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Friday Music Pooper Shooter

Courtesy of WOXY once again, truly random, truly 10. Plus one.
1. Black Star-Radiohead
“Filler” from the Bends. It shows how far this band has come when a perfectly nice rock, swirly Bends track seems almost passé. 6.7/10

2. Shuffle You Feet-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
BRMC drop their Jesus and Mary Chain fetish for a 60s strum-folk filtered through Dylan, the La’s and obscure Brit indie like My Drug Hell. I know Seitz is more into this than me for sure. But basically this isn’t that far a step from their previous, except they unplugged basically. I wish they had stayed plugged in. 5/10 for boringness, execution is just fine.

3. This Is the Way-Devendra Banhart
Anthony and the Johnsons and Joanna Newsome and DB constitute this wave of what I would consider chamber folk. It is totally tasteful and really quite good. He doesn’t do it for me, maybe this song isn’t sad enough, or maybe his vibrato isn’t doing it for me. Personally I think it just needs a massively depressing music video and I would be all over it. 7/10

4. The Holiday Song (Treated)-Frank Black
Frank from Frank Black (himself) and also the Pixies of course, with some Memphis? horns. This song actually sounds more prog or weird in away, the horns don’t hit you in that old R/B way, it seems older than that, or weirdly programmed. Interesting. 6/10

5. Curious-Holopaw
Whoa. A crazy voice. In between the Cocteau Twins lady and the Iron and Wine guy. With a scratchy throat. Over some plucky guitar and some strings. Hmmm. Unrated. I need to get used to the voice, which isn’t that weird really, just weird enough.

6. Eskimo-Versus
Chugga chugga indie blah. 4/10

7. At Home He’s a Tourist-Gang of Four
Whether this is new or old, it’s them doing their herky-jerky twang-a-lang. Messers Franz and Ferdinand laugh all the way to the bank, cuz they dressed it up for the VIP lounge and twang-a-langed and added a DUN DUN DUN right into your ex’s (she dumped you) Papasan chair, and you are pissed. 7/10

8. Sorry About Your Irony-El Ten Eleven
Should be a 10 on the title alone. The intro sounds a little Police-y actually, in a “wrapped around…” outro way. Huh. Uh oh, feeling a little weird now, starting to sound instrumental-ly. Like the Vegans of indie these guys seem to be. Sorry about that dudes, you can’t blow a cool title like that on a pleasant, but albeit vocal-less-instrumental. You have 5 seconds to start singing……you lose. 3/10

9. Leaves Do Fall-The Rosebuds
Is this a cover? Like some psychedelic cowboy music. Hmmm. 6/10
10. Instruments of Action-Forget Cassettes
Awesome 20 seconds start, then downhill. I don’t want to listen to the rest. It’s probably OK, but I want something different and better. Ooh, it has so me cool rocking bits at the end. I think these guys might be like a bad Fiery Furnaces. But I really can’t tell because FF is beyond me at this juncture. 4/10


11. I’ll Believe in Anything-Wolf Parade
I forget why these guys are the shit. Some people are in them from somewhere else. This song comes across like an organic Gary Numan. No really. It does, and I like it. 8/10

The Other Face of Evil

This man wants to force RR to eat oatmeal.

Just because Pops got the team from the Judge and the Aliens helped him to live forever doesn’t mean he can force feed us oatmeal.

I also hear he’s going to post bail for Asshat, Trollypants and Shortssniffer in Mexico. No one is safe!

Three Bulls Health Corner, UPDATE

–>I couldn’t wait, here’s the update from RR:

He writes:

I found my 237 cholestorol rating when getting life insurance about 4 weeks ago. A test I took with a real doctor came last week came back and stated the cholestorol was 203. 203 is still worth worrying about but less alarming than 237. The same result of low HDL to LDL cholestorol was maintained, however, the total is significantly different. All possible causes for variance:

1. I fasted on first test (no food midnight-8AM); 2nd test I had only fasted about 5 hours between breakfast and test; that could skew reading but I would think mainly on blood sugar type readings, not cholestorol (comments here from science guy?)
2. 3 weeks time difference – however, I don’t think it’s possible for cholestorol to drop that much in 3 weeks, esp since I had not yet started lifestyle modification program
3. Dishonesty by life insurance company (I had self-reported cholestorol at 190-200 to get my preliminary quote, they used the higher reading to justify a higher premium)

I will go in for more bloodwork in a week or two with a full fasting type thing like on the first test – assuming the impact of lifestyle modifcation is small (it takes a fair amount of time), we will see whether theory #1 or theory #3 is at play. I hope I get a low reading and theory #3 is shown to be true – partially for my own health, but partially because it may expose a collusive arrangement between Big Life Insurance and Big Oatmeal. They will launch an investigation, and I’ll testify before Congress. It will be great.

