little story:

I was trapped in line at the warehouse club gas station the other day. So many cars in line, once you are in line you are basically in line. We were behind some woman filling up her Exterra, and the pumps were slow so it took forever. And every second was like a waking nightmare. First she gets out of her SUV, chatting on her cell phone. She then proceeds to fill her tank while on her cell phone. She sets the pump on automatic and then proceeds to GET IN AND OUT OF HER CAR MULTIPLE TIMES. We’re sitting there thinking this is like Ed’s Appliance story about the locked and loaded chump in the condiment aisle. We then imagined what she must have been doing inside her car. This came to mind:
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Nothing is Surprising

Of course, why anyone would ever take anything ever anytime in anyway seriously what someone as ridiculous as this blorts, I’ll never know. This issue that arises is should someone get credit for blorting that they are a mindless, lightweight hack?

fish might go crazypants if he reads that link.


There is a little thing call the Unceasing River of Bullshit, both internetanental, but sadly, also REALITY based. The chundermuffins are in my crib and they are muffining the chunder. Massively. They have prevented a God’s honest full-assed week of content for yous.

I will not let them win, but I have a song for today. I ask that you listen.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The whole way through. It is true, we can’t escape. We must deal, chunderedmuffins, notwithstanding.

Forever, Because They Define Us

Bushwad just appointed Orangesama bin Laden Secretary of State.

“President Bush tonight said government’s top priority is protecting the American people and laid out some successes in the war on terror. He added: “The evil that inspired and rejoiced in 9/11 is still at work in the world. And so long as that is the case, America is still a nation at war.””

Ms. Malhotra’s Partneress in crime

already in the Frontpage fold.  Way to go, D. Ho! Hey, it rhymed.  Sorry to all the emus out there.

We don’t get into Israel/Palestine stuff at Three B! and that is the topic of Ms. Sklar’s (co-plaintiff with Ms. Malhotra) screed here.  We find it interesting that Ms. Sklar is so embraced by the Frontpage fold, and that shockingly she’s part of an insane lawsuit widely publicized by that same organ of cobaggery!


It is true. It is a terrible truth. I predict that in the comments to this post DA will provide us with links to what I will now describe to you as a sinister plan forty years in the planning and implementation. (I also predict that Parrotline will play a borderline game of equivalency construction using the example of Chappaquidick and Laura Bush and GWB’s DUI). That plan has been so sophisticated and convoluted that the entire liberal internet community has be consumed by the coiling snake, unawares, the coiling snake representing the plan of which I speak (for our slower readers already being digested by the plan snake).

The creation of a bold equivalency is now complete. Plagiarism is bad we now know that. Therefore all plagiarism is equally bad, and all perpertartors must be shunned equally, unless they be youthfully exuberant. Do you see where this trap leads? To our doom.

You see someone that lifts a line or borrows something in a speech, someone who is not a writer or conversely a historian who has performed mountains of research and volumes of their own scholarship who slips either in attribution or mixes up their notes in a work that has hundreds if not thousands of footnotes or other references- these scoundrels are the very same as someone living a double life, someone that lied to the world, their friends, their family in a serial fashion, someone who in essence lied and stole for a living. Since there is no room in our damning argument of the evils of plagiarism for degree, scope, intent, length of coverup, forcefulness of denial, we have created an airtight coffin for so many of our heroes. Trapped, our lives are slowly snuffed out. With our last gasping, breaths we detect a celebratory whiff of mozzarella and pepperoni and cacaphony of celebratory “heh, indeeds. ROTLMAO.”

But how does the other side escape this rhetorical logic trap? Their trump card is well played. Youthful exuberance.

How could we forget that Clif has more. AssParrot ca-caws here.  ALSO, BASS-O-MATIC throws down the gauntlet to PP and AP for a NEW CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!