Three Bulls Health Corner, Episode 2

–>The Random Randroid updates us on his health situation in his entertaining way.

He writes:

The 237 cholestorol reading was legitimate fasting; however, the suspicious part is that I did it as part of a physical for a life-insurance policy, and they used the high reading to justify the charging of a higher premium than they originally quoted. So they have incentive to inflate the results. I asked to be sent the results of the bloodwork and have yet to receive that, further adding to my suspicion. Still, it sounds too dangerous to fake the reading.

I am going to go to a real doctor and get a real reading as well. Theoretically he also has incentive to exaggerate the readings, but less so than the evil insurance company.

The diet is going ok. I have found that I can eat oatmeal for breakfast provided that I add raspberries to it (raspberries are much higher in fiber than you would think). The diet basically revolves around a low number of calories (1800 per day) and a high amount of fiber (from what I can tell at least 40g per day). It’s a little easier to stick to the diet in that high-fiber foods tend to fill you up more than regular foods, so you aren’t as hungry.

I probably won’t stick strictly to the diet. But if my old eating habits were a 0 and the diet ideal is a 1, I can get myself to 0.6 at least, which probably helps a lot. As for increasing cardio exercise from my current 2-3x30mins per week to 5x30mins per week, that sounds like a lot of work.

Recuerdo de Mexico!@

In which another excerpted missive from one of our trolls is presented without regard to the sensibilities of the gentle reader.

…and then she says to me, “you filthy pig get out of here!” LOL!!!@! Can you believe it?!!!LOL!

Oh and one last thing LIBERALACE, Cpt. Trollypants IM’ed me and said that Pinko Commo was having a bad day! So Sad!! !!1!! So since it was ‘craft day’ here at the Carcel De Los Locos I thought I wo0d make him a present to cheer him up, a little photo montage of Maj. Shortsniffer and his cat!!11!

Oh does the lil’ Candee bar constantly degrade PinkiePunkadero? So Sadly, Yes!!1! Maybe he should have another Cape Cod or Daiquiri to cheer himself up!1! ROFLMAO!…

… ADIOS & EAT IT!!1!

F.M. Asshat
(aka Jefe Pinche Cobagerismo Chignon!)

Overheard on the Internets IV

Brad R: Hey Gavin M, pull my finger.

Gavin M: NO WAY, not again.

Brad R: C’mon, it will be funny.

Gavin M: I’m not doing it, cobag.

Brad R: The Editors always does.

Gavin M: No way.

Brad R: Totally way.

Gavin M: Fine. *pulls finger*

Brad R: *poot*

Gavin M: COME ON!!! JEEZ!


Who the HELL let Trollypants in here?????

–>Heads are going to roll cobags. Why not just give Iron Fist the friggin’ keys to the jacuzzi?

Overheard on the Internets III


fulsome: Hey Pinko, you’re so rad!

Pinko Punko: No way, fulsome, you’re way radder. Nay, the raddiest!

fulsome: Nah unh. You are. I LOVE your blog, it’s way rad.

Pinko Punko: NO WAY. Yours is way better. Chuckles ROCKS!

fulsome: I love Thai food!

Pinko Punko: and terrorists!

fulsome: yeah.

Pinko Punko: Me too.

Overheard on the Internets II

Yosef: I’m outta here. Gotta hit the gym.

GregH: Hey, me too! I love the gym.

Yosef: I’m gonna marry the gym.

GregH: No way.

Yosef: Way.

GregH: Cool.

Yosef: One more thing…

GregH: Yeah?

Yosef: Gymmy gymmy gymmy gym gym. gym. gymmy gym!

GregH: Gym?

Yosef: Word.

Overheard On The Internets I

–>Iron Fist: I’m the douchiest douche that ever douched, and I totally want to cobag you and have your babies.

Atlas Shrugged: You can only have my babies if you don’t tell Chazmo I’m not saving myself for him. I’m hoping he’ll notice me when I go on tour with Phish.

Iron Fist: Hey, I hate it when moonbats issue fatwas against candy bars. They are totally aping their terrorist boyfriends and hating America. I am the original big Kat. They can Take Five up their bumholes.

Atlas Shrugged: You’re making me hot. You may have my babies.

Iron Fist: Would you be mad if I told you Phish broke up?

Atlas Shrugged: Cobag.

Ed. note: This bizarre conversation is trumped only by reality. Please go to Sadly, No SELECT for more.